12 Volt compressor

12V compressors are ideal for mobile use. Therefore also mobile compressor or mini compressor called. A 12V compressor is so small and practical, you can always carry it in your car or on a camping trip. So you can always keep an eye on the air pressure of the tires independently of home, without having to constantly look for a gas station. Herewith you get a whole lot more freedom, since compressed air always available stands.

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The power source

As the name 12V compressor implies, only one 12V connection is needed. And this has today every car, motor home or even motorcycle as a cigarette lighter integrated. Here, the plug is simply plugged in and ready for immediate use. Since the power comes from the car battery, the engine does not run. If you want to use the 12V compressor at home, you will need a standard electrical outlet. For this, however, depending on the device 230V adapter needs.

When buying, be sure to pay attention to the ampere strength to be respected. If this is too weak, it may be that the 12V compressor does not work at all. There will be approx. Between 10 to 18 amps needed. so the adapter should be rated at about 20 amps. So you can be sure that everything will go smoothly.

Mini aluminum compressor 140 PSI, M01790

The 12v compressor connection for the car / passenger car


Applications and uses

Because of the fact that a 12V compressor so excellent mobile use it can be used in no time at all. Especially in the summer, when you go to the lake with the kids and have several air mattresses or balls with you. Who wants to inflate them all by mouth or hand pump? Shortly the compressor is plugged into the cigarette lighter and the toy is pumped up in no time. So the bathing fun can start much faster, because you are now faster in the water. Even medicine balls can be inflated quickly and conveniently with it.

but also for on the road, when suddenly the air control light comes on and ka gas station nearby is. Especially with tire pressure you should play it safe and check it as soon as possible. Most 12V compressors have in the scope of supply all necessary adapters / connections for car or bicycle tires.

Intended for small tasks only

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you with tasks like z.B grinding, drilling chiseling, sandblasting ect. For this is such a 12V compressor absolutely not designed. The performance is simply not given at the price and size. For this we recommend you to take a closer look at our site. There you will definitely find very good devices that are designed for.

Do not run too long

Also it must be paid attention that the devices do not run too long. Due to their oil-free operation are they for the not designed for continuous use. So they can overheat and get damaged faster. For 4 car tires it is enough but loose. Due to a self-lubricating cylinder, the 12V compressors are oil-free. Thus very low maintenance. So you save the annoying oil change. Even the purchase of compressor oil drops here.

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