Car battery charger comparison 2022

You probably know it yourself: in the life of a car driver there’s little that’s more frustrating than a dead battery. Especially in winter or after a longer period of non-use of the car, the risk of such a super failure increases. Appropriate chargers can reduce the shock considerably – and not only for passenger cars. Some of the models in our comparison additionally charge the battery of trucks, motorcycles and even motorboats.

With our product table you will find the right model between lead-calcium, AGM and gel batteries – pay attention to the operating voltage and the maximum capacity. Because the wrong charger is as helpful as none at all.

Car battery charger recommendations


Bosch C3

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Buying advice: how to find the right product in our car battery charger comparison 2022

  • A car battery charger is used to quickly recharge lead-acid, AGM, EFB and gel batteries. So it can not only charge the car battery, but depending on the type, is also suitable for use on motorcycle, boat or scooter.
  • For charging, a 230V power supply is necessary. In addition to the input voltage, the output voltage of the car charger must also be taken into account, as not every car battery requires the same voltage.
  • if you want to buy a suitable charger for your car battery, you should pay attention not only to the type of device, but also to the presence of important safety devices, such as short-circuit protection and reverse polarity protection.

car battery charger test

A discharged car battery is the horror of every car driver. Especially in winter or after long periods of inactivity, the battery may no longer have enough charge to start the vehicle. Consumers that are not switched off overnight, such as lights or a 12 V USB charger, as well as driving short distances, can also lead to a dead car battery. This can be remedied by a car battery charger that can recharge the car’s energy storage system in a short time.

There are around 43 million cars in germany – so it’s no wonder that the selection of battery chargers is also huge. Equipped with a wide variety of functions, end users can quickly lose track of what they are looking for. A look at various car battery charger tests is therefore highly recommended before buying a new device.

To help you with your purchase decision, in our comparison of car battery chargers 2021 / 2022, we have summarized the most important aspects of car battery chargers. We explain the differences between the various types of charger, provide information on additional functions such as desulfation, trickle charging or temperature measurement, and describe the correct use of battery chargers. We will also provide you with useful tips on how to prolong the life of your car battery and point out possible errors in the use of chargers.

1. How does a car battery charger fill the energy storage of your car??

Desulfation for better conductivity

the chemical process inside a car battery causes lead sulfate crystals to form on the electrodes. This process is called sulfation. The crystals reduce conductivity, can be dislodged by vibrations and then collect at the bottom of the car battery. If a car is used regularly and the battery is therefore also charged and discharged, the crystals dissolve. On the other hand, if the vehicle is not moved for a long period of time, a good car battery charger can dissolve the crystals by desulfation and improve the condition of the car battery.

Battery chargers are used when the alternator of your car could not charge the battery sufficiently. This can be caused, for example, by continuous short-distance driving: since the starting process requires far more energy than a vehicle can recharge during a short drive, the battery charge steadily decreases. This will eventually cause your car to not want to start anymore.

To ensure a smooth starting process, the car battery must first be supplied with energy from the outside. With the right car battery charger, this can be done in just a few hours, which is why it is advisable for every car driver to have one.

2. Car battery charger tests show: how does which charger work??

Most battery chargers can be used not only for cars, but also boats, motorcycles, motor homes or scooters. In order to find the right charger for your needs, it is therefore worth comparing different models. Ideally, you will find a universal charger with different voltages and useful additional functions.

Car battery chargers are first differentiated according to their output voltage. While most car and motorcycle batteries require a voltage of 12 volts, large truck batteries need to be charged at 24 volts. Small scooters or e-bikes, on the other hand, are not infrequently equipped with 6 volts, which is why a much smaller charger is also sufficient here.

