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AEC (Auto Export Corporation) offers the all-new 2019 RAM 1500 in Europe

Fuel consumption with 5.7L V8 HEMI®: urban 15.7 l/100km, extra-urban 10.7 l/100km, combo. 14.9 l/100km; combined CO2 emissions.: 352 g/km; CO2 efficiency class: G*

AEC (auto export corporation) offers the all-new 2019 RAM 1500 in europe

[munich, germany] AEC, official dodge& RAM importer, offers the best pick-up ever built in europe since september 2018. The new 2019 RAM 1500 is superior to its predecessor in every category, ensuring greater durability and luxury. AEC europe offers several models of the new 2019 RAM 1500: big horn, rebel*), laramie, longhorn, limited.

The new 2019 RAM 1500, equipped with cutting-edge technology, is leading the way for future pickups. "we are confident that the 2019 RAM will continue to drive the success of the RAM brand in europe", says john muratori, COO of AEC europe, because "the new RAM is characterized by innovative engineering, technology and high-quality materials". It is the safest and most efficient pickup RAM has developed with star designers. "in short, customers get exactly what they expect from their RAM!"

Highlights of the 2019 RAM 1500:
– reduction in overall weight of almost 100 kg compared to the previous model
– groundbreaking design, high-quality materials and exclusive technology
– HEMI V-8 5.7 l 395 hp powertrain with upgraded eight-speed automatic transmission
– innovative, state-of-the-art technology with the award-winning fourth-generation uconnect system and reconfigurable 12-inch touchscreen display
– available with the most powerful audio system ever offered in a pick-up: harman kardon audio system with 19 speakers, 900-watt amplifier and 10-inch subwoofer
– new shift column, wireless charging station and up to five USB ports, including four C/A ports
– 360-degree panoramic camera with bird’s eye view of the vehicle
– more luxurious, spacious interior with a 10 cm increase in cabin length
– redesigned center console with 12 different interior compartments
– elaborate safety features, including adaptive cruise control (with stop, go and hold) and forward collision warning-plus and lanesense lane-keeping-plus systems
– redesigned center console with 12 different interior compartments
– elaborate safety features, including adaptive cruise control (with stop, go and hold) and forward collision warning-plus and lanesense lane departure warning-plus systems

Technology: compared to the previous version, the new ram 1500 MY19 has a longer, lighter, more efficient chassis: it is made of 98% high-strength steel, making it the most resistant chassis ever built by the american brand. All models have the same impact protection measures. exclusive forward-splayed profile rail technology creates a highly efficient, energy-absorbing structure for all types of impact, including front offset with frame integration in front of the front tire. To further improve NVH, the new side-mounted and electronically controlled active tuned mass modules (ATMM) work in harmony with an ANC (internal active noise cancelling) system to reduce ambient noise to a low 67.1 db.

The rear crossmembers are double-welded to the inside and outside of the frame to improve durability and roll stiffness. New independent front suspension parts combine lightweight composite upper control arms, aluminum lower control arms and optimized geometry for improved responsiveness and driving dynamics. The front stabilizer bar is moved behind the front tires, improving roll stiffness by an additional 20%. A new front spoiler design is standard on all RAM 1500 my19s, regardless of trim level.

Frequency response damping (FRD) shocks: FRD technology found its way to the shock absorbers on all four corners of the new RAM 1500 MY19. When the vehicle experiences slower injection, common during cornering and heavy braking, the bypass valve is closed for more aggressive damping, providing additional stability and safety. During normal driving or when the shock load increases – such as on a bumpy road or at higher speeds – the valve opens to alleviate damping. Providing the driver with more comfort, safety and control.

New tailgate: it is made of aluminum and not only has a damping function when opening, but also an integrated lifting aid. Aerodynamics: when the RAM 1500 MY2019 is approaching 56 km/h, the active front air dam automatically moves 6 cm downwards. Optional air suspension system lowers the truck by 1.5 cm, improving both aerodynamics and efficiency.

