Take out car insurance online – this is how it works!

take out car insurance online simply and securely

You need online insurance for your car? Regardless of whether it is new (used) vehicle acts that you insure for the first time or whether it is a change insurance plan – with allianz you are guaranteed to find the right rate. in the following you will find out how you can conclude your car insurance cheap online and which advantages this brings with it.

buy cheap car insurance online – advantages at a glance

If you want to insure your vehicle, you do not have to visit the chosen insurance company in person or contact them by phone. You can now take out your car insurance online – and benefit from many advantages:

The conclusion of an online car insurance policy is uncomplicated, convenient and save time – within a few minutes you are already fully insured.

The entire online procedure as well as your contract conditions will be explained to you transparent presented so that you can track them at any time.

If you arrange your car insurance online, you can avoid annoying paperwork pile of papers bypass and instead all the relevant data quite simply manage digitally.

You will also receive your evb number (electronic insurance confirmation) within a very short time after you have taken out your car insurance online. you can use it to register your newly insured vehicle directly with the registration office.

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What types of online motor insurance are there??

Depending on which benefits or. Which scope of protection you want, you have the choice between different tariffs. Just like when you take out car insurance by phone, all types of insurance are available to you online:

Liabilitythe basic requirement for registering your vehicle in this country and using it on public roads is a motor vehicle liability insurance. This insurance covers you for damages caused by your vehicle to other road users and their vehicles.

Partial coverThis optional insurance covers you if your vehicle suffers damage that is not your fault.

fully comprehensivethe fully comprehensive insurance offers the most comprehensive protection. It also covers damage to your own car that you caused yourself in an accident or as a result of vandalism.

Take out car insurance online – what do I need??

In order to take out your new car insurance policy online, you will need various vehicle documents and should also enter your personal data and, if applicable, your insurance policy number. of the deviating vehicle owner or if you wish to. Which documents you actually have to present when concluding your online motor insurance is depending on various factors – among other things the chosen type of insurance.

The following documents are required in any case, you want to buy your car insurance cheap online:

  • Registration certificate I and II (formerly vehicle registration certificate and vehicle title)
  • License plate number (in case of change of insurance)

In addition, u. A. The following personal or. Vehicle data requested:

  • Zip code (place of residence/registration district in which you wish to register the car)
  • Month and year of first registration of your vehicle
  • Type of insurance cover (third party, partially comprehensive or fully comprehensive)
  • Desired start of insurance
  • Current no-claims class (SF class)
  • Planned mileage of your car per year

Taking out car insurance: online process explained step by step

With allianz, you can take out your car insurance immediately online. Here you can find out step by step how it works:

Calculate your ideal insurance rate using the insurance calculator.

fill out the application for the appropriate car insurance online. You will need the documents and information listed above.

Send the application for your car insurance easily by click.

Your insurance application will then be processed as quickly as possible – but until then you are already enjoying preliminary insurance cover. Depending on whether you are registering your car for the first time or would like to change your insurance, the subsequent process up to the final conclusion of the contract will vary.

Take out a new car insurance policy or change to a new one – after applying for it

If you are registering your new car, motorcycle or other vehicle for the first time and have submitted the application form for your policy, here is how to proceed:

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