Car sales scams – tips to unmask supposed bargains

Dangers in car sales: fraud is unfortunately widespread

Dangers when selling a car: unfortunately, fraud is widespread.

the german new and used car market is booming. It is no wonder that fraudsters want to exploit this to their advantage, as large sums of money can be quickly swindled. Especially the internet makes it easy for the black sheep.

For this reason, both car buyers and private sellers are often extremely confused. Which scams do fraudsters use when buying a car?, in order to get rich? What you should pay attention to, to avoid fraud when selling a car?

Here is an overview of the points you can use to recognize a scam by the car salesman.

If you have been defrauded when buying a used car, you must contact the police and file a complaint against the seller.

these and other questions are answered in the following guide, so that you can benefit from the sale or. safe and well-informed approach to the purchase of a car you can’t fall for a trick.

How to avoid fraud when buying a car

Fraud when buying a car on the Internet is a particularly big problem. The anonymity of the world wide web often makes it easy for fraudsters, to pull victims over the table. For this reason you should follow some basic rules, if you want to buy a car.

They should already check the advertisement for the vehicle carefully, in order not to fall for the advertisement of a fraudster. You should pay attention to the following information:

  • A high-value car is sold at a unbeatable price offered.
  • The contact details are incomplete, in many cases only an e-mail address is given.
  • The seller asks for prepayment for the vehicle.

Car sales fraud is facilitated by the Internet

Car sales fraud is made easier by the internet.

In order to avoid a scam when buying a car, you should pay attention to the personal contact with the seller exist. Is this not reachable by phone and communicates only via what appears to be pre-written e-mails, caution is advised.

Even if it is seller from abroad trades, the export cars at bargain prices offers, you should listen up. Often these cars are not properly inspected and do not comply with German safety regulations.

Also if the seller refuses, to carry out an inspection and test drive, you should exercise caution. This may indicate that the person is planning a car sale scam.

Another scam when buying a car is that the scammer asks for prepayment or uses an alleged escrow service. Once you have transferred the money at home or abroad, the seller is then suddenly no longer reachable.

watch out when selling a car – fraud is widespread

If you sell your car, you have to fear fraud. Therefore, follow certain rules

If you sell your car, you have to fear fraud. Keep therefore certain rules.

Even if you sell your own used car it is easy to become the victim of a car sales scam, if you do not observe certain rules.

Often the car is strongly criticized by the fraudster and it is pointed out alleged defects to push down the price. For this reason you should always inquire in advance how much money the car is worth and what is its condition.

One of the tricks used by car buyers is to avoid the, pressure your victims and to urge them to make a rash decision. If this is the case, you should refrain from the sale.

Another car sales scam is that you have to be careful when check fraud. You should become aware, if the buyer accepts your price immediately and wants to pay by check. Most often this then bursts within a short time after delivery of the car.

another fraud that takes place in the sale of cars is that supposed buyers by mail or telephone collects a lot of information about you, your vehicle and the insurance company. The scammer then report a fictitious claim to your insurance company and puts the money in his own pocket. So don’t give out your data – especially that of your insurer – carelessly when you sell a car.

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We received a call from a potential buyer from nigeria who wanted to buy our car immediately without any hassle. About the R. If we receive an e-mail confirming that the purchase price has already been transferred to us, together with the costs for the transporter who came to collect the vehicle from us. We should then pay the transport costs transferred to us to the U. transfer in nigeria – ca. 450 €. The purchase price was not transferred to us. We have also not transferred the transport costs.

The same thing happened to me but from a mr M.. R..He however from Austria..And should I also first transfer 500 euros to transportfirrma.
They are already that rude.

Someone just tried this on me. transfer to paypal account. Fake mail (not really from paypal) that I had received the money, but in reality of course there was nothing on it. I would have to pay in advance the transport costs to bulgaria of ca. have to transfer 1520CHF…… How to report such fraud?

Contact for this is the police.

