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Car speakers

While in the past the car often didn’t even have a radio, nowadays when people buy a car they also want a great sound system sound experience in the vehicle. But maybe you don’t want to invest so much money, maybe your car just needs a little upgrade. All this is not a problem. With a good car speaker set and the right accessories you can soon expect the best sound. But find out first in a car speaker test on the Internet, which in-car speakers also really good are.

Car speakers test 2021 / 2022

What car speakers are there?

Car speakers

car speaker boxes you have the choice between built-in speakers and those you can put in the trunk for example. Proper built-in speakers do not have a cover, so they are ideally installed where your old speakers are now located. Models with covers have the advantage that you can use them to retrofit your hat rack, for example. The bass amplifier on the other hand finds space in the trunk and provides the necessary bang.

The big decision begins with the decision of where to put the speakers. Incidentally, these can also be replaced in the dashboard. However, this is not so easy with some car models and should rather be left to the expert. The doors, side panels or hat rack are usually but no problem.

Before buying car speakers, find out which ones are suitable for your expectations and for your car.

Purchase criteriaexplanation
size you have the choice between the car speaker 10 cm, car speaker 16 cm, car speaker 13 cm, car speaker 20 cm and a few others. The right size decides if the speaker will fit in your car. A car speaker 100 mm is for example too small for a device of 200 mm.
Brand you can buy car speakers bose, car speakers pioneer or car speakers JBL. Also every other brand has its advantages or disadvantages. If you swear by a particular manufacturer, stick to it, because you will notice a difference in sound quality. Car speakers 2 way or car speakers 3 way are a good choice. Here, several frequency ranges are covered, which ensures a good sound.
Watt also the performance is an important point when buying a car speaker set. A 50 watt speaker system is about the standard. You can not expect much here. If you want more sound or bass or simply everything, you also need more power.

Tip: get good advice on the power you need. You may need more accessories to get the full power out of your system.

The installation of car speakers

If you want to install the car speakers yourself, is technical understanding necessary. It’s a bit difficult because you have to remove the car door panel to get to the speakers. If you want to retrofit the car speakers 165 mm, it even goes to the core.

You may have to lay completely new cables, you may also need special plugs or adapters, so that everything works in the end. Easier at the car speaker installation may be here a car speakers bluetooth its. This must only be attached and they simply make a connection to the smartphone or car radio.

In case of doubt, let the installation of the car speakers oval or other models from a professional help. This can be helpful to them also immediately with the purchase. He sees at first glance whether you need car speakers 10 cm, car speakers 16 cm, car speakers 13 cm, car speakers 20 cm or car speakers 3 way. Would you know without advice whether you now need 16.5 cm or 6×9 inches? Probably not and that’s exactly where the installation problem.

Do all car speakers fit any car radio?

Basically, you can not do much wrong when you buy a car speaker set. May need a surface mount cable as outdated models will not fit. Also, it may be that for the connection to the radio a adapter plug need. But you can get all this in specialized trade or online store. It is only important that you get advice in case of doubt.

The accuracy of fit is therefore not the problem. But if you want to have real bass, it is to consider whether the car speakers 100 mm also have enough power for it.

Tip: perhaps you also need an amplifier or a bass box for support. keep in mind that car speakers 165 mm or any other size can be damaged if the power of the speakers is too low for the power of the radio.

Known brands for car speakers

  • Magnat
  • Alpine

These are only some known manufacturers. Surely you also have your personal test winner and with one or the other manufacturer already made good experiences. In this case it is also worthwhile to stay with it. It can also be an enrichment to try something new. Maybe you want to try car speakers bose or car speakers pioneer as well as car speakers JBL. Everything high quality brands which have their price, but also a lot, if the rest of the system is right. However, there are also from high-priced manufacturers again and again great offers where you can buy your car speaker set cheaply. Such it is necessary to use, as they are really worthwhile.

Advantages and disadvantages of car speakers

  • Brings entertainment
  • Enables good sound
  • Flexible usable
  • Large selection
  • Sometimes accessories necessary

buy car speakers

If you could determine in the car speaker test certain car speakers oval or round as good, it is time to buy your car speaker set. Depending on the brand, the prices here can also be very high. Would you like to buy car speakers and is you a buy cheap important, so be sure to look on the internet. There you can not only make a price comparison, but also read test reports. Buying car speakers online is also possible in the stores of saturn or media markt. Let you buy car speakers but calmly time and make their personal car speaker test . In the end you also want to be satisfied with the speakers.

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