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Car speakers

Driving a car and listening to the right music makes a real mood. Who has a sophisticated sound would like, is usually disappointed with the built-in models of car speakers. The manufacturers usually press the prices for inexpensive car models, that is, it is installed inferior audio systems. The solution: either you choose a different sound system when buying the car and pay a lot for it or you build a new one sound system even a. The second variant is usually cheaper. New car speakers bring a better sound and more bass in the car. When installing a few points play an important role. These include: the size of the speakers, power and technology. The most popular speakers are bought in the following sizes: car speaker 10 cm (car speaker 100 mm), car speaker 13 cm, car speaker 16 cm. There are also other sizes, for example: car speakers 20 cm or car speakers 165 mm (16.5 cm). You can buy car speakers in many different wattages. Do you want to expand your car speaker system, improve or replace defective box? With car speakers to retrofit or a new car speaker set is no problem. The rated power (RMS) of the radio must correspond to the wattage of the speaker. With a separate amplifier you get a perfect result.

Car speakers test 2021 / 2022

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Which system is there? What is the difference between a car speaker 2-way system and a car speaker 3-way system??

Car speakers

Here you will learn what is the difference of car speaker boxes between a 2-way or 3-way system:

  • Car speakers 2-way system – there are two sound sources. The woofers and midrange drivers play the low and mid frequencies. The high frequencies are played by the tweeter. Due to the compact installation of the 2-way system, the sound remains the same. If the speaker is too compact, it can reproduce less bass.
  • Car speakers 3-way system – three sound sources produce sound. woofers, tweeters and midrange drivers. The midrange driver is used to bring out more bass and the bass tones are reproduced better. Also these are compactly installed, so it makes no difference whether you install a car speaker 2-way system or car speaker 3-way system in the car.
  • Car speakers bluetooth – most bluetooth speakers are intended for mobile use. A bluetooth speaker can also be used as a radio replacement in the car, in which you connect the cell phone or tablet to the bluetooth speaker to listen to music in the car.

What sizes, shapes / types and suppliers there are car speaker set or. Car speakers speakers?

  • Car speaker 10 cm (car speaker 100 mm)
  • Car speaker 13 cm
  • Car speakers 16 cm
  • Car speakers 20 cm
  • car speaker 165 mm (16,5 cm)
  • Car speakers bose
  • Car speakers pioneer
  • Car speakers JBL
  • Car speakers kenwood
  • Car speakers oval
  • Car speakers round
  • Car speakers square
  • Car speakers triangular
  • Car speakers 2-way
  • Car speakers 3-way
  • Car speaker bluetooth

Car speaker installation – car speaker set

If you are technically skilled, you can dare to install car speakers. If you are not technically gifted, then you leave the car speaker installation rather to an expert. It will be more expensive, but the processing is high quality and the built-in speakers are correctly aligned and installed with insulation. An installation by an expert also has some advantages, but also a disadvantage.

Advantages and disadvantages of installing a car speaker by an expert

  • The audio sound system is perfectly matched to the car
  • Time saving – no personal effort
  • Everything perfectly installed and adjusted – no rattling in the car
  • Built-in speakers from an expert are more expensive

For a perfect sound you need even more than a car speakers. Car radios are usually advertised with 50 watt power, but this is only the peak power handling. It is important that when buying a car radio, pay attention to what RMS specifications are given. Built-in amplifiers in the car usually do not manage more than 20 watt RMS. The normal car radio can usually provide 10 to 20 watts RMS per channel. If you buy a speaker system, where the speakers are rated at 70 watts RMS, the car radio would only have a limited power bring as not enough power can be delivered to the car speakers. An amplifier can help. You can easily retrofit the amplifier. The plug with the cable is coupled to the electrical antenna connector with the radio.

Tip: if you want to buy powerful car speakers, you also need the accessories: power supply, cables, plugs, adapters, cover, car radio, amplifier and for more bass a subwoofer.

ATTENTION: for the car speaker set you need more current. Important to install a power supply suitable for the power.

List of car speaker manufacturers

The following manufacturers offer car speakers in different shapes and sizes:

  • Car speakers bose
  • Car speakers pioneer
  • Car speakers JBL
  • Magnat
  • Canton
  • Devil
  • U.V.M.