Your team of car purchase.Org

This seems to be a new scam to cheat private sellers.
With me, an interested party from spain has contacted me and after several back and forth emails, about vehicle details, price, etc., I have received a reply. Proposed that the car by a transport company based in England (ALARM!) should be picked up and paid in cash. However, I would have to hire the company and pay the transport costs of 800€. I should add it to the purchase price and then get it back when I pick up the car.
the buyer supposedly is a german who lives in madrid. (for this his writing in german was remarkably bad and sounded very much like google translation machine) he even emailed me a copy of his alleged passport. Unfortunately it was not enough for me to transfer 800€ into the blue.

Hello ingo.
With me the same. Is supposedly called erich S. Lives in madrid.
Wanted to buy a vintage car from me. I should transfer 750 euros for transport in advance.

Hello to all. We have exactly the same now also from madrid. Mr. K. (also allegedly german) wants to buy our beetle. Exactly with 800 EUR surcharge and cash on collection. Thanks for your type. Should I somehow report this to the police?

If you think there is a crime, you can report it to the police.

Your team from autokauf.Org

The same thing happened to me but from a Mr. M.. R..He however from austria..And I should also first transfer 500 euros to transportfirrma.
So impudent they are already.

I have experienced the same today. An "Austrian" wants to buy my car and before receiving the money I should transfer 500 euros. Is clear.. Funny that also the same things in the email of the "bank" and the "shipping company" in the same way were marked.

Hello ingo
was that by chance u. Transport company and alleged buyer land andreas personalpausweis
issued in e. Resident in slovakia .

Also a spanish guy wants to buy my 300SL. The car should be picked up. He claims that I will get cash (purchase price plus transport costs) when the forwarder picks up the car and from the money I pay the forwarder. Then he writes again he is transferring the money and he has also attached a copy of his passport. I am now unsure.

First they sent me an SMS on my phone with the request to contact me by e-mail. I then did. The alleged buyer said he was in California in the marine core and currently at sea. He accepts the purchase price but currently has no access to his paypal account so he can only transfer the money. I should send him my account and address information then he would transfer the money and let me pick up the car by spedizion. I have told him that he can hand over the money to me personally and that I will ask the police if and how I can do that. Thereupon came no more message. His whole data I would also only learn from the spedizion. A colleague of mine is currently selling his car and was contacted by the same person with exactly the same SMS and subsequent e-mail. Were today together at the police and wanted to file a complaint, but they have said that it is too little for a report, but give the whole thing to the cyber department forward.

This happened to me . A Danish sea officer, far away on the high seas, the car should be from forwarding
to be picked up . I wrote to him that I am not stupid and nothing more came .

I have indicated in the advertisement as usual the day of the first registration and got from an alleged car dealer a contract text with a year of construction (EC type) 11/08 first registration 11/08. I agreed to the sale and got a call the next day with a massive price squeeze with the reason that year of construction 04/08 and first registration 11/08 do not match as well as further threats. Now there is always a difference between manufacture and first registration. A serious dealer knows that. So I have to consider this as a scam. Since the address data of the buyer is known and I’m probably not the only one to whom something like this happens I wonder if I should bring this to the report. Your opinion ?

Basically you have the possibility to file a complaint. To what extent this is worthwhile, can judge a lawyer for traffic law.

Your car buying team.Org

I have a prospective buyer for my mini cabriolet. Now a lady from abroad wants to buy it. With the price she agrees and she also assured me the advance transfer to my bank account. I would have nothing to do with the transport costs.
Can you please advise me what to look for? I have no desire to put 5900 CHF in the sand.
Best thanks and kind regards

Can you tell me how it turned out. I have exactly the same question.

the same thing happened to me.Has put me under pressure with lawyer threatened and pressed the price.Tomorrow someone comes to pick up the car.I’m exhausted

Hello, with me the same, seems to be method behind it.

Hello – can you tell me how the case turned out. The exact same thing happened to me – I put EZ everywhere and the buyer says I posted the date as the year of construction.

