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Car seat covers guide

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A car that has a few years behind it does not always look presentable in the interior. In such cases car seat covers help. These are not difficult to install and can greatly enhance the interior. Alternatively, the market also offers ways to purchase a warmer seat cover in the winter. Sheepskin car seat covers are not uncommon. Available in a wide range of colors and finishes, the covers. Some even have an integrated seat heating system, so that additional warmth is provided on cold days.

In our buyer’s guide, we’d like to introduce you to the variety of car seat covers, explain some pros and cons, and give you a helpful overview if you’re considering purchasing new car seat covers.

Buying guide for car seat covers

Car seat covers can be differentiated from one another according to their intended use and can be enhance the interior of your vehicle visually or make it more functional. You should ask yourself the following questions if you are considering a purchase:

  • What material should the covers be made of??
  • For what purpose are the covers needed?
  • Is the installation easy?

Basically, it is advantageous for a successful purchase to determine which size is appropriate. This varies depending on the vehicle. In most cases, the vehicle models are listed on the packaging of the covers and thus protect you from making a wrong purchase.

Seat covers are available for both summer as well as winter available. Likewise, the trade offers models that are particularly suitable to protect a seat. This is usually the case if you are a dog owner: dogs lose a lot of hair and this is not necessarily desirable on the seats. Also cats and other pets can abuse the car seats – here a seat cover works wonders.

Seat covers for the summer

We usually take the seat covers off in the summer rather than leaving them on all year round. Often seat covers for the summer are only considered if the original seat cover is visually no longer in the best condition and the interior of the car suffers visually under it.

For this there are models of cotton fabric. They are not necessarily thin, but have the advantage that they do not bring the body to sweat even on longer trips. Some covers are thanks to the fabric used in the manufacture even in the position, transport the absorbed moisture away from the driver.

Some drivers swear by leather for car seat covers. This is very durable with proper care and is also considered noble. Leather is also surprisingly easy to clean, so it is also suitable for families with small children. Hair can also be removed from smooth leather without any problems. Alternative models are made of artificial leather. These have the disadvantage that they do not absorb sweat so well, of course, but are much easier to clean.

The colors of car seat covers is very variable and can be purchased according to the armature or car color matched.

Lambskin for winter

In winter, it is especially important that the seats are warming. the easiest, but probably also most expensive variant is the lambskin seat cover. It is made entirely of lambskin. Alternative models made of woven fur often fulfill the same purpose, but are usually not as durable as the seat cover made of genuine lambskin.

The colors of the lambskin seat cover have changed a lot within the last years. Whereas in the past they were only available in black, anthracite or typically white, today there are also more gaudy and fashionable colors like blue or green. Patterns, on the other hand, are not to be found on lambskin covers, which are always kept plain.

Special car seat covers

air-conditioning seat covers or heating covers are also available for the trolley. They are not, as for example the normal seat covers, only put on the seat and then usually adapt to it. The heating is adjusted by means of a separate switch and can also be turned off. The operation is usually done via the car battery on the cigarette lighter. Heats the back area as well as the seat surface. It can be i.D.R. Different heating levels can be set.

The operation and handling of the air-conditioning seat covers for the summer are similar to their winter counterparts, and have the additional ability to remove the absorbed moisture.

In addition to the classic car seat covers, the market also offers special massage seat cushions acquire. When driving for long periods of time can therefore be prevented tension and pain. Depending on the design can be controlled different intensities. In most cases, the cover can be operated by a remote control or an attached regulator.

Furthermore, there are so-called workshop covers available. These are covers that prevent the car seats from getting wet or dirty if the car has to be taken to the garage.

Covers to protect the seat

Owners of dogs will know the problem with the hair: once the dear four-legged friend sits down in the car, he leaves behind either a "half dog" or a "half dog" or dirt back on the seat. In order to avoid this, the industry has given some thought to the car cover develops.

While some owners just put an old blanket in the car, the are easy to clean and, above all, have a non-slip surface. Optimal are the models that can be divided in the middle and thus also provide space to give a passenger the necessary space on the back seat, while the dog takes a seat on the other side. Front seat covers are also available, but keep in mind that the dog is generally better off in the back seat – it’s just safer for him. If you are wearing dirty clothes, it is very useful to have such a cover for the front seat.

Assembly, components and cleaning

The assembly of the car seat covers is basically very simple. The seat cover is already cut to fit the seat, so all you have to do is pull it over the seat. In addition, there are inserted rubber bands, at the end of which there is a hook. This is hooked into the sides or under the seat to provide the necessary hold – and the new seat cover is installed. For the rear seat covers, there are also models that are attached to the headrests to prevent further slipping. A dog usually moves namely more than the human being when it is in the back seat.

A set is usually covers for the front and rear seats. in many cases, matching covers for the headrests are also. In addition to single covers for the front seat, double seat covers and triple seat covers are also available. So the covers can be used throughout the car. Families with children in particular benefit from rear seat covers. If a spill occurs, the cover can be cleaned easily.

cleaning is carried out according to the instructions on the packaging of the lambskin car cover. Often the covers are washable at a temperature of 30 or 40 degrees celsius. However, leather covers require only light cleaning with a damp cloth.

With lambskin it is important to note that a considerable drying time should be taken into account: most models are not suitable for tumble drying and thus need some time to dry before they can be reused.

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