There are also 2-way speakers offered. These are mostly used for marine commercial vehicles, agricultural kfzs (tractors), motor homes, construction machinery, camping cars and boats used. the surface mounted speakers are installed as wall or ceiling speakers.

Car speakers test (6×9)

Before you decide on a car speaker set you should look at a car speaker test on the Internet. Car speaker set 6×9 can vary by quality and price, by different manufacturers and suppliers. A price comparison and comparison of the individual criteria is quite important. Experiences, reviews and test winners, all this information you get from the Internet on the individual test sites. A product variety offers the premium manufacturer JBL. It offers car speaker boxes of all price ranges and different sizes.

Buy car speakers online

Where can you buy car speakers, and in addition buy cheap? Cheap you can buy the car speakers in online store, media markt, saturn or other suppliers. Very popular are the shapely car speakers oval.


As with other products or devices, there are also some things to consider when buying car speakers or car speaker set. Important are: the right car radio, the amplifier, the power, the size, the resistance, impedance, frequency and efficiency. Particular attention should be paid to the processing, the design and the sound. Which optimal sound quality has the best car speakers? Do you put a lot of value on very good quality and performance, then you have to dig a little deeper into the pocket at the purchase.

Summary of this article

Car speakers – which are the best?

Best or. Most popular ("test winner by popularity on car speakers") are for the category "car radio.Org" following products:

  • 1. In test resp. Comparison:pioneer TS-R1750S, very good
  • 2. In the test or. Comparison:pioneer TS-A1370F 3-way coaxial sound system, very good
  • 3. In test resp. Comparison:alpine SXE-1725S, good
  • 4. In test resp. Comparison:alpine SXE-2035S, very good
  • 5. In test resp. comparison:AXTON ATX100 10 cm 2-way coaxial, good
  • 6. In test resp. Comparison:sinustec 2 way component speaker, good
  • 7. In the test resp. Comparison:ground zero GZIF 40X, very good
  • 8. In the test resp. comparison:pioneer TS-G1020F, good
  • 9. In test resp. Comparison:sinustec ST-150c [4 "x6"] oval coaxial speakers, satisfactory
  • 10. In the test or. Comparison:pioneer TS-A4670F 4-way coaxial sound system, satisfactory

Which manufacturers offer a top quality resp. a good price-performance ratio?

Please take a closer look at the following brands: pioneer, alpine, sinustec, ground zero, pyle.

What prices are called for these products?

The most favorable product for "car speakers" on car radio.Org costs approx. 25 euro and the most expensive product ca. 55 euro. The average price of all models shown here according to the offer is ca. 41 euro. Also take a look at our price comparison!

Best 11 car speakers in test or comparison of 2021 / 2022

In the following table we show you the top 11 of the car speaker test 2021 / 2022 from autoradio.Org.

