Car rental muhr supports – free replacement mobility for staff in clinics, care facilities and corona test laboratories

Ansbach, 30.04.2020- The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has published the announcement for the third funding call for the "corporate mobility management" funding guideline (special appeal "substitute mobility for personnel in clinics, care facilities and corona test laboratories- COVID-19") published.. – this all sounds highly official.. but what lies behind it and what car rental muhr has to do with it, we have presented in the form of an interview with owner christoph muhr. a lot of fun when reading!

Can you briefly explain the offer on this?

christoph muhr: the government’s support program is designed to keep nurses, nurse practitioners and all medical staff permanently mobile. The costs for the rental car are paid by the BAV (federal office for administrative services). If you belong to one of the above groups, you will receive the rental car free of charge for one month!

inquiries can be made by phone 0981/488330 or by mail [email protected] take place. We prepare the necessary documents.

You’re a rental contractor participating here. What exactly do they contribute?

Christoph muhr: as a car rental company, we are currently very strongly affected by the corona pandemic. due to the discontinuation of various travel activities a large part of our fleet has come to a standstill. The tariff offered is a contribution to cost recovery and we support this action by agreeing to the special tariff!

How can interested parties from the above-mentioned occupational groups benefit from this??

Christoph muhr: if you are part of the above occupational groups, you can request an employer’s certificate from your employer. With this you come to us, sign the declaration of assignment for the settlement and off you go! You are independent by the rental car employment of times of theoPNV, possible additional shifts or extra work! Take advantage of this flexible government option.

car rental muhr supports - free replacement mobility for staff in clinics, care facilities and corona test laboratories

„And what does the fun cost?“

Christoph muhr: the user pays only for the fuel consumed! In the tariff for one month are included: 125 km/day, fee for additional drivers, liability reduction with a deductible of € 175,00 in case of damage, fee for young drivers.

How have you experienced the corona restrictions in your life so far, professionally as well as privately?

Christoph muhr: privately, my current experience with the corona crisis is that the family is sticking together even stronger. It is concentrated again more on the essentials. The deprivation of relatives and friends that you only see on screen is very hard.

Professionally it is since ca. 6 weeks a challenge. if there are more cancellations than bookings, something is wrong! But we hope to face the crisis together with our employees, suppliers and customers.

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