In my case a H. B. Registered to buy my old 3 series BMW. There were some mails back and forth and a price negotiated. H. B. Tells that he has transferred the money.
One day later I received a confirmation mail from C. B. T., that the purchase price plus. Transport costs had been instructed. An hour later comes a second mail from the bank with the settlement details: the buyer and a transport company are mentioned by name. The transport costs should be paid by W. U. To be transferred in advance to the transporter. Only when a proof of payment of the transport costs is presented to the bank, the money should be transferred to my account (buyer protection). For my "security" I was told that the transfer is irrevocable.
Another hour later I received a mail from the transport company, in which the transporter confirms that there is a pickup order, but the transport costs must be paid in advance. The pickup will not take place until the sale price has been credited to my account. The payment should be made through W. U. To be sent to Latvia.
The transport company exists, C. B. T. There is, and the seller has proved his identity with the photocopy of his passport. When the copy is enlarged, the name is copied in and the signature does not match the name.
Looks like a lot of effort to scam the transport costs of 480 euros. In the cyber-age this is probably no more than a finger snap.

I have offered my vehicle for sale on facebook. 5 minutes later iuch had an interested party via PN. He is a student and he comes from frankfurt and his father comes with trailer to get the car.1. 150km from us, 2. there are no cars in frankfurt?. But of course that came to me a little later. I wrote that it goes nowhere for insurance reasons and without deregistration. Then he has telefonnr. Sent. My husband called and they remained at next day. I had time to think about it. I requested his data to fill out the purchase contract. No answer. I sometime written, do not want to sell my car anymore. Then came threats, blah blah and 100€ for the trailer, blah blah and he goes to the police, if I do not sell. I wrote: tomorrow morning ten o’clock, gave address of our police station and that I will not deregister my car until he confirms me to buy it. And suddenly the thing had also settled for him. But what are such fraudsters up to?? Do they just want to get into houses? Who can say anything about this?

Had such a case today,
have responded to a seller about an audi A2, year 2001, 68.000km garage car advertised for 2600€.
I’ll copy here some excerpts from the e-mail.

&i have worked in germany and i have bought the car there.
&my employment contract expired recently so i moved back home to copenhagen (denmark).

Okay that was the first one, but it doesn’t have to mean anything and now comes the crux!
2.Te e-mail!

&as i told you in my first e-mail, i am in copenhagen, denmark and i have the car here with me. It is almost impossible for me to register the car here because the taxes are high, so the only option for me is to sell it. The fact that the car is still registered in germany does not help either.

&the final price is 2.500 euro is not negotiable and it also includes transportation to your address.

&we can use a transport company to take care of the delivery, the process is very easy and the car can be delivered directly to your home address within 3-5 days. I have a contract with a european shipping company that guarantees a fast and easy procedure including up to 10 days testing period, the shipping cost will be paid by me without any additional costs or hidden fees (if we use it will be 10 days to test and inspect the car with all original documents. In this period of 10 days you have to decide if you want to keep the car or not).

So just keep your fingers off

i had a mail traffic almost the same in the last days. The whole thing was underpinned with a reference to a forwarding company whose website looks very professional at first glance. However, the various offices are all without phone contact and when searching with google-maps, several of the addresses given are not seriously attributable to a shipping company. I was also sent a copy of a passport which on closer inspection had various parts copied into it. I then took distance from the deal, although i must say i was close to closing the deal. In the end, you would not believe that someone would go to so much trouble for a scam. But finding the almost same message here confirms me again in my decision . Good that there is a forum like this one.

Just got a similar offer (13.01.21).
Also got a series of family photos (confidence building measure) and a photo of a swedish passport.

Mercedes-benz X-class X 250 d 4matic edition power DK
21.500 EUR
08.2018, 38.100km, suv, brown metallic, diesel, 2.298 cc, 140 kw (190 hp)

I work as a marine engineer and most of the time I am gone. I am very busy and that is the reason where I would like to use a secure system for both.

I have signed a contract with ebay buyer protection. The price includes shipping and other fees. You only have to pay the amount for the vehicle and nothing extra. I offer you a period of 5 days (or 300 km) from the moment you receive the vehicle to inspect it before I have your money. I think that is more than fair for both sides.

The payment is done through an ebay, not to me, i don’t want money in advance. You have a 5 day period for the inspection and the option to accept the car or reject it at my expense.

Ebay is checking the car for condition and the papers for completeness, I will get the money when they finally decided to buy the car. If for any reason the car has hidden defects or is not as I have written to you, reject the approval. In this case, the ebay will refund you the money, and I my car, at my expense.