Car speakers test or. Comparisonproduct types/category evaluation advantages and disadvantages price (current)test resp. Comparison
pioneer TS-R1750S
alt="pioneer TS-R1750S test" width="80" height="80" />
car speakers 4.5 stars
(very good)
decent workmanship, easy installation thanks to good explanation, very good sound quality, visually appealing design, good price-performance ratio about 34€ » details
pioneer TS-A1370F 3-way coaxial sound system
alt="pioneer TS-A1370F 3-way coaxial sound system test" width="80" height="80" />
car speakers 4.5 stars
(very good)
visually valuable impression, easy to install
sometimes distorted sound
about 48€ » details
alpine SXE-1725S
alt="alpine SXE-1725S test" width="80" height="80" />
car speakers 4 stars
good workmanship, easy installation, good sound quality, good price-performance ratio
sometimes the announced adapters are missing
about 39€ » details
alpine SXE-2035S
alt="alpine SXE-2035S test" width="80" height="80" />
car speakers 4.5 stars
(very good)
convincing appearance, good workmanship, excellent sound quality, good price-performance ratio
no mounting instructions, no cables included
about 55€ » details
AXTON ATX100 10 cm 2-way coaxial
alt="  AXTON ATX100 10 cm 2-way coaxial test" width="80" height="80" />
car speakers 4 stars
easy installation, strong optics, very good sound quality, excellent price-performance ratio about 40€ » details
sinustec 2 way components speaker cabinets
alt="sinustec 2 way component speaker test" width="80" height="80" />
car speakers 4 stars
positive optical impression, good workmanship, easy installation, reasonable price
sound quality leaves a lot to be desired
about 47€ » details
ground zero GZIF 40X
alt="ground zero GZIF 40X test" width="80" height="80" />
car speakers 4.5 stars
(very good)
accurate installation, great sound quality, good price-performance ratio, with protective grille about 38€ » details
pioneer TS-G1020F
alt="pioneer TS-G1020F test" width="80" height="80" />
car speakers 4 stars
good first visual impression, decent sound for the price, decent price-performance ratio
shortcomings in workmanship, sound quality does not meet too high demands
about 25€ » details
sinustec ST-150c [4 "x6"] oval coaxial speakers
alt="sinustec ST-150c [4" width="80" height="80" />
car speakers 3.5 stars
convincing optics, suitable for retrofitting standard speakers, good price-performance ratio
no high quality sound, sometimes difficult to install
about 34€ » details
pioneer TS-A4670F 4-way coaxial sound system
alt="pioneer TS-A4670F 4 way coaxial sound system test" width="80" height="80" />
car speaker 3.5 stars
good first visual impression, easy to install
not good sound quality, sometimes rattling noises, unfortunate solution of the mounting rings
about 50€ » details
pyle PDIC81RD
alt="pyle PDIC81RD test" width="80" height="80" />
car loudspeaker 4 stars
easy installation, good sound quality
plastic cladding does not last long
about 45€ » details

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Such beautiful speakers!

Such an elaborate text, and then so many mistakes..

there is no 16 cm lsp. there are 6,5 inch lsp which are then 16,5 cm in diameter. but the manufacturers don’t care about that and so you get every size you can imagine in the size you choose. This runs mostly between 14,5cm un almost 18cm, at 16,5cm lsp. This is only one point worthy of attention.

Furthermore, a speaker with low-mid tweeter in a package is called a triaxial lsp and no coaxial. Oh yes, co- or triaxial lsp are cheaper, but have the big disadvantage that the frequencies (sounds) already mix in the lsp, which then appears to a trained ear like a badly cooked stew. if you want to have clear sound and localized musical instruments, you always need an "active 3 way system". In these are the different lsp sizes and thus the reproduced frequencies structurally separated from each other. A mixing of the frequencies happens only in the passenger compartment, as close as possible to the ear of the listener.

If you buy your own stereo system for your car, and it’s cheaper than one from the car manufacturer’s shelf, you might as well let it be. The basic rule is: a good system begins where the car manufacturer ends, and that is at the top.

To buy: if you run to the store and just buy the strongest lsp, unfortunately, you are usually already at the end when you install it. Because the power of a lsp goes hand in hand with the size of the magnet and (installation) depth of the lsp.
If your car now has an original lsp with 70mm installation depth in the door and you buy one with 80mm, the side window will possibly touch the lsp when opening or even get stuck on it.
Besides, the (sinusoidal) power of a lsp has nothing to do with the sound.

Here we come to the next topic: sound
a stereo system is not perfectly adjusted to the car (thank god), but to the hearing of the installer. Which is not necessarily the same as theirs, and therefore not always optimal. But you can be present during the tuning of the system, and just bring his own preferences with it. Not every ear is built the same.

Buying a speaker online is possible, but it will not bring you much pleasure if you have not had the chance to listen to it beforehand. If you know what kind of sound you like, you can usually work with the professional in the store to create a suitable system. Oh yes bose is not one of the top end consumer lsp manufacturers, but is a design object for the living room with rather mediocre sound.

What is not mentioned here in the report, but is very important, are the cables. The original automotive (car) cables are as cheap as possible and therefore also as thin as possible. If you attack something in the system, these should be replaced first by new and stronger. You will be surprised what a difference a good cable makes to the original one. Everybody hears it.

To come back to the price. That a lsp with 60 euros can not sound like one with 500 is clear to everyone. whether the more expensive one pays off should be decided by yourself in a listening test.

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