Car battery / starter battery weak resp. Defect – symptoms, replacement / exchange and costs explained simply and briefly!

Car battery / starter battery weak resp. Defect - symptoms, replacement / exchange and costs explained simply and briefly!

Symptoms / signs of a weak, defective or dead car battery

  • Engine does not start
  • Engine starts badly or. Only after several attempts to
  • Starter motor turns slower as otherwise or gives only a "clack" of itself
  • Electrical consumers (e.g. Radio / lighting) have a cold start misfires
  • Variousfault memory entries due to insufficient power supply

To be on the safe side, especially in winter, we recommend everyone to have at least one of these two products at home. Especially for older vehicles resp. Batteries save you a lot of stress.

  • Can be used for mobile jump starting and for charging the battery
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time, money and nerves waiting for the breakdown service
  • Easy to connect
  • Can also be used outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Fast charging

What can a weak / defective car battery be confused with??

A specialist workshop can reliably determine whether the cause of the respective problems is actually the car battery or another component, such as the starter cable. The starter, is.

For this purpose, the battery is first tested with a special testing device. How to assess the overall condition of the battery. Theoretically, it is also possible that you have simply forgotten to disconnect all the consumers (e.g., the battery). Switch off the lights) and the battery has been discharged, but it is still in good condition.

In addition to the check of the battery itself, there is also a check of the charging circuit and alternator.

Did you know that all modern cars (from 2003 onwards) have a very comprehensive fault memory, which you can read out yourself?? You can find suitable devices bspw. At amazon*.

  • Comprehensive car covers: supports according to manufacturer 99% of all cars with OBD interface
  • German fault code evaluation
  • real time data uvm.
  • Professional reading the error codes on VAG vehicles from 2000 onwards
  • Get vehicle information
  • Numerous special functions

Replacing the car battery

In the past, it was necessary to regularly "make fit" the battery with distilled water or. To maintain. this is no longer possible with the so-called "maintenance-free batteries" nowadays. With regular use, these batteries often have a service life of around 7 to 10 years, after which they must be replaced with a new battery.

In modern cars, changing the car battery is comparatively complex. On the one hand, the starter battery is now often installed in a very "unfavorable" way. A replacement then requires the disassembly of other components in advance.

On the other hand, the new battery must often be stored in the control unit after the change. the reason for this is that a new battery is charged with different charge cycles than an older battery. Also a possibly existing start-stop-system must be taught correctly.

Work on the battery should therefore – also for safety reasons – always be carried out in a specialist workshop. changing the battery is a routine job there. In addition, the old battery can be disposed of directly here in an environmentally friendly manner.

Vehicles from VW, skoda, audi, seat, mercedes-benz, BMW, porsche, volvo, opel and numerous other manufacturers are affected by the diesel scandal.
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What does a new car battery cost??

The material costs of a new car battery are around 80,- to 250,- euro (rule of thumb: about 2,- euro per ah). They depend primarily on the vehicle model and the required battery power (this is indicated by the current rating in amperes (A)).

well known battery manufacturers are bosch, varta and banner. It pays to invest in a high-quality model – especially if the car will be parked outside permanently, even in winter. The voltage, shape and polling must match the vehicle model and comply with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Changing the battery usually takes around 30 minutes. In some cases, it can be done in as little as 10 minutes.

Based on an hourly rate of 100 euros, the following results are possible labor costs from about 20,- to 50,- euro.

All in all, according to this calculation, you will therefore come to total cost from about 100,- to 300,- euro.

Material / service estimated prices total costs around 100,- to 300,- euro
car battery 80,- to 250,- euro (rule of thumb: about 2,- euro per ah)
labor costs 20,- to 50,- euro

all prices are approximate including value added tax and can of course differ from each other.

TIP: don’t go to a garage until you have determined the current value of your vehicle. So you always know in advance exactly up to what costs a repair is still worthwhile!

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Car battery / starter battery weak resp. Defect - symptoms, replacement / exchange and costs explained simply and briefly!

Things to know about the car battery

The car battery supplies both the starter motor and the vehicle electrical system with electrical power – for example, for control units, ignition coils or entertainment and control systems. Comfort electronics. As soon as the engine is running, the battery is taken over by the alternator as a voltage source and recharged by it.

If you are a short distance driver, the battery is rarely or never charged properly. This leads to a high number of charging and discharging cycles and thus to increased wear or. Premature aging.

The condition of the battery should be checked at regular intervals – for example, once a year as part of a winter check.

The battery capacity is given in ampere hours (=ah)). The respective value indicates how much current can be drawn in a certain time at a certain voltage. typical values are between 60 ah and 200 ah. The connection between consumer performance and battery capacity is illustrated by the following example.

New, consumer-friendly BGH rulings! Vehicles from vehicles from audi, BMW, dacia, fiat, ford, hyundai, jaguar, jeep, land rover, mazda, mercedes-benz, mini, mitsubishi, nissan, opel, porsche, renault, seat, skoda, subaru, suzuki, volvo and VW are affected by the diesel scandal.
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