Therefore, if you are interested in starting the transaction, please send me yours:

– whatsapp number so we can discuss more easily.
– a copy of your identity card.

As soon as I receive your data, I will make a private offer (buy-it-now) especially for you and I will send you the web address so you can buy the car.

Thank you for your time,
with kind regards!

P.S. I send a few pictures with me and my family and my scanned passport, so you can get an idea of the person behind the e-mail.

With us it was similar. We have advertised a car, then we have received an SMS to contact him via e-mail. I then replied, although we were already aware that this was a scam. He wanted address data and all details about the vehicle. I then sent him by e-mail the link to the car with the note that here is everything he wants to know.
Without ever having seen the vehicle or wanting to change the price, he wanted to buy it. He told me that the car has to be shipped, but then he wanted to pick it up in person. He kept asking for my address, which I have not given him so far. He said, to be able to make the transfer from abroad, he needs my address. I have told him that he does not need the data for this. I have then sent him bank details, on which nothing is to be collected, until today no money has arrived. BUT! I should already send money to the shipping company that the vehicle can be fetched, this mail I received from CZ, which is supposed to be the shipping company. All just fake, I have written, I have not received any money. Since then I have heard nothing more.
Really sad and a pity that such a thing is done to deceive people.

Yesterday I got an SMS from a G. Whether our 5-series BMW is still for sale. I should please answer him by e-mail. He asked for the last price of the car and more pictures of the engine and the car. He said he would wire the money and once it was in the account, have a shipper pick it up.
After reading so many comments now, I am uncertain. But if he transfers the money in advance, and I give him the address where the car is (not at my home), I can’t do anything wrong, can I??
Thanks in advance for your answers!

Just experiencing the same thing… Car is currently in England but can be delivered immediately for 50% of the purchase price&

The car and all the documents are at this moment in custody of the shipping company here in great britain, ready for delivery and can be arranged directly at your home or business address within 2-3 working days. The price of 11’700 CHF include also the handling and shipping fees.

1) all needs from you is your name and the delivery address;
the transport company will send you an e-mail with the delivery documents, the inspection report, the transaction identification number ( tracking number) and the invoice with the bank payment information. With the transaction identification number, you can go online to their web page to check 24/7 the status of the transaction.
2) upon receipt of the shipping confirmation email from the company, the next step is to transfer 50% 5’850 CHF into the company bank account. Deliveries between foreign countries will suppose expenses and the car will be delivered to the purchaser with the company warranty.
3) once the company receives the deposit confirmation of 50%, the delivery starts directly to your address.
4) you will have to sign for the receipt and from that moment, you have a period of 5 days to make a professional test and max. 500 km to drive it.
5 ) even if you get the car shipped, you are not forced to buy it. You can refuse it and you will be fully refunded in max. 24 hours if the vehicle does not comply with my description or it has technical or mechanical problems. I will pay for the return taxes in case that you refuse the car, but i think that will not be the case.
6) if the car meets your expectations, you need to pay the remaining amount, to sign in the contract of sale and the car will be officially yours.
This is the only way you can buy the car and if you accept it, do not forget to write me back with the info i asked above:

If you would like to arrange the transaction as proposed, as soon as I get your delivery address , you will receive also a photo of me with my identification card in hand (selfie) for your security.

My best regards!

We are experiencing something similar to what was mentioned above.
It is a car purchase from finland with advance transfer to an alleged allianz escrow account.
On the purchase contract is an alleged lawyer and notary with stamp (without call no.).), address and number of the chamber of lawyers. When I asked the office at the address of the stamp, they confirmed that this lawyer does NOT exist, a search of the Federal Register of Lawyers was negative. This lawyer is not registered in germany.
Also we got a family photo and a photo of the identity card.
Here the transporter is called "A.". Has anyone experience with?
Thank you for your feedback

We have been with M. Found an unbeatably cheap car offered not far from us. After contacting us (no phone number, only email) we were informed that the car is now in Manchester. We were offered that the car would be transported to us at the seller’s expense. The transport company would offer an escrow service at the same time. After inspection would only flow the money. A copy of your passport was also enclosed. Requests for a personal exchange by phone were ignored – the same emails came back again and again. After I offered to visit the car in Manchester, the contact has stopped. Fortunately we did not get involved in anything here.