Legendary HEMI powertrain performance: the beefy 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 combines the power of 395 hp and 555 nm of torque with performance-enhancing and fuel-saving technologies such as variable valve timing and cylinder deactivation. With fuel-saving technology (cylinder shutdown), the engine management computer shuts off fuel and spark and closes the intake and exhaust valves of four of the engine’s eight cylinders during low-speed operation, such as. B. When driving on the highway when full power is not required. Eight-speed automatic transmission: the 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine is combined with the improved torque flite 8HP75 eight-speed automatic transmissions and a new generation steering computer. More than 40 individual shift maps are available to optimize shifting and points for fuel economy, performance and drivability. off-road: a rugged off-road package (standard on rebel-trims, optional on other models) with coil spring suspension and 1.5 cm factory lift.

In addition, automatic hill descent control (HDC), off-road rear suspension geometry and unique, off-road dampers that aid trailability are standard features. Package also includes rugged skid plate protection (transfer case, steering, engine and fuel tank). Strong tow hooks over wide bumper openings allow for easy handling.

axles: another innovation in the new model’s off-road package – standard on rebel trims, optional on other versions – is an electronic locking differential that allows the driver to lock or unlock the differential for maximum traction when needed.

Uconnect: the new ram 1500 MY19 is equipped with a range of innovative and cutting-edge technologies, combined with the fourth-generation uconnect system that offers new functions. Key elements include an exclusive, fully configurable, easy-to-use 12-inch touchscreen display (standard on long horn and limited) and the most powerful audio system ever offered in a pickup: a 900-watt harman kardon audio system with 19 speakers. The integrated reconfigurable 12-inch touchscreen with customized graphics makes personalization easy with the new split-screen and operates two different applications for the desired configuration, such as. B. HVAC and apple carplay/android car controls, or an application such as z. B. Navigation across the entire 12-inch touch screen. For the first time, a 360-degree panoramic camera system is available for this model, providing a full bird’s-eye view via four cameras positioned around the vehicle. Customers who prefer not to use the touchscreen for HVAC will find redundant controls conveniently located on both sides of the display. The new model also offers uconnect 4 with or without navigation on an 8.4-inch display and uconnect 3 with a 5-inch display. The most powerful audio system ever in a pickup: the all-new ram 1500 MY19 features four high-quality audio systems that immerse passengers in the ultimate sound experience, including alpine and a class-exclusive premium audio system – a sophisticated harman kardon system with 19 high-quality speakers, 900-watt surround sound amplifier and 10-inch subwoofer.

Compatible device connectivity: to ensure passengers remain conveniently connected, ram 1500 MY19 owners can leverage their personal device connectivity with a variety of electronic charging options. The redesigned center console features a wider docking area with an all-new, optional integrated wireless charging pad (standard on limited and optional on longhorn and laramie trims) that can hold a small tablet or multiple smartphones. Five USB ports are available to charge devices.

Design: the new ram 1500 MY19 is lighter, longer and wider. The wheelbase and cabin of the ram 1500 MY19 are 10 cm longer. proportions have been optimized and aerodynamics improved. The model retains its shapely body line and looks more aggressive with its larger and forward-sloping front grille opening. A large panoramic sunroof measuring 85 cm x 110 cm, which offers passengers a spectacular view of one square meter and additional light incidence, is optionally available. Around the segment’s largest cabin, the interior design team brought unique colors and premium materials to every trim level of the new ram 1500 MY19. The redesigned center console offers more than 12 different storage compartment combinations. In the center, a wider docking area with optional wireless charging that can accommodate a small tablet or smartphone. The three-position drink holder compartment can be stowed under the center armrest to reveal a deep storage drawer to hold a 15-inch laptop computer. Lifting the center armrest cover also opens an additional lined storage compartment sized to hold a tablet and/or hang a full-size binder. Two additional beverage holders are located on the rear of the console, as well as a tablet holder for rear passengers. Compared to the previous model, the new ram 1500 MY19 has a more spacious cabin, a flat rear floor and a second row with eight degrees of sliding adjustment and excellent legroom (115 cm). In addition, folding the rear bench seat provides 20 liters of additional storage space with underbody compartments that can be doubled to 40 liters through a clever folding system.

