Autoboxes test: the best autoboxes in comparison

What’s important to you at home in terms of hi-fi, of course also applies to car speakers. If you want your sound system to sound good, you need high quality car speakers. Since car speakers convert the electrical signals of the playback device into sound, which is certainly the most complicated task in a playback chain, it must also be done cleanly, and only good car speakers do that. The offer is wide. Here i show which types are available and what makes them different.

What you have to pay attention to when buying autoboxes

Cool car with boxes

Do you want to improve the sound of your car hi-fi system, expand the already existing system or replace broken car speakers with others?? Then retrofit speakers are an alternative. It should be noted that the wattage of the speakers correspond to the rated power (RMS) of the car radio.

For best results use separate amplifiers. Compared to those of the car radio installed, you get much more power through external power amplifiers. The speakers are specialized in: low-frequency, mid-frequency or high-frequency reproduction. Low-, mid- and high-frequency drivers are installed as a composite, only in this way they cover the entire frequency range between 20 and 20.000 hertz. An external crossover unit outputs signals from the amplifier.

JBL Club 6520 2-way car speaker set from Harman Kardon - 150 watts KFZ

Alpine SPG-17C2 16.5 cm (6.5-inch) 2-way coaxial speaker, 60W

Pioneer TS-G6930F 3-way coaxial speakers for cars (400 W), 15 x 23 cm, 6' x

Sony XSFB1620E.EUR XS-FB1620 16.5 cm 2-way car speaker with 260 watts

JVC CS-J620 coaxial speaker (16 cm, 2-way) black

JBL Club 6520 2-way car speaker set from Harman Kardon - 150 watts car

Alpine SPG-17C2 16.5 cm (6.5-inch) 2-way coaxial speaker, 60W

Pioneer TS-G6930F 3-way coaxial speakers for cars (400 W), 15 x 23 cm, 6' x

Sony XSFB1620E.EUR XS-FB1620 16.5 cm 2-way car speaker with 260 watts

JVC CS-J620 coaxial speaker (16 cm, 2-way) black

What systems are there?

two-way systems are preferred. One chassis is used for the low and mid frequencies and the other for the high frequencies. The three-way system also performs well. Here are individual chassis for each area available. If the tweeter is in the middle of the mid-bass cone and not in its own chassis, it is called a coaxial loudspeaker.

Coaxial systems take up less space than component systems because the crossover is integrated in the loudspeaker. A crossover with a simple design is usually active in the tweeter, the low-midrange speaker then runs without a filter.

besides the specialized car speakers for low, mid and high tones, you can also switch to car speakers that cover the whole frequency spectrum, so called broadband. Unfortunately, the broadband car boxes the richness of detail compared to the multi-way systems is not given.

Car speakers can be added for even more sound enjoyment

Customers who like a deep, punchy bass response complement their car speaker system with a subwoofer. It is only responsible for frequencies below 80 hertz. Here we distinguish between free-air subwoofers and those with their own housing. Free-air subwoofers are installed in the vehicle, for example, in a wooden panel behind the backrest of the rear seat or in the spare loading space.

woofer lovers usually prefer the chassis variant. A kickbass is a chassis that covers the bass range from 80 to 180 hertz. its position is between the subwoofer and a midrange speaker.

There are some good autoboxes in the trade that have already been tested. Here I present you three of them. This will make your decision easier. Important is a faithful sound reproduction, a wide frequency spectrum and of course a good efficiency.

Three very good car speakers in each price range:

1. Maestro badenia M-line MS 654010

Maestro Badenia M-Line MS 654010

The best car speaker set designed as a component system is maestro badenia M-line MS 654010. Maestro badenia M-line MS 654010 were awarded five out of six stars by the editors of "auto hifi" in the 06/2010 issue for their price-performance ratio. For quality, the testers awarded an additional 46 out of 50 points.

The M-line "MS 654010" is the first 3-way car audio high end system with ultrasphere™ technology. According to the "top of the line" product system, the very highest sound reproduction quality and particularly high level stability have been achieved here in a well thought-out way. This is paired with a modern lightweight design that favors small dimensions. The important thing about this 3-way high-end system is that a combination of high performance and convenient installation has been achieved. Thus, an optimal sound basis, even in acoustically very demanding environments, when installed in various vehicles, given.