Hello, a buyer wants to buy the car, wants to test drive it. So far so good. The purchase price of approx. 5800 euro wants to pay half of it and hand over the rest in cash when he has registered the car. This should also be written in the contract of sale. But when I give him all the papers, I have such a bad feeling. Should I do it like this? Is my first car sale.

It is advisable not to hand over the papers until you have received the full purchase price. To be on the safe side.

Your team from autokauf.Org

I hope you did not do it ?

Many thanks. This is also my opinion.

some time ago I advertised my still quite expensive car. Very quickly and without negotiating the price contacted an ami, currently in georgia (!) who wanted to buy without hesitation. He wanted to transfer, a shipping company should pick up. After consultation with my bank, a transfer from abroad would be irrevocable, so safe. Since I was still skeptical, I wanted 20.000.- € in cash at collection. Since then never heard from him again.

How does this scam work? If the money is transferred and all transportation costs are covered by the buyer, it is safe, isn’t it??

Have now the similar case when selling my motorcycle. The buyer wants the bike for his cousin in america (. ) which also makes me skeptical that he accepts the price without negotiation.

If I have the money in my account, I don’t care what happens to the car afterwards, do I??

A bank transfer can also be reversed. So you are left without a car and money.

Your team from autokauf.Org

Can a transfer be reversed to my account without my consent as account holder

Similar scam:
my car wants to buy a tadic pejo. Want my account information and then a shipping company with shipping costs. Google translated bad german with repetitions and text modules, no address or tel.No..

I also had the case with the spanish guy who wanted to buy my car.

We wanted to sell our opel meriva after that a justyna called and was very
interested. However, she wrote only at night and also by google translator.
After 4 days back and forth she wrote that she would like to buy the car, via paypal she would give me the money
send .Oh OK I thought that seems to be going well. Then the hammer they sent me a mail from because they have sent me 3000 euros for the car plus transport costs 950 euros paypal should have sent me but already a confirmation mail and as soon as I have transferred 950 euros via ria money is all clear .
I have actually received an e-mail.Immediately I looked at my paypal account and that showed zero . The mail was falsified with everything what belongs to it
so be careful they are getting bolder

I got a call from a bali, who according to his own information comes from abu dhabi, but lives in essen and deals with cars and real estate. Had already called last year and asked if I had a car for sale…( I had no corresponding advertisement !! ) it seemed to him already at that time very important that I send him a copy of the vehicle registration document and thus also my address by fax . Also wanted to have a confirmation of sale by e-mail.He asked questions about the car…but that didn’t seem to interest him very much..
does anyone have experience with similar calls…what could be behind it? ?

Hello, I am probably a different scam aufgesessen !
Had my car on mobile.De in it, at some point a dealer from hannover, negotiates with me a price of 6000 €, and wanted to pick up the car in 7 days to let.
He sent me a contract, which I should read through whether "everything is correct" – by e-mail. And if I agree to the contract, I should write back by e-mail "I accept the contract so" !
On the day of the pickup he called 2 hours before the agreed date and said: I just see something is wrong – first registration 2011, but the number to "K" (day of registration to the operating license) is from 2010 .
He had already offered the car, and because of customs and some strange reasons the buyer would not want the car more
– because it is one year older ! He could not pay more than 4000 € – I have probably read the contract, but did not notice that the number to "K" is not identical with the first registration (as with 99% of all cars) .
He wanted to put me under pressure to sell him the car now for 4000 €, otherwise they would sue me for damages etc. And then I would have been happy if I had left him the car for 3000 €.

I said: I will not do – my legal protection insurance and the lawyer will wait for his mail.
30 min later came an e-mail: as discussed on the phone, we withdraw from the purchase contract in mutual consent .
It’s a pity that I deregistered my car the night before. Now it is harder to find a new buyer.

Hello, has anyone experienced buying a car from cordi group?. Cordi group has its own website and also offers vehicles on order through them. Greetings D.K.

