Car rental in italy

There are many interesting ways to travel the world. One of them is perhaps the most striking on the impressions that travel by own or rented car. Today we will share with you all the important information on how to rent a car in italy for a trip properly and what difficulties you may encounter if you choose this route yourself.

How to rent a car in italy

the first thing that attracts travelers to rent a car and explore italy on their own is the possibility to choose any route and the lack of any restrictions. They go where they want, choosing only interesting cities and sights.

It is very easy to rent a car here. there are enough companies that offer a rental service both for a day and for a longer period up to a month, so that you can find the exact car that suits you. It is possible to rent a car directly at the airport, but it is best to order a car in advance, even before arrival.

Car rental in italy

It is worth mentioning that you can save serious money if you book a car on the website of the airline whose services you will use during the flight – most airlines work with local rental car companies.

Most of the time the rental conditions include the delivery of the car in the same city where you dropped it off, but if you look carefully you can find more convenient options.

The cost of renting a car in italy in economy class varies between sixty and eighty euro per day.

The most popular car rental is rentalcars.Com. You can choose a car, book and pay directly on the website, and when you arrive, it will be waiting for you directly at the airport! Here are just some of the current proposals:

What you need to know about traveling in italy with your rental car

There are some important points that you should not miss if you decide to travel with your rental car.

Firstly, on all the highways there are speed cameras that monitor the excess of motorists. you must not drive faster than 130 km / h on highways. It is very important to understand that each camera records the violation independently of the others. That is, if you drive faster than normal through four surveillance cameras, all four will register an offense and you will have to pay four tickets at once.

Car rental in italy

Secondly, an extremely important point is the registration of the insurance. Don’t skimp – it is best to take out fully comprehensive insurance, as it is almost certainly not possible to return the car to the company intact. the antenna will surely break off somewhere or out of nowhere a scratch appears on the side door. So it’s best to think about it beforehand and take out a full insurance policy.

As for any other trip, you should make a clear schedule taking into account a few days "in reserve" to be sure to be able to hand over the car on time. Often unforeseen things happen, such as highway repairs or even the blocking of highways because of.

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High italian fines and violations

Apart from cameras that constantly monitor speeding, there are a few other important points to keep in mind.

blood alcohol content should not exceed half (0.5) ppm. If you are under 21 years old, you have no alcohol in your blood at all.

Car rental in italy

For exceeding the speed of no more than ten kilometers per hour you have to pay 40 euros. If the excess is more serious, i.e. more than sixty kilometers per hour, the fine can be three and a half thousand euros.

fines of up to 90 euros are imposed for parking improperly, and local police can issue a fine of 600 euros for talking on a cell phone while driving. By the way, you can talk while driving, but only with a mobile headset.

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How much does fuel cost in italy

An important issue is the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel. Currently, the price of gasoline is between one and a half and two euros per liter. Cheap gasoline in sicily and the south of the country. In this case, it is best to focus on gas stations in cities and not on highways, as gasoline is much more expensive at gas stations outside of cities. We are talking about several tens of cents, up to half a euro.

However, the most economical way to travel is with a car with a diesel engine. Diesel fuel is 20-30 cents cheaper than gasoline.

Car rental in italy

At the same time, the prices of gasoline and diesel are on average more expensive than in the rest of europe. In Germany, for example, the average cost of gasoline is only 1.5 euros per liter.

In italy there are two types of gas stations: self and serv. The first operate in self-service mode. The cost of fuel can be seen on a special board at the entrance. The refueling process itself is quite simple – you insert the required bill into the machine, insert the gun with the hose into the car’s tank, and then refuel exactly the amount you have paid for.

Car rental in italy

The second type of refueling is characterized by the presence of a fuel tanker. Payment can be made in various ways, including cash and credit cards. It is true that gasoline is often more expensive at such stations than at self-dispensing stations.

So if you want to save money, plan your trip by car taking into account the location of self-fueling stations.

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toll freeways in italy

As in the whole european union, there is a rather large number of toll roads, which are characterized by increased comfort. If you wish to drive through the country exclusively on toll highways, the western part of the country will cost you about sixty euros from top to bottom, and the eastern part about seventy.

Entering the toll road is basically quite normal. First you have to go to a special machine by pressing a button. press the button, whereupon the machine issues you a ticket, which you must pay in the window. Both cash and bank cards are accepted as means of payment.

Car rental in italy

Some vending machines literally work in automatic mode – payment is instant, just like buying a drink in a regular city coffee machine. so prepare small bills and change in advance.

in the southern part there are practically no toll roads, but when crossing into sicily you will find both toll and free highways – you can literally drive there as your heart desires. the only obligatory toll road is in the north – the fare is only 10 euro.

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Parking in italian

When you are traveling with your rental car in italy, it is important to always think about parking spaces. So if you check into a hotel, be sure to indicate that you need free parking for your car, even for one night.

Car rental in italy

if you are just staying in town, it pays to know where you can park your car. Parking spaces are divided into three types. White marked – free, blue and yellow – paid, with special tickets. There are parking lots where only residents of a certain house or employees of a nearby institution can stop. Next to it there are special signs. However, in the high tourist season many cities also provide blue parking free of charge. However, how the situation is in the city where you are staying, you have to clarify.

Paid parking is quite expensive. So in just one hour of downtime, you will have to pay about three euros. One day costs 25 euro. there are no parking attendants (only scammers and migrants from african countries regularly try to profit from ignorant tourists), all parking tickets should be obtained from the machines installed nearby.

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Why choose a car for traveling in italy?

In general, it is pleasant and comfortable to travel around the country in a rental car. You can create a completely unique schedule for visiting different places, resorts and attractions of the "italian boot create. There is always the possibility of simply switching off somewhere and going in search of adventure. you do not have to burden yourself with only one place of residence, which also significantly reduces the expenses during your vacation.

So if you really want to get to know italy better, driving is a good way to do it.

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