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All benefits from 250 liability tariffs and 1.view 500 comprehensive tariffs and save up to EUR 800,- per year.


Find the cheapest car insurance with the best price/performance ratio

  • Annually EUR 800.- save
  • compare 17 insurers
  • 250 liability rates
  • 1.500 comprehensive rates
  • Professional comparison with risikochegg
  • Advisors near you
  • VIP service in the event of a claim

No matter if you are looking for the right comprehensive insurance or the cheapest liability insurance for your car, at chegg.Net is the right place for you in any case. With our comprehensive insurance comparison for your car, you can now save real money without having to forego benefits in the event of a claim. The chegg.Net comparator knows the products of 17 insurance companies and provides an overview of 250 liability and 1.500 comprehensive rates.

With the unique risikochegg you will find the optimal and most favorable product in every case. The insurance comparison from chegg.Net covers all differences between insurances. Simply choose the level of coverage and the additional benefits of the insurance you want. Our comparison calculator immediately provides you with a tailor-made offer for your car insurance in austria. In addition, chegg offers you.Net many other advantages. With our extensive network, your personal insurance broker is always close at hand. He not only answers all your questions, but also helps quickly and competently with the settlement in the event of a claim. With our free VIP service you don’t have to worry about anything. Your car will be picked up, repaired and cleaned and returned to your doorstep. In the meantime, you will receive a free replacement vehicle. And as a bonus, your comprehensive insurance deductible will be reduced by EUR 100. With chegg.Net you are always best insured.

Convenient request of the VIP-SERVICE with the chegg.Net – damage – APP

In austria, motor vehicle liability insurance is required by law in order to be allowed to use a car on the road – i.e. compulsory. This ensures that every vehicle that receives a license plate from the authorities also has valid insurance coverage for damage to persons or property. At the same time, your auto liability insurance also protects you against unjustified claims in connection with an accident. This is then similar to legal protection – the legal costs incurred for clarifying the question of fault are borne by the liability insurance policy. If no other persons or things are damaged, but only your own car, you can voluntarily take out comprehensive insurance for the damage to your own car.


Here is an overview of which risks are covered by liability insurance and/or comprehensive insurance:

fully comprehensive insurance partial casco liability
self-inflicted personal injury or property damage to others through the use of the motor vehicle
defense against claims if you are not at fault
costs for lawyer and court in the event of legal clarification of the question of fault
damage to your own vehicle –
due to own fault
by fire, explosion
by theft, robbery
due to storm, hail, lightning strike, flooding
accident with wild animals
due to glass breakage
damage to wiring due to short circuit
parking damage by unknown by agreement only
vandalism damage by arrangement only
damage due to maggot bite only by agreement

For all damage caused to others by the insured vehicle – liability insurance.

For damage to your own car – comprehensive insurance or at-fault party, if available.

In addition, there are, of course, some additional products around the topic of car insurance that should not go unmentioned:

This means that driver accident insurance or passenger accident insurance and also motor vehicle legal protection insurance can be included as part of the motor vehicle policy. Of course, this only makes sense if you do not have your own accident insurance or legal protection insurance with motor vehicle coverage. When you contact an insurance broker in our Austria-wide network of experts, you’ll enjoy the best customer service and comprehensive advice to help you navigate your way through the insurance jungle.

Perhaps you are now wondering whether it is worthwhile for you to change your insurance policy? as a rule, you can expect a premium saving of approx. Calculate 10-20% on your car insurance; depending on the type of vehicle and additional regional discounts, premium savings of up to 50% are even possible.

third party liability partial cover

However, the small price alone does not make a good car insurance.

More importantly, exactly what you really need is also insured. Our risk calculator calculates what a product can and especially what it cannot do.

How much money you can save by changing your car insurance and where you are still really well insured, you can find out quickly and easily with our online comparison of car insurance rates. With chegg.Net all relevant insurances in austria are considered.

In our car insurance comparison you can calculate the following providers:

  • Allianz insurance
  • Danube insurance
  • Ergo insurance
  • Generali insurance
  • Grazer wechselseitige insurance
  • HDI insurance
  • Helvetia insurance
  • Carinthian state insurance
  • Muki insurance
  • Lower Austria insurance
  • Nurnberger insurance (garanta)
  • Upper Austrian insurance
  • Uniqa insurance
  • VAV insurance
  • Wiener stadtische insurance
  • Wustenrot insurance
  • Zurich insurance

When is the best time to change your car insurance??

When purchasing a new or used vehicle

If there is a change of vehicle, the existing contract can be terminated without notice when the vehicle is deregistered. The premium is calculated on a daily basis. After deregistration of the old vehicle, simply send the deregistration confirmation to your old insurer with your police number and the note "cancellation of the contract" or entrust our insurance broker with the processing.

Annually at the end of the contract

Liability contracts run, if there is no special agreement, for one year and are automatically renewed if you do not cancel. The cancellation of the contract is therefore possible once a year, at the latest 1 month before the expiration of the contract, and must be made in writing. The expiry date for liability insurance is always the first day of the following month (example: 15 months).02. – procedure is the 01.03. Of the following year). It is part of the customer service of our chegg.Net experts that the cancellation of the existing contract is done for you after consultation with you.

In case of premium increase

If you receive a notice from your motor insurer that your premium will increase – even if it is only in the context of the annual index adjustment – you can cancel within one month of receiving the notice. After that you have one more month to buy a new insurance policy. Here too, our insurance brokers will be happy to take care of the settlement for you if you choose chegg.Net take out a new car insurance.

After a claim

Motor vehicle liability insurance can be cancelled within one month of any claim.

Our chegg.Net-experts are independent insurance brokers and have extensive knowledge, with which they can offer you the best customer service in all insurance matters, no matter whether with consultation, with the conclusion or the notice, as well as in the case of a claim.

In order to register your car at the registration office, you will need a number of documents as well as a confirmation of insurance (abbreviated to "VB") for liability insurance. You will receive this insurance confirmation directly from our insurance broker in your area.

The first step is to decide which insurance company you would like to be insured with in the future. Chegg.Net helps you. You first calculate in our insurance comparison the desired scope of insurance such as liability, fully comprehensive or partially comprehensive for your car and choose yourself or with the help of our chegg.Net experts select the right product for you. Our insurance broker at your location will take care of most of the formalities for concluding the contract. You will also receive the confirmation of insurance from the selected insurance company either in person, by mail or simply by fax to the registration office.

If you want to register your car yourself, you can use our registration office tool to quickly find a car registration office for your registration district. the insurance coverage for your liability insurance starts at the time of the official registration and is generally valid in the whole of europe in the geographic sense. A detailed list of countries can be found on the green insurance card, which you will receive from your insurer with your police license.

If you have also chosen fully comprehensive or partially comprehensive insurance, the insurance broker will obtain provisional cover directly from the insurance company prior to registration. The insurance cover for comprehensive insurance is also valid throughout Europe. So your vehicle is well insured on your next trip, even abroad.

A list of the documents required for car registration can be found here..

The costs for the car registration amount to it incl. license plate and check-card registration certificate to around euro 210 (as of nov. 2015). the check-card registration certificate costs 22 euros the license plate for cars and trucks costs 18 euros.

If you already have an existing license plate and want to continue using it, you will not have to pay these costs. but you have to re-register this license plate on the new vehicle. The costs for a car registration thus amount to min. Euro 170,- without registration certificate in credit card format.

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