Car insurance: finanztip advises double comparison

Car insurance: finanztip advises double comparison

motorists who want to save on car insurance should not only use an internet comparison portal but also the direct insurer huk24.De take into account. Then you will usually find the cheapest rate. This is what the infodienst finanztip has to offer.De found out.

Car insurance premiums were calculated for 32 different driver profiles. who searched the comparison portals verivox.De and check24.De connects with a query at the online provider HUK24, finds with high probability the cheapest offer on the market. This is necessary because the largest car insurer, the huk-coburg group, cannot be compared in any commercial portal offered by insurance brokers.

The commissions that the insurer has to pay for online brokerage are too high for huk-coburg. in 32 test runs with huk24 and the verivox portal, the most favorable price was determined in 27 cases. In the case of the huk24/check24 combination, this was true in 23 cases. If, on the other hand, only the two comparison portals were linked, the success rate was only 16 cases (see table). „huk24 is therefore very often the cheapest insurer on the market", said the finanztip editor-in-chief herrmann-josef tenhagen, during the presentation of the analysis.

Double search helps save

Minimum criteria blind strong tariffs to disadvantages

The minimum criteria for motor liability insurance were a lump sum of 100 million euros and a mallorca policy for the use of rental cars abroad. In comprehensive insurance, the offers must not allow any reductions in the event of grossly negligent driving, must offer protection in the event of any type of animal collision and must cover maderbiss and its consequences. However, this excludes tariffs with higher benefits, such as very long periods for new value protection or extra elementary damages. For example, periods of six to 60 months are possible on the market for compensation for new values.

Protection against avalanches from mountain slopes, landslides or roof avalanches is often only available in higher-value products. In addition, consequential damages from mader bites are limited in some tariffs to small sums of 1.000 to 3.000 euro capped. But according to the allianzzentrum fur technik, repairing the high-voltage cable of an electric car can cost up to 7.000 euro costs. the finanztip test therefore only insufficiently takes into account the benefits of motor insurance. It is essentially a price test.

advice from insurance broker makes sense

Car owners should therefore also keep an eye on the benefits. However, it usually makes sense to seek the advice of an expert, such as an insurance broker, who can provide an overview of the market and also explain what the differences in benefits are. In the event of a claim, it can cost a lot of money if the deadline for the new price compensation has already expired. New cars have a high loss of value in the first few years.

In principle, finanztip advises customers to check their car insurance regularly. „At some point, a car will no longer need fully comprehensive cover", said kathrin gotthold, motor vehicle insurance expert at finanztip. However, the former rule of thumb of switching to partial casco after four years is no longer correct. „It really depends on the no-claims class", according to gotthold. In some circumstances, fully comprehensive insurance may even be cheaper than partially comprehensive insurance for a longer period of time, because there is no no-claims bonus. Risk features should also be reviewed regularly. „Anyone who is likely to have driven significantly fewer kilometers this year than indicated by the insurance company should report this, according to tenhagen.


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Better risk positioning helps save money

In a sample calculation, finanztip has determined how risk characteristics have a favorable effect on premiums (see table below). If you pay annually, agree on a deductible, drive less, are willing to have your vehicle repaired at the insurer’s partner workshop after a collision, and limit the group of drivers to your partner, for example, you can save 74 percent on premiums in the sample calculation. Switching to a low-cost provider saves another 28 percent.

The testers did not take into account switching to a vehicle with a lower class rating or moving to a vacation home in the countryside, for example. there is usually a much more favorable regional class than in the city, which should significantly increase the savings potential in car insurance.

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