The high price is explained by modern precision manufacturing processes with a very high percentage of handwork. The autoboxes have the diameters HT/MT/TT: 40 mm (1.6″) / 10 cm (4″) / 16 cm (6.5″). The 3-way component system has a power handling of 90 W RMS / 295 W and a transmission range of 28 – 32 dB.000 Hz. The impedance is 4 ? With a transition frequency of 209 / 2.350 Hz.

The tweeters car speakers are manufactured in ultrasphere™ technology. The linear running 10 cm midrange drivers are made in CTC technology. CTC means concerted thermal compensation. The 16 cm woofers are also made in CTC technology. All are very powerful.

The M-line crossovers are mounted using a special multimount mounting system. Tweeter and midrange are adjustable via a rotary switch in 4/3 stages. Rich installation accessories and mounting materials are part of the material. The entire sensitive system is delivered in a valuable hard-shell case. The price at amazon is 1.529 euro.

the car speaker set is high-priced, definitely deserves every cent. It already comes close to the professional character – pure music enjoyment!


Maestro Badenia M-Line MS 654010

A coaxial system rated 1.2 is audio system HX165 PHASE PRO ACTIVE, which costs 999 euros.

Even the first visual impression clearly shows that these are high-quality loudspeakers. An EX 165 phase 16 midwoofer and the HS 28 vol make music together as a passive system. Both chassis are visually very beautiful and could exist next to any high-end box in the car.

The 16er has a filigree basket made of die-cast aluminum. The area is largely open under the centering. Visible is also the fat 38 swinging shoulder strap, which is also perforated. It is made of aluminum. A membrane also made of aluminum serves the heat dissipation. Also the massive phase plug is made of aluminum. The aluminum diaphragm saves weight yet is tough enough to deliver the typical popular sound. The tweeter has a fabric cone and has an extra-large 28 mm format.

For the lowering of the resonant frequency and for the usability at low frequencies, the set has a coupled volume, which is achieved through a ring of holes with the area below the dome diaphragm. The tweeter runs slightly wavy, but is extremely broadband up to more than 20 khz.

A preference for the 10 kHz range can be noted, but there is no equalizer available. The large tweeter can be separated according to preference. If you want, you can add it from 1.5 khz steep-edged. The woofer offers a typical "metal resonance" in the frequency response. It is very pleasantly high at 6 khz.

This auto speaker set will satisfy even the most demanding listeners. The 16 car speaker has a very precise bass. This plays very well with the differentiated high frequency sound. The drum solo is loud and fun to listen to. The voice reproduction is clean. All audio system components sound realistic and undistorted.

Bottom line:
the EX 165 phase/HS 28 vol audio system offers high-level performance. Fun and level complement each other.

3. Auna 4.0 car hifi set "golden race V7

Auna 4.0 Car Hifi Set

Auna 4.0 car hifi set golden race V7 is a cheap but very good speaker set. The ready to connect auna car hifi 4.0 set "golden race V7″ has a compact car hifi power amplifier with enough power for the 16,5cm (6,5″) and the 15 x 23cm (6 x 9″) car speaker pairs.

The package includes: auna goldhammer 4-channel car power amp 4400W, auna goldblaster 6.5 pairs 16,5cm (6,5"), one auto speaker 1200W and the complete mounting material gold plated 60A AGU.

The auna goldblaster 6.5 are dazzling car boxes, which present themselves impressively with their visual character.

the golden speakers owe their performance to a harmonious mix of materials and the diaphragm, whose weight and stiffness make for special clarity and make the sound image pleasant even at its performance limits.

The generously dimensioned ASV voice coils support the distortion-free reproduction and set the gold blaster 6.5 on an excellent performance foundation. The neodymium tweeters in the car speakers create a very strong magnetic field, which has an optimized sound quality as a result. With the special exterior they score additional points.

to the good quality and sound reproduction comes the unbeatable price of 135.90 euros at elektronik-star.De.

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