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Car loan without schufa

Anyone who is dependent on their own car can get into serious difficulties if the old car no longer runs reliably. In such cases, a new vehicle is usually chosen that meets all the requirements. However, the purchase is often only possible with credit, because hardly anyone has the necessary purchase amount in cash or on the current account available.

Loans allow repayment in small monthly installments, so that they can be financed without any problems. However, such offers can only be used with a positive credit rating. With negative schufa entries many banks refuse. In such cases, only the car loan without schufa, via the internet can be concluded.

Car loan without schufa and credit rating, ranking 2021

Here you will find the four currently best german intermediaries for car loans despite negative SCHUFA and without down payment. The experience with these providers is for the most part very good. For more information and the online credit application, simply click on the appropriate logo.

  • The request is with all providers free of charge and without obligation.
  • It may therefore be worthwhile to submit a credit inquiry to several providers.


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The car loan without schufa as an alternative

A negative schufa entry can happen quickly. If, for example, a cell phone bill is not paid immediately, e.g., because billing details need to be clarified, the companies report the unpaid bill to schufa. The same applies to loans whose installments are no longer serviced. Such entries are also called "K.O.-criteria", because they prevent further borrowing.

Affected persons are then no longer considered creditworthy, also autokredit can no longer be granted. in such cases, car loans without schufa serve as an alternative. However, they are not offered by German banks, because these are connected to the schufa. Offers such an immediate credit or the fast credit are found rather abroad, for example in Switzerland, or with credit platforms, which assign private credits. In both cases, the schufa data is usually not queried, so that loans can also be granted with corresponding entries.

Experience car credit without schufa

Although there are not as many offers for the car loan without schufa as for classic car loans, but there are still different offers on the net, which should be checked carefully. The most important criterion for comparison is, of course, the interest rate that the providers charge for the loan. this often differs by several percentage points, which can lead to significant additional costs.

Tip: loans are best compared using the annual percentage rate of charge. In addition to the nominal interest rate, it also includes all costs incurred and thus shows how expensive the loan actually is.

In addition to the interest rate, it may also be interesting to check the other terms and conditions of the contract. Any special repayment rights are just as important as the option of repaying the loan in full ahead of schedule. If the financial situation improves, the loan amount can be repaid in this way to save costs.

Apply online for car loans without schufa

If a favorable car loan without schufa was found during the credit comparison, it is of course possible to apply for it directly from home. For this purpose, interested parties should use the credit application of the respective provider. So that this does not have to be searched cumbersome, there is usually a forwarding directly from the credit comparison. In order to be able to make a credit decision, the providers of course need various information from their new credit customer. In addition to name, address and date of birth, this is of course the amount of income, as this is to be used to pay the future installment.

In this context, it is important that this income is not only short-term, but at least for the duration of the credit period. Income from permanent, non-self-employed work is therefore popular, because it is earned regularly and on a permanent basis. Pensions are also accepted as income. If the employment is temporary, it must last at least for the duration of the loan. With a credit admission over two years must be agreed upon accordingly also the time limit for two years. In addition, collateral is often required, whereby the vehicle is often used for this purpose.

Beware of loan sharks – private credit without schufa

Particularly in the case of credit without credit history, it is not uncommon for providers not only to have the advantage of their customers in mind, but also to want to enrich themselves. There are therefore also dubious offers on the Internet, but with a little attention can be quite unmasked. If providers demand, for example, an upfront fee for the processing of the credit request, caution is advised. reputable providers check applications free of charge and give customers the opportunity to reject the offer after a review.

Even if information is only offered via expensive advice hotlines or if various insurance policies and building society savings contracts are to be concluded together with the loan, it makes sense to stay away from this offer. After conclusion of the contracts the credit applications are rejected namely frequently or advisors are not to be reached any longer.

TipBefore signing a contract, it can be useful to check the experience reports of other borrowers. These can be found online on the Internet and can be a first help.

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