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our company has painting and car repair experience from over ten years of car painting and repair work. We offer a pick-up service that will free you from all related problems. one call is enough and we pick up the vehicle from your company. After the repair/painting we make sure that the car comes back to you. Furthermore we offer the following services:

Body repair

We are specialists in bodywork, paint and accident repairs.


Car body

We have also established ourselves in recent years in the industry and among our target group as a specialist company for bodywork and paint as a specialist for accident repairs. We want our customers not only to be satisfied, but also to take over their car again enthusiastically in the event of a claim.

But we can only do this by using original parts. For your own safety. With highly qualified staff and technical equipment that ensures one thing: your car looks like the "vazquez&" fellehner treatment" like new.

In this area, too, we have constantly developed further and are constantly moving at a high level. Also in the future.

Rent a car

With us, you’ll be mobile again in no time with one of our rental and hire cars.

Rental car

Rental car

when the worst comes to the worst, most of the time you are looking for "a roof over your head" quickly. With four wheels. Just dial our number. Help and support comes immediately. You choose your car, perhaps – if available – a convertible in the summer with fresh air feeling or in the dark season z.B. An all-wheeler. At any time you are equipped. In case of need you are permanently mobile through us. Enough reasons to change the car once. Try it. It is worth it.

Painting of all kinds

Whether vehicle painting or industrial painting, we bring color.



Our customers expect from us that, in the event of a repair, suitable painting processes are immediately available that both restore the protective function of the paint and deliver a visually flawless result if the process is economical. For this we use the most modern working methods as well as sophisticated paint materials. They are all state of the art. In order to be able to use our entrepreneurial strengths optimally for the benefit of our customers, we also work together with the market leader in the area of vehicle painting. This gives you great security in all technical aspects of painting. Especially, because we can always work with the best materials. Good to know also for you, our customers. We work exclusively with water-based paint systems that protect the environment. Our paint systems meet at least the strict VOC limits of the european union, which are recommended by the european paint association CEPE.

Industrial painting if you are like us.A. If you are a paint specialist, then you will automatically come to the topic of "industrial painting" when analyzing the overall market. The middle class as well as small companies realize more and more that materials like steel, aluminium or wood are z.B. not only should or must be protected, but for various reasons a special design is needed. This has several reasons, such as.B. Marketing, advertising, sales activities, for example. The "dead" object should live. And this can only work through beauty and protection. The requests and orders confirm this. Also other examples show that industrial painting is on the way forward. Surfboards, cell phones, helmets, furniture etc. Don’t come in a uniform gray, but in fancy paints and trendy motifs. So – take advantage of all our experience in this area as well. Our possibilities are manifold. we work exclusively with water-based paint systems that protect our environment. Our paint systems meet at least the strict VOC limits of the european union recommended by the european paint association CEPE.

Towing service

We are here for you.

Towing service

The mishap with the small rear-end collision, the revenge of neglected engine maintenance and other everyday nastiness, which you are exposed to as a motorist, become much less frightening when you know that we are there for you.

No distance is too far, no mountain too high, no water too deep – we will come to you and pick you up.

Vintage car restoration& care

We make sure that your classic car never gets old.

Classic car restoration& maintenance

classic car

Since 2006 we have been working as subcontractors for the company hapitec and since 2015 we are registered as co-owners.

From the usual tasks such as painting, preparation, etc., we have made it our business to repair, restore and maintain the valuable oldtimers for everyday life and care.
Our service includes all the work on these vehicles from inspection to rebuilding for a restoration.

windshield installation

Glass damage? Emergency glazing? Or tinted windows? No problem.

glass damage

glass damage

crash, cracks, stone impact, hail or even birds. Glass damage can be life-threatening. Therefore, anyone who finds himself in such a situation should immediately contact a specialized company. Since we also have this know how, we replace such damages immediately or we "repair glass problems. Already seen? We show it to you on site. This work includes the repair of small damages to avoid the replacement of the whole pane. The problem is solved in a short time and the result is a windshield with the same characteristics as the original part. For a clear view.

car repair of all kind

Damage calculation by EDV. Fast and transparent.

Car repair

Car repair

every optimization in a professional workshop counts. For example, a damage calculation by EDP. It shows our customers clearly and very clearly each step of the work and its calculated unit. For our customers, this means a high level of transparency, speed of implementation and clarity about the overall cost situation. step by step. Position by position. Modern EDP solutions in a specialized company are a matter of course today and help everyone – especially our customers. come to us and calculate with us – by mouse click.

Tire service / wheeldoctor

At our second location everything revolves around your wheel.



lowering/chassis tuning give your vehicle a sporty look with our sport suspensions, and at the same time improve driving safety through increased cornering stability.

To ensure the optimal performance of your vehicle, we measure the track and camber with the most modern machines.

light alloy rims we stock a wide range of alloy wheels and wide tires from selected top manufacturers for you. If a wheel is not in stock, we will be happy to order the wheel you need.

Benefit from a large selection of tires that we have in stock for you. Full choice also for wide tires and winter tires. We carry all top brands and if a tire is not in stock, we usually order them the next day.

TuV + AU demonstration

We offer the regular TuV and AU demonstration with us.



we prepare your car perfectly for the main and exhaust emission test and have the TuV acceptance carried out directly by us by an inspector.

Our team consists of more than 45 employees, including 2 master car mechanics and 1 master painter. Since our company was founded more than 25 years ago, we have become a byword in our region for performance, price and quality. Our large clientele strengthens this fact. Our customers from the region include u.A. company mercedes bahr, VW duykers, opel and peugeot thullen, ford bischof, autohaus jacobs and many other companies.

We work exclusively with reputable manufacturers and parts in professional quality, u. A. With:

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