We want to sell our car, thereupon 3 days ago a H contacted us.Sh. About SMS, with the request to write him about his private email address if the car is still on offer. I wrote to him. In the late afternoon he contacted me again, thanked me for my reply and wrote that he was interested in buying the car immediately. I should give the best price and he inquired about the condition of the engine and the body, so we can make a quick deal. I answered him and asked him to name a price. Then he wrote, he has a private courier company that picks up the car after the transfer to my account. I should send him my bank details, my address and phone number. I denied this and asked him for a personal conversation on the phone to discuss the further proceedings. Tonight at 0.38 he then wrote me :" i want you to know that i have a courier company that will pick up from you after the transfer is made to your bank account, so send me back your bank details for the payment "
is this gentleman possibly already known?
I will not contact him again and will ask a police officer friend how to proceed.

I just sell my opel zafira on ebay classifieds. There has been a
F. G. From belgium reported that he wants to buy the car. He wanted from me my bank details, because he does not want to travel with so much money. OK I thought makes sense, so I sent it to him. After that I received an email from banco santander that the amount + transport costs are instructed. Then came a mail from a shipping company called snap global shipping service. I should transfer 650€ to their account and send the receipt to the banco santander so I get the amount credited. I wrote to the buyer why I should pay this and why he did not do it himself because he is the client for the spediton and that I would need a copy of his ID for the purchase contract. Now I do not know exactly what I should do can give me an advice?

on my ad (high quality youngtimer) a well known buyer contacted me (head of a very well known world organization). We agreed to trade by e-mail. He sent me his ID-card, and a signed purchase contract, which I had emailed him before. Everything was great. Everything looked amazingly real, even his signature. Then I got a confirmation from the bank of america that the purchase price would be credited to my account in 3 to 7 days. And now comes`s: then the buyer mails me, because of the corona virus he wants to have the car delivered by a 747 freight jumbo – cost USD 16.000. And since he had just exceeded his credit line because of the car purchase, I should pay the transport company the money.
Of course I do not do that. to all, it makes no sense to report such cases to the german prosecutor’s office – that brings nothing, because they do not care. The fraud must first be completed. German constitutional state.
Greetings B. S.

Hello, I have offered my car at M. Had barely placed the ad was the first caller on the phone.
Wanted the account details immediately. The next wrote by SMS he accepts the price should send account data.
Entnerft, after about 10 such call us SMS, I have made an appointment for immediate purchase about M. Got an appointment at a pickup station. He wanted to pay for the car 4000€ less than evaluated. the next caller wanted to come by and see the car. We agreed to meet in a parking lot. He then also came late in an audi with hamburger license plate, looked at the car briefly, took photos and wrote allegedly with a friend (also dealer), who wanted to have the car for portugal. After a short discussion he accepted my 900 € reduced purchase price, paid 200 € cash, and said he would also register the car if I wanted to do so. He would come from bochum, so from the neighboring town and would pick up the car on monday, pay in cash or by immediate transfer, purchase contract would not be necessary and disappeared. seconds later, i was sitting in the car, he sent a message via whatsapp: hi, please for account data, thanks. I wrote back, hello, who are you and tried to call back. The interested party did not answer the phone. After ca. 30 minutes he called, he had written to me. I told him that’s not how it works. Now he wants to come Monday to an agreed meeting place. I am completely unsure

Hello, have advertised our car and by e-mail we were written in bumpy German one would take the car, but he would live in Austria and hire a shipping company that unfortunately would not hand over cash. He would transfer the money to our account. He has signed an ADAC purchase contract and sent it to us, as well as his address in Austria. He only wanted photos of the inspections, which we had sent him in the beginning. Would not want to do anyone wrong, but have a strange feeling about the matter ….

Sounds identical to a mail we have received a few hours after placing the ad. Fzg is at mobile, in the SMS was ebay kleinanzeigen, the texts are in broken german and look like standard modules. No reference to the vehicle at all, but completely generic text.

From the content: live in oil, let pick up by forwarding, payment by bank transfer, say last price, send more photos and info ..

Seems to be a scam, I will not be further active, this is too ominous for me.

