Camper rental (stuttgart): top 10 providers compared (2022)

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stuttgart, the capital of the state of baden-wurttemberg, is considered to be particularly livable. A city with a lot of greenery, which like munich stands for southern german prosperity, but here supplemented by the proverbial industriousness (and stinginess) of the swabians. For the production location of mercedes and porsche, it is important to better dovetail both: the protection of the environment and jobs.

Of course, you don’t directly lose out on the climate, but there is hardly a hotter place in germany in the summer than the talkessel. And also the air quality is not the best. It’s time to escape the city and only return to the cannstatter wasen, if that’s what it’s about. We have tested the best camper rental companies for the stuttgart area.

Camper rentals Stuttgart: the provider FreewayCamper

Camper rental (stuttgart): top 10 providers compared (2022)

camper rental stuttgart: the provider Roadsurfer

Camper rent Stuttgart: the provider Aktivcamper

Camper rental Stuttgart: The provider PaulCamper

Camper mieten Stuttgart: The provider McRent

Camper rental (stuttgart): top 10 providers compared (2022)

Camper rental Stuttgart: The provider Indie Campers

Camper rent Stuttgart: The platform Wobi

Camper rental (stuttgart): top 10 providers compared (2022)

The overall score (shown in the blue box) is the average of six individual scores, explained here:

Customer satisfaction: what customers say? Satisfaction at the stuttgart site and with the company as a whole is evaluated. Because both can be important.

Included Services: what services are all included in the rental price (incl. service fee) included? Important are the free kilometers, but also the camping and kitchen equipment.

Vehicles: which campers are in the rental fleet? How old and in what condition are the vehicles? How wide is the choice, how great is the availability?? And: how clean are the vehicles??

Insurance: how much are the deductible and the deposit? How comprehensive is the protection of the included insurance? And how transparent is the protection presented? Also: which upgrades can be booked and at what prices??

Cancellation fees: how high are the cancellation fees according to AGB? Is there the possibility to name a substitute tenant? And there is a corona regulation?

prices: how are the prices, also in dependence of the services?

  • things to know about renting a camper in stuttgart
  • The test winners for stuttgart in detail
  • what do i have to pay attention to when renting a camper?
  • Tips about the vehicle
  • Tips for the trip
  • Frequently asked questions

interesting facts about camper rental in stuttgart

These are the advantages

Professional landlords vs. Private camper rentals in stuttgart

There are many different ways to rent a camper in stuttgart. Smaller car dealerships and rental companies often have a handful of rental vehicles, but rarely in the camper class. But there are also very good rental companies that really specialize in campers. activecamper is a very good example.

Camper van rent Stuttgart: A MB 407D from the platform PaulCamper

on platforms like paulcamper you can find many exceptional campers. / (c) paulcamper

In addition, there is the possibility to rent a camper privately via a platform. for this type of camper rental it is best to read our paulcamper test or the articles about yescapa through. In a nutshell: a charming option and often cheaper, but with some residual risk.

A third variant are booking portals like CU-camper (here in test, with voucher!), tui camper or camperdays. But in our opinion these agencies have no real added value for bookings in germany and only lead to an overwhelming confusion in the camper rental market.

The same applies to the portals that appear like private rental portals, but only provide professional landlords (campanda, erento, faircamper).

Per direct rental company

Pro (private) rental platforms

The camper rental companies at a glance (with map)

At which rental companies you can rent a camper in freiburg? On the map you can find the locations of the rentals. Because where stuttgart is on it, sometimes zuffenhausen and sometimes esslingen is in it.

The test winners for stuttgart in detail

#1. Place: freewaycamper

Camper rental Stuttgart: The test winner FreewayCamper

#2. Place: camperboys

Camper rental Stuttgart: The rental company CamperBoys

#3. Place: roadsurfer

Camper mieten Stuttgart: The very good provider Roadsurfer

What to look for when renting a camper?

Thanks to the internet, the camper rental industry has become much more transparent and, above all, comparable. Small providers with a few bullis but a high quality of service and offer can advertise regionally and compete with the big motorhome rental companies.

Camper rent Stuttgart: A few relaxed next to an old camper from VW

To be able to really relax on vacation, you should plan some time for the preparations and study the rental conditions. / (c) yescapa

Nevertheless, there are some things to consider when renting a camper van. This list is incomplete, it only shows some classic pitfalls of camper renting. The good rental companies usually explain the rental conditions on a FAQ page. Nevertheless, they are of course interested in giving the tenant a good feeling.

Tips about the vehicle

What actually makes a camper?

A campervan is usually an extension of a van or a box van. classic basic vehicles are VW caddies, the mercedes vito or the VW T6, also the renault master. The popular box vans (kawa) are nominally more of a camper van, but they transport the camper feeling so well that they are often also meant.

Camper have the advantage that they drive like cars. This is very advantageous in narrow cities, but also on the highway. There even double: you get ahead faster and you pay less tolls.

Many campers have a pop-up roof. This is the best way to combine the advantages of car and motorhome.

Camper rent Stuttgart: A Toyota Crosscamp on offer from McRent

A toyota crosscamp on offer from mcrent. / (c) mcrent

The campervan is the ideal vehicle to stay mobile. To eat kilometers, for narrow streets, to camp wildly sometimes. However, camper vans are also a rolling compromise: the kitchen is also the bedroom.

It is clear that the equipment and storage space must be somewhat slimmed down there. Often campers only have a cartridge stove (like the aktivcamper). But the provisional is also the charming thing about camping. And the more life is moved outdoors, the more clearly the vacation feeling is established.

In fact, campers never have a bathroom with a shower and toilet, unless you take the van with you. There is a wide range:

Camper rent Stuttgart: the hybrid panel vans are also often called campers

On the road in sweden with a kawa from mcrent. / (c) mcrent, photo daniele giorgini

Ducatos, master, sprinter, camper based on van size L2 to L3 and H2. Sometimes also with high roof. much more fits in here than in a mercedes vito, even though it is of course still a cramped vacation home.

The main differences besides the space are the vehicle height and the wet cell. But not having them is also an advantage, because in the camper can break down much less than in the kawa.

If you rent a possl or something similar, you should have everything explained to you in detail: how to get fresh water (misfuelling with diesel is not insured)!)? Where to put the waste water? And how does the fixed current connection work?

Roomtour through the VW T6 california ocean


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