In order to show you the different types of chargers more clearly, we have illustrated the most common variants in the following table.

charger type short description
6V charger

car battery charger six volts
A charger for 6-volt batteries is mainly used for scooters or e-bikes. Depending on the type of motorcycle, it can also be charged with such a device. The purchase costs are usually somewhat lower than for larger car battery chargers.
12V charger

car battery charger twelve volts
car battery chargers with 12 volt output voltage are the most commonly used variant. These are mainly used for charging lead-acid batteries, the standard type of car battery. Well-known manufacturers of such chargers are einhell and AEG.
24V charger

car battery charger 24 volt
24V chargers are also called truck chargers. Since the batteries of heavy goods vehicles have significantly larger capacities, they also require larger devices for recharging. Portable versions are much less common, but a charger comparison can still help to find favorable models
universal chargers

car battery universal charger different types
as the name suggests, universal car battery chargers can be used in several cases. These are characterized, among other things, by an adjustable output voltage and the support of different battery types. Especially for users of different vehicles (e.g.B. car and motorcycle), buying advice will therefore be in favor of such a universal charger.

3. Buying criteria for car battery chargers: what you need to look out for?

helpful additional function car battery charging

Certain additional functions support the charging process.

The purchase of a battery charger should not be rushed. If, for example, you have discovered a very inexpensive model for lead-acid batteries in a car battery charger test, this does not necessarily mean that you can also use it for your EFB battery (enhanced-flooded battery), which is mainly used in vehicles with automatic start-stop systems.

In addition, you should not underestimate the equipment with certain additional functions:

This is the minimum equipment a good battery charger should have:

  • Battery and charger protection
  • Display with multiple indicators
  • Adjustable voltage

3.1. Useful additional functions of battery chargers

3.1.1. Protection function of battery chargers: for a longer service life

Protection functions can significantly increase the life of a car battery. Very useful, for example, is a regular desulfation or the measurement of the battery temperature to prevent overheating. A short-circuit fuse and reverse polarity protection should also be integrated in a good car battery charger.

3.1.2. Car battery charger with display: transparent charging process

A built-in display can make the charging process much easier and at the same time more transparent. While very simple devices only have a colored lamp informing about the charging status, a display provides the user with information about the charging progress, the set voltage or the remaining charging time.

3.1.3. Car battery charger with jump start: energy for starting the car

Multifunctional battery chargers are equipped not only with a charging function, but also with a starting aid function. Instead of a second vehicle, the charger supplies all the energy, which the discharged battery needs for starting. When connecting the charger, follow the same procedure that is used for conventional jump starts.

3.1.4. Car battery charger with trickle charge: makes your car ready for immediate use

car battery charger fast

Vehicles that have been unused for a long time are immediately ready to drive thanks to maintenance charging.

Good car chargers are equipped with a so called. Trickle charge function equipped. This means that these devices remain connected to the car battery and the charge of the battery is maintained in this way.

The use of this function makes sense above all when, if the car is not used for a longer period of time, but should be ready for use immediately when needed. Ideally, this trickle charge is managed by an integrated simulation function: here, the charger simulates continuous driving and thus ensures a "natural" charge of the battery.

3.1.5. Car battery charger with rechargeable battery: practical charging on the road

Car chargers with rechargeable batteries are particularly practical when you’re on the road. The advantage here is obvious: compared to the standard model, these devices do not require an external power source and are usually much handier. This is also the reason why the models are very popular especially as motorcycle battery chargers. By the way, it is even more ecological with a solar car battery charger. However, the risk of lack of sunlight should be taken into account here.

The advantages and disadvantages of car chargers with a battery:


  • Ideal for travel, camping and motorcycle
  • Compact design
  • Simple operation

  • Mostly lower power
  • Few additional functions
  • Unsuitable for very large batteries

3.2. Popular manufacturers of car battery chargers

In various car battery charger tests, you will quickly come across very different brands and manufacturers in the various categories. When buying a charger, it is not only the type but also the manufacturer that is of decisive importance. Depending on the comparison, there are different car battery charger test winners here.

leading manufacturers are for example einhell, AEG and MXS. Car battery chargers from CTEK or bosch also enjoy an excellent reputation.

Unfortunately, there is currently no official car battery charger test by stiftung warentest, which is why interested parties have to resort to other, independent tests and car battery charger comparisons.