Safety and protection: the new model offers the latest materials and technologies for safety and protection. the end result is a 100 kg reduction in overall weight, which goes hand in hand with greater robustness and strength. Among the many safety features offered by the new RAM model:
– adaptive cruise control (ACC) with stop, go and hold: helps maintain an adjustable distance between the vehicle and the vehicle in front and can bring the vehicle to a controlled stop.
– the adaptive front lighting system (AFS) directs the headlights in the planned direction of travel of the vehicle by directing the light to curves, driveways and parking spaces via the steering wheel input.
– forward brake assist: if insufficient force is applied to the brakes in response to the forward collision warning-plus signal, forward brake assist automatically increases braking force.
– blind spot monitoring (BSM): uses two ultra-wideband radar sensors to help the driver change lanes, pass or overtake unseen vehicles. The system signals the driver of one or more vehicles in the blind spot via illuminated symbols on the side mirror. The BSM also includes an easy-to-operate trailer cover.
– brake assist: in an emergency braking situation, the system applies maximum braking force, minimizing braking distance.
– forward collision warning-plus: uses radar and video sensors to detect if the ram 1500 MY19 is approaching another vehicle or a large obstacle in its path too quickly, and warns or assists the driver in avoiding or. Mitigation.
– lanesense lane-keeping system-plus: uses electronic power steering (EPS) to provide torque to alert the driver and assist with corrective action.
– park sense parking aid for longitudinal and transverse parking: ultrasonic parking sensors on the bumper guide the driver into the parking space. The system automatically controls the steering wheel angle while the driver controls the gear position, brake and gas pedal pedals. Parallel parking is possible on both sides of the vehicle by selecting the direction with the turn signal; when parking longitudinally, the vehicle reverses into the parking space.
– park sense reverse parking assist: the system uses ultrasonic sensors at low speed in reverse to detect immobile obstacles. The system provides haptic feedback to the driver by applying the brakes before releasing if a collision is imminent.
– RCP (rear cross path) detection: this system warns drivers reversing out of a parking space when traffic is approaching their vehicle. It is activated when the vehicle is in reverse gear. The driver is alerted to vehicles behind the vehicle by illuminated icons on the side mirror and by an audible beep.
– all-around camera: uses four cameras positioned around the vehicle to provide a bird’s eye view of the vehicle and its immediate surroundings. However, the driver can also select other views – including the front or rear crossing path.
– tailgate opening and passive entry: allows the operator to open the tailgate with the key fob or unlock it automatically with the combination of the key fob and the hand guide under the tailgate handle.

About auto export corporation (AEC)

Auto export corporation (AEC) is a global automotive dealer and service provider in the areas of general distribution (official FCA importer and europe-wide distributor of dodge& RAM vehicles and spare parts), market registration, including its own r&d facility and processing center in antwerp, spare parts distribution and storage, automotive consulting and finance (partner of santander consumer bank in major european markets), fleet operations, logistics solutions, as well as trading activities. AEC conducts local business and has operations in focus markets in the NAFTA, EMEA and APAC regions. Customers rely on AEC’s reliable solutions and existing infrastructure.

About AEC europe – a subsidiary of auto export corporation (AEC)

As the official importer of fiat chrysler (FCA) dodge and RAM vehicles and spare parts in europe, AEC europe is responsible for the distribution and development of the dealer network for the american brands. More than 120 European AEC dealers have been officially appointed and authorized by the manufacturer. The importer’s portfolio of services related to its network includes market approval, warranty, parts, recall processing, financial services, and certification and training.

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