Automobile clubs

automobile clubs

On roadside assistance comparison.Here you will find an overview of the automobile clubs in germany that offer comprehensive breakdown and accident assistance. We have deliberately chosen to include in our comparisons only car clubs. one exception is ARAG’s car insurance policy, which can be taken out WITHOUT combining it with car insurance and whose services can be compared with those of the automobile clubs.

Many insurance companies now also offer motor vehicle protection policies, with which you are also entitled to roadside assistance, depending on the benefits provided. however, ONLY in combination with a car insurance with the same provider.

Mostly the benefits are additionally limited. For example, the cost coverage in the event of a breakdown is significantly lower than with the automobile clubs. Furthermore, these cover letters are only available in combination with an insurance policy.

You can find an overview of the european rates and benefits of all automobile clubs in our european roadside assistance comparison or search directly for the right rate with our rate finder

automobile club comparison – the most chosen

european coverage
help on the spot& place yes, unlimited when using BAVC-emergency call yes, unlimited
towing service yes, unlimited yes, unlimited
average. Travel time 30 min. Not specified 30 min.
vehicle return
travel costs after vehicle breakdown yes, 1. Class rail, from 1200 km flight or 7 days rental car a 80,- yes, 1. class train, from 1200km flight or rental car 7 days max. 600,- yes, 1. class train or rental car 7 days a 60,-, from 1200 km flight
medical repatriation
key service / opening the vehicle yes, up to 120,- incl.
vehicle check yes, various
extra allowances u.A. misfuelling up to 200,-, damage caused by game,
marten bite,
glass breakage,
accidental hit-and-run damage,
legal advice
legal advice
price € 67,50 € 64,- € 79,-
more info and become a member to the application to the application to the application

Which automobile club is the right one?

Detailed tariff and membership information can be found on the following pages:

BAVC – top for families

Small but nice, that’s how you could describe the BAVC, which was born out of church traditions. BAVC is characterized by clear and favorable rate structures, unlimited coverage of costs for roadside assistance and towing, and special services for smaller target groups.

Particularly interesting for families: children and stepchildren are covered in all family tariffs, even if they are traveling alone. this applies to children up to 23 years of age even if they already have their own apartment. In the same household and in 1. children up to 27 years of age are also insured. Family tariff Europe-wide € 74.50, worldwide € 86.50. Individual rates from € 67.50.

ARAG – separate insurance policy with extensive benefits

No automobile club, still can be obtained without combining with automobile insurance. Extensive car club services (roadside assistance/towing unlimited, medical evacuation, etc.).), including legal protection abroad and especially on all trips, even if you are traveling by plane, bus or train. Europe rate from € 64/year

Avd – worldwide roadside assistance from € 79& high quality premiums

The ‘automobile club of germany’ has a proud 1.4 million members and relies on clearly structured memberships, reliable help in the event of a breakdown without cost limits and numerous extras.

ACE – one fare for all, € 68.80 (europe)

With around 580.000 members, the ACE is a car club that must be taken seriously. Clear tariffs, all with european coverage and protection for the whole family (underage children) distinguish the ACE. The club has also been awarded the TuV seal of approval for service quality.

ADAC – germany’s largest automobile club

Germany’s largest and probably best-known automobile club must of course not be left out. ADAC offers different rates, depending on whether you need coverage within germany or also abroad, single or partner or. Family membership or fall under the discounted conditions for young people.

mobile in germany – worldwide roadside assistance from € 58

mobil in deutschland is not quite as well known yet. The car club sees itself as a low-cost alternative, communicates mainly online and offers breakdown and accident assistance at home or abroad at reasonable prices via the ‘silver angels’.

With around 300.000 members one of the larger german automobile clubs. The ACV offers different tariffs depending on the life situation, for example, there is a separate single tariff.

automobile club comparison europe

the yellow angels have long since ceased to be alone on the streets. A comparison is worthwhile in any case, because the services and prices of the different clubs differ quite from each other. In our automobile club roadside assistance europe you can see the prices& benefits of the clubs in a simple overview. You will also find special car club comparisons in the menu for z.B. Young drivers, families, singles, but also for motor homes over 3,5t.

Automobile club comparison

All automobile clubs in one overview

To enable a direct comparison, in our complete coverage comparison you will only see rates with min. Europe-wide coverage.

Automobile club comparison – frequently asked questions

There are several alternatives to the ADAC. Low-priced motor insurance policies as an add-on to motor liability insurance usually only apply to the insured vehicle and usually only with limited benefits. Other automobile clubs such as BAVC, avd or ACE offer similar services, often at lower prices.

Most insurance companies offer motor insurance as a supplement to motor liability and at a correspondingly low price. Motor insurance policies usually only apply to the insured vehicle. benefits for breakdown and accident assistance are often limited to € 100 – €200 and require a minimum distance from the place of residence. Read more: motor insurance policy or automobile club?


Gabriele couple means

Are also cab and rental cars included in the club?

Stefanie – admin says

Hello woman couple,
vehicles "for commercial passenger transport" are excluded from all car clubs according to the insurance conditions.

on 23.12.2016 in the evening my vehicle (a motorhome 4 tons) no longer started. On 24.12.2016 early around 8:00 came the colleague to look at my vehicle. He discovered that the starter motor was defective. A towing was not possible with the vehicle of the technician and also not desired by me. On 24. – 26.12.2016 my vehicle could not be repaired due to the holidays. In order to keep the costs for the ACE community low, I asked the ACE to send me an insurance policy on the 26th of March.12.2016 simply to tow and I come then alone to the next workshop resp. Home. This was rejected for reasons of cost (travel to and from the location for the company carrying out the work). What costs are incurred when they charge my motorhome, to the nearest workshop or. Let transport home, rental car, etc. You can work it out for yourself you have the service catalog.
They exceed the travel costs of the company "top car AG" by far. So I tried myself to find a vehicle that would tow me and drove home under my own power.
I can and will no longer support such an approach, such a handling of membership funds and I cancel with immediate effect

Sad association !Since 2004 member 2 times taken advantage of !1.5 hours waiting time with infant on the highway!!Insolence of family friendly!!Today the next disappointment!Flat tire with damage one does not feel responsible "they have to pay themselves feel not responsible!!The telephone ladies have no idea about the matter automobile!Make it a question and answer game!
For what I pay my dues for nothing!!I will get rid of ACE as soon as possible, they do not deserve me.

Never become a member of ACE sons you will be left in the lurch.. Happened to me again today

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