Tip: many unknown manufacturers lure you with cheap car battery chargers. But if you want to buy a car battery charger and use it for several years, you should definitely go for quality. Good products can also be found in the low-price segment, but the best car battery charger will definitely be priced accordingly.

4. Connecting the car battery to the charger – how it works?

car battery charger easy to connect yourself

connecting a charger is not a problem even for laymen.

With the following car battery charger guide, we would like to help you step by step in connecting a car battery charger for the first time. In principle, the handling here is in no way more complicated than that of the jump start with two cars.

1. Disconnect the car battery: remove the (usually screwed) clamps from the car battery to prevent damage to the onboard instruments. Make sure to disconnect the minus pole first and then the plus pole. If the sequence is incorrect, a short circuit may occur!

2. Connect the charger: now connect the charger to the car battery according to the enclosed instructions. Here, the plus pole (red) and then the minus pole (blue or black) must be connected first.

3. switch on car battery charger/connect to mains voltage: depending on the type of device you can now apply mains voltage to the charger or. Switch on a battery-powered model.

4. Check voltage: make sure that the correct voltage is set for the battery.

5. Fully charge the battery: fully charge the car battery if possible. This prolongs the battery’s life and prevents it from being discharged again in a short time.

6. Disconnect charger, connect car battery: after successful charging, the first thing to do now is to disconnect the charger from the power or. to be switched off before the clamps can be removed from the battery. This is done in the opposite way to connect: first minus, then plus. afterwards the car battery can be reconnected (first plus, then minus).

Although the service life of car batteries can be extended by using high-quality battery chargers, they should still be replaced at certain intervals. Depending on the initial situation (e.g. predominantly short or long distance driving) we recommend, to change the car battery after four to six years.

5. What possible faults can occur when using a car battery charger?

Although the use of a battery charger on a car or motorcycle is quite straightforward, it is quite possible to make mistakes during initial use. To help you avoid damage such as short circuits and defective fuses right from the start, we have briefly summarized the most important criteria here:

