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car rental is a great way to explore italy. Italy and Greece are the birthplace of western culture. By renting a car you can explore at your own pace, deciding where to go when you go. If you are planning to go to italy, find the best and cheapest car rental here. Be sure to read the rental conditions of the car rental companies and you will have a great trip.

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Visit the different places in italy with a rental car

Italy is a country in the southern part of europe. Within italy there are two sovereign states: vatican city and san marino. Italy has an area of about 301.338 km2 and 60,8 million inhabitants. The country is classified as the fifth most populous nation in all of europe. The capital of italy, rome, is a religious as well as political place of western civilization.

How is the climate in italy?

The climate in this country usually varies from the northern part of the country to the southern part. In the north, in the center of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and Alps, the climate is very inhospitable due to its cold winters and hot summers. In the central part of Italy the climate is a bit milder with less temperature differences from winter to summer. In the southern part of italy the winters are even milder. On the other hand, the autumn and spring temperatures in this part are similar to the summer temperatures in the other parts of italy.

Which cities to see in italy?

The Italian capital has so much to offer with its great monuments and squares. You can visit the ancient forum romanum or simply walk where Caesar would have done, with a magnificent view of the Vatican.


This is another city that you should visit. It was the birthplace of a new beginning. For people who love art, florence offers a unique experience, as here you can find all kinds of famous italian artworks.


A very nice place for families and couples. Just go to the st. Mark’ place where there are many pigeons and they walk be able to walk through the small streets. Venice is an expensive city, but it is worth seeing because of its beautiful sites.


This city is known for the mafia, but definitely has more to offer. Sicily has a very long history of foreign rule and is therefore inhabited by a variety of different cultures.


Turin is a big city in the northern part of italy. the shroud of turin is in this city and in 2006 turin hosted the olympic winter games. Turin is just behind the alps and the river po flows right through it.

How to find a car rental in italy?

There are many means of transportation you can use to travel around italy, but the best and most convenient is a rental car. A rental car gives you the opportunity to visit the wonderful destinations in italy according to your own wishes. There is a whole range of car rental companies that can offer you the right car depending on the price and class of vehicle. In order to book a rental car, you must have an international driver’s license and, if applicable. Other requirements to be met depending on the specific policies of the car rental companies.

You can also rent a car directly at the airport. Many car rental companies have branches at airports. So to get a cheap car rental, you should compare the prices of different car rental companies.

Car rental tips for italy

Do I need to have an international driver’s license to rent a car in italy

In italy the driver must have a valid driver’s license for at least 1 year. Non-European license holders must have an international driver’s license in addition to their home driver’s license. For some car categories, the car rental company requires that you have held your driver’s license for at least 2 years. you must always check the specific terms and conditions of each car and car rental company.

What is the minimum age for renting a car in italy??

Most car rental companies will allow you to rent a car when you are 19, but a young driver fee will be up to 24 years old. Maximum age to rent a car in Italy is 79 years, but this depends on car rental company.

are snow chains or winter tires obligatory in italy?

Winter tires are not obligatory in italy, but since there can be a lot of snow in the winter in the northern part of italy, between the 15. November and the 30. April snow chains mandatory

My flight arrives at midnight, are the car rental companies still open at this time??

Most car rentals in italy are available until 23.00 o’clock open, but if you rent after 23.00 o’clock arrivals, you can still pick up a rental car, as many car rental companies offer out of hours service for an extra charge.

Deposit in italy

The deposit is an amount blocked on your credit card to cover additional costs / excess fees and will be refunded when the car is returned to you.

The amount of the deposit depends on the car you choose, in italy there are from 900 euro for a small car to 3000 EUR for a luxury car or mini-van.

If you do not want the excess to be blocked on your credit card, you can purchase additional insurance upon arrival to reduce the excess or waive the excess completely.

I am traveling abroad but I don’t know how to get to my car rental destination

Most car rental companies offer a GPS navigation system to help you navigate your way to your destination. There is an additional fee here, which is stated in the rental conditions. Please note that the GPS navigation systems depend on the availability of the car rental companies.

Carefree car rental

Many car rental companies offer worry-free car rental with reduced deductible or full coverage. please check the general terms and conditions to see all options.

Terms and conditions

Rentalcargroup.Com works with many big and small car rental companies, each car rental company has its own terms and conditions. We recommend you to carefully read and check the detailed terms and conditions before booking a rental car. Our telephone center is available 7 days a week by phone or chat if you have any questions about the terms and conditions. We are happy to help you.

Sightseeing with my rental car in italy

Renting a car is a good way to do sightseeing, especially if there are longer distances between the different sightseeing places. In this way you are not dependent on any buses or trains and you can move flexibly in time as you like. This will give you more time to enjoy the surroundings or simply to spend more time where you like.

A rental car for every occasion

just for a visit or for a meeting / congress with colleagues; there are different types of rental cars for you. We can offer a rental car for 1 person or even up to 9 people. Cheap cars or exclusive cars; it will always be the right car of your choice.

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