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Driving a car: ADAC warns danger because of wrong clothes in the car

27.01.2022 updated: 16:19

When driving in winter, it is better to do without your thick jacket. The ADAC warns of a possible danger.

Germany- those who leave the house in low temperatures should dress according to the onion principle: with several layers and a thick jacket over them. However, passengers should avoid wearing anoraks while driving in cars. RUHR24* knows the details.

Season winter
beginning (astronomical) tuesday, 21. December 2021
end (astronomical) sunday, 20. March 2022

Driving in winter: ADAC warning – the wrong clothing can be a major risk

Being on the road in winter with your car often means to pay attention to certain measures. So some items are not allowed to stay in the car for a long time during frost*. Even when scratching the windshield of your car, it is important to behave correctly in order to avoid a fine*.

Not only icy and fogged windows* and running engines can become a danger when removing frost from the car. Even people who wear a thick winter jacket while driving expose themselves to a certain risk. The ADAC currently points this out.

Car in winter

This is mainly due to the fact that the belt does not fit properly when a full jacket is worn. In the event of a dangerous situation, this can have serious consequences for the health of the passengers. Seat belts can cut deep into the abdomen of both adults and children, says automobile club.

Driving a car in winter – health of children and adults at risk

This could seriously injure soft organs, such as the intestine, liver or spleen, the ADAC clarifies. Also internal bleedings are not excluded as consequence (further news to warnings and recalls* with RUHR24).

This shows a test of the general german automobile club e. V., (ADAC) in which a child dummy and an adult figure in a thick anorak were each strapped onto a vehicle seat and then thrown back with the force of an impact at 16 kilometers per hour.

To avoid such dangerous situations, the portal advises friend, it is better to protect children from the cold in the car with a warm blanket. If you can’t do without a thick coat as an adult, you should "push the garment up a bit", to make the seat belt fit better, the portal advises.

winter clothing: avoid wearing scarves and gloves while driving

In addition to the jacket, other winter clothing also represents a not inconsiderable risk in terms of safety when driving in winter. This is especially true for accessories and shoes.

So drivers of the car should do without gloves as long as the engine is running. The lined variety in particular can impair the grip of your fingers on the steering wheel. Scarf and cap should also be chosen with care or better put aside for the duration of the trip. Otherwise, a clear view is not guaranteed.

Driving in winter: choose safe shoes as a driver

Special attention should also be paid to the choice of shoes. Officially, there are no regulations on what footwear may or may not be worn. But if you are involved in an accident, unsuitable shoes for the trip can cause problems with your insurance (more news on weather and climate* at RUHR24).

Drivers should therefore make sure that, despite their winter shoes, they still have "sensitive handling of the gas and brake" have. This will enable you to react appropriately and in good time. *RUHR24 is part of the editorial network of IPPEN.MEDIA.

Column list image:© mychele daniau/ AFP, winfried rothermel/dpa; collage: RUHR24

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