Aquaforte feeders

Feeding the desired amounts at set times

A feeder is an easy way to feed your fish during the summer months or when you are on vacation. You can adjust the dosage naturally to the feeding behavior of your fish. This stimulates the growth and health of your fish and prevents excessive food residues in the pond, thus reducing the load on your filter.

Tip: use the high-quality aquaforte koi& for your feeder ornamental fish food.

Aquaforte feeders

aquaforte feeder 8 l

Completely new concept in terms of design and reliability. Very suitable
for wet weather conditions.
Easy to assemble in a fixed installation. The lid has a special compartment for bags of silica gel /
moisture retention to keep food dry. 8 liter feed tank. Easily expandable to 15 liters. Can feed pellets from 3 to 10 mm. Not suitable for dried shrimp/insects.

– 1 – 6 feeding times per day possible.
– adjustable feeding quantity: 5 g to 3 kg per day.
– interval options: 0 to 9 days.
– no loss of storage after power failure.
– 8 liter feed tank (optional expandable to 15 liter)

Various operating possibilities:
– AA batteries.
– rechargeable battery (can be charged by solar panel or adapter).
– power pack.
– solar panel.

Type artnr.
Automatic fish feeder 8 l SK670
7 l additional tank SK674
solar panel SK676
rechargeable battery SK678
power supply SK672

Aquaforte feeders

Aquaforte automatic fishfeeder with battery operation& 12V transformer

  • Feeding up to 6 times daily
  • Feed quantity adjustable per feeding
  • Any feeding time can be set
  • Low battery warning. Works with 4 x "C/LR14" 1.5 V batteries (not included) or by means of a 12 V power supply (is included)
  • Lid and support are removable for easy maintenance
  • LED display shows time and feeding parameters
  • Button for additional manual feeding
  • 5 l feed capacity
  • Mounting bracket included

Aquaforte feeders

Aquaforte automatic feeder

New model, now with 3 button operation for easy handling. Feeding the fish with an automatic feeder has many advantages. Your fish will develop best if they always receive just the right amount of food. Optimal growth and more beautiful colors are the result. smaller amounts are dosed per feeding, which benefits the health of the fish and also the pond. Because the fish take up all the food immediately, your pond is not unnecessarily polluted and your filter is not overloaded. The timer can be easily programmed for 1 to 24 fully automatic feedings per day. Adjust the amount of food by setting the desired dosing time (in seconds) per feed. This can be set to a value from 0 to 600 seconds. Feeding with one or more automats is also possible by external automation.

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