Car subscription from 200 euros: find the best offers with this calculator

car subscription from 200 euro: with this calculator you will find the best offers

Car subscription from 200 euros: find the best offers with this calculator

Car subscriptions are an exciting alternative to leasing and buying a car, because their monthly rate includes all the additional costs. only running costs like fuel are additional.

What’s more, car subscriptions are so attractive because of their short delivery and lease terms. You can choose flexible terms starting from one month and the delivery time is a few weeks at the most.

In this calculator you will find the best offers for your car subscription. The cheapest subscription is already available from 200.00 euros a month.

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Due to delivery bottlenecks and long waiting times for new cars, car subscriptions are the alternative to leasing or buying a car. So vehicles are already included in auto-abos available within a few weeks – while you have to wait up to one year for leasing or buying of some models. You are looking for a cheap car subscription for exactly these reasons? Then you have landed on the right article, because find the right offer with our calculator for you.

Car subscription from 200 euros: find the best offers with this calculator

Car subscription: calculator with cheap offers

Our calculator aggregates and evaluates auto-abo offers from different providers. It automatically spits out the best deals for you. Alternatively, you can filter the results according to the following criteria:

brand: you can choose from many brands, including: audi, BMW, mercedes, VW or tesla
model: there is also a wide choice of models
contract type: do you have a trade license? Then just let us show you the cheap business offers with the better conditions
gearbox: choose between manual and automatic
fuel: gasoline, diesel, electric, gas, hybrid or plug-in hybrid?
Vehicle type: The choice ranges from small cars to SUVs and commercial vehicles
leasing rate: only get deals you can afford by setting your monthly limit

Why are car subscriptions so expensive?

You have probably already noticed: the monthly rates for the different car subscriptions are quite high. But that doesn’t mean that car subscriptions are expensive. Instead, these are all-inclusive offers where, in addition to the subscription rate, you get have no additional costs – apart from running costs like gasoline, electricity or windshield wiper water. this explains why car subscriptions seem expensive at first sight compared to leasing. They also have clearly Shorter terms. Leasing providers like to advertise low rates, but then they are linked to a long term of up to five years. With shorter terms, leasing rates often skyrocket.

Car subscription from 200 euros: find the best offers with this calculator

car subscription: which services are included?

What is included in a car subscription depends on the particular offer and provider. the conditions of most car subscriptions are also customizable, so you get a package tailored to your needs. For the vast majority of providers, the following services are standard in addition to the provision of the car:

  • car insurance
  • car tax
  • Service
  • Maintenance
  • seasonal tires
  • Fixed or flexible term
  • Free mileage package
  • No one-time costs for provisioning fees or the like

For whom are car subscriptions suitable?

Car subscriptions are for people who care about service. If you don’t want to worry about things like car insurance and co. to care is the perfect candidate for a subscription. In addition, the delivery times and terms are so short and often also flexible. So can auto-abos, whose minimum term starts at only one month, can be used to bridge the gap when your own vehicle is not available or not yet available due to delivery bottlenecks. And for those who are thinking about switching to an electric car but are not yet sure if it is worth it, you can test drive a car for a while with an auto-abo – in the true sense of the word.

Car subscription from 200 euros: find the best offers with this calculator

There is also a butwith a car subscription you are bound to the insurance and service of your provider. This means that you can not ask for offers yourself and if necessary a premium for it pays. In addition, it is often not possible to break down exactly what part of the rate you pay for the car and how much of it goes to services that you may not even use. So you have to weigh up: convenience or transparency?

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