  • remove both car battery terminals before connecting the charger.
  • sequence when disconnecting or. Note the clamps. Disconnect: first minus (ground), then plus (red). Connecting: first plus, then minus.
  • Switch on charger only after proper connection and switch off again before disconnecting.
  • Pay attention to the correct voltage setting on the charger.
  • do not disconnect the battery charger until it is fully charged.
Dino power pack 136312
Dino Kraft­pa­ket 136312
currently available from 27,78 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
short circuit protection yes
overload protection yes
what happens if the charging process is interrupted with the car battery charger dino kraftpaket 136312? Interruption of the charging process is no problem with this charger. The dino power pack 136312 saves the previously selected charging program and continues charging in the last selected program during the next charging process.
Ueznirn car battery charger
Ueznirn Au­to­bat­te­rie La­de­ge­rat
currently available from 28,89 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
short-circuit protection yes
overload protection yes
what setting is required on the ueznirn car battery charger to charge a motorcycle battery?? From the experience of customers who have purchased the ueznirn car battery charger, it appears that they do not need to make any direct settings. you simply turn on the charger and press the motorcycle icon. The ueznirn car battery charger then independently detects the current of the battery that is connected.
AEG automotive 97025
AEG Au­to­mo­ti­ve 97025
currently available from 89,99 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
short-circuit protection yes
overload protection yes
for which vehicles the AEG 97025 microprocessor battery charger can be used? The AEG 97025 battery charger is suitable for motorcycles, cars, motor homes, tractors and trucks. The charger can be used for maintenance-free and low-maintenance batteries as well as the following battery types such as lead-acid, GEL, EFB and AGM.
currently available from 23,50 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
short circuit protection yes
overload protection yes
which types of batteries can the MOTOPOWER MP00205A charger charge?? The MOTOPOWER MP00205A charger is suitable for car, motorcycle and motorhome batteries. This includes all types of 12-volt lead-acid batteries, including flooded or sealed maintenance-free batteries (AGM& gel cell).
Einhell CC-BC 10 E
Einhell CC-BC 10 E
currently available from 28,50 €
» go to amazon offer" to the ebay offer
short circuit protection yes
overload protection yes
can the einhell CC-BC 10E battery charger be easily transported?? When you buy a car battery charger, you’re buying a rugged device in the form of the einhell CC-BC 10E battery charger. This is equipped with a sturdy carrying handle, so that you can bring the charger very easily and flexibly to different locations.
currently available from 65,99 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay-offer
short circuit protection yes
overload protection yes
what does the "connect-and-forget-function" mean? for the CTEK MXS 5.0 battery charger? Customer experience with car battery chargers shows that consumers are very satisfied with the CTEK MXS 5.0 battery charger and the various functions are satisfied. In particular, the "connect and forget" function is praised in the reviews praised by users. These are fast, fully automatic charging programs, which are set via the mode button.
Einhell CE-BC 4 M
Einhell CE-BC 4 M
currently available from 27,99 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
short circuit protection yes
overload protection yes
is the einhell CE-BC 4 M car battery charger equipped with protection functions? Our comparison with car battery chargers shows that the einhell CE-BC 4 M car battery charger is equipped with various protection mechanisms. automatic short circuit, overcharge and reverse polarity protection is built into this model from einhell, so the battery and the positioner are safe.
currently available from 106,35 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
short circuit protection yes
overload protection yes
what is the effect of a power failure on the CTEK MXS 10 car battery charger?? If you buy this car battery charger, you buy the CTEK MXS 10 charger, a gadget that starts automatically after a power interruption. So a power failure is not a problem for the charger. However, the battery must still be connected.
Bosch C3
Bosch C3
currently available from 35,92 €
» go to amazon offer" to the ebay offer
short circuit protection yes
overload protection yes
can the car battery be charged directly in the engine compartment with the car battery charger bosch C3? Yes, this is possible without problems. Customers who have had experience with the bosch C3 car battery charger state that the car battery can be charged in its installed state. So no disconnection or removal is necessary. However, a 230 V socket is required for charging.
NOCO genius 1 EU
NOCO Genius 1 EU
currently available from 39,00 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
short circuit protection no
overload protection yes
for which devices is the fully automatic NOCO genius 1EU charger suitable?? Our comparison of car battery chargers shows that the NOCO genius 1EU charger can be used in a variety of ways. you can use this device not only for cars and trucks, but also for boats, motor homes, caravans, lawn mowers, scooters, tractors and motorcycles.
Gude digital GDB
Gude Digital GDB
currently available from 177,09 €
» go to amazon offer" to the ebay offer
short circuit protection yes
overload protection yes
for which vehicles is the car battery charger gude digital GDB suitable? If you decide to buy the car battery charger, you will get a product with an operating voltage of 12 V and 24 V. this operating voltage is suitable for cars and motorcycles.

did the editors for the car battery charger comparison also select manufacturers who have cheaper products in their program??

in our car battery charger comparison you will find premium and mid-range manufacturers as well as manufacturers with a product range for price-conscious customers. Of the 14 manufacturers represented, one is sure to have the right offer for you! More information"

Which car battery charger from our car battery charger product comparison is particularly recommended for customers who value a favorable price??

Customers who value a favorable price are best advised to choose a cheaper model in our car battery charger comparison (from approx. 19 euro ) or to the price-performance winner bosch C3 from our comparison at the price of 35,92 euro . More information"

What rating did buyers give the customer favorite from our car battery charger comparison?

The customer favorite from our car battery charger comparison, the CTEK MXS 5.0 , received 4.8 out of 5 stars from previous customers. More information"

Are given in the car battery charger comparison ratings by the editors?

For better orientation, the editors give ratings to the products included in the car battery charger comparison. 14 car battery chargers shine with the top mark "VERY GOOD": CTEK MXS 10 , gude digital GDB , bosch C3 , CTEK MXS 5.0 , dino power pack 136312 , NOCO genius 1 EU , ueznirn car battery charger , einhell CE-BC 4 M , MOTOPOWER MP00205A , AEG automotive 158008 , husgw charger car battery, 12V/24V 8A , einhell CC-BC 10 E , filmer 4 amp and NWOUIIAY battery charger . More information"

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