Hello D.,
can you tell us how it turned out? I also have a request from a supposedly in Austria living gentleman with osterreichichem / German name, but the German language does not seem to be powerful … clearly google translator. Same request, shipping company not handing over cash, he would transfer or paypal. We are not yet further. But I was so suspicious that I first wanted to look for experience and lo and behold … the gut feeling is not deceiving. Will not conclude anything like that and have already written that the request seems to be unserious. I would just be interested to know how it turned out for you, since it was just last month.

the same thing happened to me this week.
– a certain Mr. H. H. From Austria
– wants to buy the car unseen, asks for last price
– would like photos of inspections
– car is to be picked up by a shipping company that does not hand over cash
– bank transfer in advance

It seemed a bit strange to me too. Who buys a car without having seen it at least briefly first. And then also pay extra shipping costs? And gibts in Austria no used cars??
I then wrote to him that I sell the car only with personal contact and against cash.
I’m curious to see if he gets back to me…

have my car already advertised for a while on mobile and already reduced the price several times. Some obvious scammers had contacted me, which I did not respond to. Now someone has contacted me quite nicely, the ca. 100 km away lives, he would have read the ad carefully, I have written all the quirks of the vehicle and laid with pictures of the. He offers me a slightly lower price, which I agreed to, and he wants the vehicle first
visit. He comes from an eastern european country, but lives with the family in the 100 km away place. Since I am on the road for work we have arranged in 3 days a viewing appointment. The intetressent wrote to me, he orders a transporter from his home country, which takes the vehicle when he buys it, because he would like to have the defects described by me fixed there, because it is cheaper there. I told him that if he did not like the car, I would not pay for the transporter, I would only accept cash and I would only sell it deregistered. Still I do not have a good feeling. Why does someone buy a car here to have it repaired abroad?. Did I miss something? I have protected myself from everything up to here? Or what else can I do? One reads so much, one trusts somehow nobody more. But not everyone can be just bad..

This is a life saving contribution!I’ve bought and sold a lot of cars in my life and I’ve always come across scammers.I changed something from private purchases to dealers and this to prevent.The internethandel is one of the biggest problems here.You should be very careful.

Cheater on the road: writer H. – austria as buyer
U. freight forwarder
M. Bank
these three wanted to buy my volvo with prepayment for the transport

Unfortunately 1 to 1 the same email content. It sounded so nice&
thank you for your help.

I am sorry for replying so late.
Yes, my car is still for sale.

2010 volkswagen tiguan 2.0 TDI CR DPF 4motion sport – 5.500 EUR, 202.331 km

FIX PRICE – already reduced.

The car comes from 2.Hand and are visually, as well as technically in a good and maintained condition.
Engine and transmission run very well and flawlessly. Non-smoking car, no damage, no rust, no defects.
The car comes with summer tires + 4 winter tires on alloy rims …

I also went through something similar.
Old seat registered on various portals and I was immediately pleased with an interesting, who wanted to pay for the car without having seen it.
As a sign of trust, he sent me his passport, I sent him mine and bank details for transfer.
Then emails from r. Bank ( nigeria) and E. get forwarder. I would get the money after I registered on a site.
I told him that the transport costs must be paid by him (he had allegedly packed them on it). I pay nothing, he should clarify this with them and cancel the order if necessary.
I also 2x asked for his nr for video chat if he is also him….He was on a business trip. Lives but 1.5h away from us … would have reserved the car if he had wanted to have him.
Then in the evening I called the right person who has his own small company. He has confirmed me all vernutungen and told that it is already known to the police or is being investigated and I should not transfer anything at all.
I would not have done that anyway. He has already talked to other people on the phone, who he wanted to buy a car from, but unfortunately they have transferred the money and will never see it again. Fortunately I have not made this mistake. I found it just really funny in the further course.
I am only annoyed by my stupidity regarding all my data.

Buying a car can go very wrong very quickly if you are not careful. Especially with a private purchase you can be cheated very quickly. A contract of sale can be a very good remedy here. Also should have the full contact details. Thanks for the great contribution!

Please be careful with this criminal, received today:

I am sorry for answering so late.
Yes, my car is still for sale.

2010 volkswagen tiguan 2,0 TDI CR DPF 4motion sport – 5.500 EUR, 202.331 km

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