Remote control car test& comparison 2022

If you want to have a look at a detailed remote control car test, the big consumer magazines are a good place to start. To make your search easier, we have researched and visited the websites of four major consumer magazines. First, however, we show our own product comparison that we have created. In the following you will find information about existing test reports and frequently asked questions.

  • Consider how old the children are for whom the car is to be purchased.
  • Pay attention to how long you can work with the batteries or the batteries. Batteries can drive.
  • Read up on how long it takes for the batteries to be fully charged again and whether there is a second battery pack available for exchange.
  • check what type of remote control is used to operate the car.
  • Check what additional features the car is equipped with.

Sale bestseller no. 1

Fisher Price GVY94 - remote control speedster, remote control car in red, motorized toy with remote control, children's toy car from 3 years old

Remote control car comparison: mattel fisher, carrera RC& more

We now come to our remote control car comparison which we have compiled based on publicly available product information and existing customer reviews. The products have not been tested by us in practice. Decisive for our remote control car comparison were the criteria which you can see directly to the right of the product image and customer reviews.

We have deliberately explained these three variants to you so that you can better understand our comparison of remote-controlled cars. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s age recommendations. The more complex and faster the vehicle, the older the driver should be. At the keyword speed we have also noted the maximum speed, if specified. Which batteries are needed for operation you can also read at each product presentation. Important details about the remote control and features of the steering were also important to us for the comparison.

buy recommendation: jamara – tiger EP 4WD

No products found.

Our purchase recommendation comes from the manufacturer jamara. The tiger EP 4WD is a high quality remote control car not only for children. The RC vehicle is fully equipped. The built-in battery has a capacity of approx. 25 km/h in the top. However, it can be exchanged for a more powerful 5.000 mah battery can be replaced, which performs about twice the maximum speed. Otherwise, much emphasis was placed on professional equipment. Rating: high quality car that is not suitable for small children. With this vehicle larger children will have a lot of fun. Clear buy recommendation!

price tip: carrera RC – turnator

remote controlled monster truck

buy recommendation test winner

Manufacturer: carrera
age recommendation: from 6 years
maximum speed: up to 20 km/h
needs: 2x AA batteries
remote control: 2.4 ghz
steering: servo tronic tank control

Also carrera may not be missing in the product comparison of course. this remote control car in comparison has two free moving axles. Instead of front and rear, here the side wheels are connected to each other. This allows the "turnator" to prove itself off-road and to whirl from a standing position into the air. It can do up to 20 km/h and also run up to 20 minutes. Rating: fun driving in a class of its own.

Mattel fisher-price BHX87

remote control car comparison

Amewi – monster truck torche pro

remote control car test winner

Dickie – RC porsche spyder

remote control car guide

Dickie toys – RC cars 3 ultimate lightning mcqueen

Dickie Toys RC Cars 3 Ultimate Lightning McQueen, RC car, remote control car, with 3-channel radio control, drifts in the curve, donat turn after victory or to greet you, 26 cm

Hosim – G171 4WD RC truck

Hosim G171 4WD RC Truck with remote control scale 1:14, red

The monster truck from hosim can be controlled at a range of 80 meters. Due to its all-wheel drive, it can also take his ride on bumpy roads and off-road unimpressed. It has a movable front and rear suspension and is thus especially well equipped for off-road operations. The delivery includes a 2-pack of rechargeable batteries. rating: ideal vehicle for those who like to drive the car on the hill or off-road.

Carrera – RC turnator 370162052

Carrera RC Turnator 370162052 Remote control car with 360° action

The turnator lives up to its name, because its differential control allows spectacular stunts to be performed. The car has counter-rotating axles, with which you can make exciting overturns in the terrain. Exciting effects can also be achieved at a standstill. The car impresses especially with its long running time of 20 minutes. Rating: the carrera RC turnator is the acrobat among remote-controlled cars. For all skillful children who are looking for great fun.

Overmax – X-flash

OVERMAX X-Flash remote control RC car, range of 100 meters, speed up to 45 km h, four-wheel drive, oil shock absorbers, reinforced construction, lighting, black-blue

Manufacturer: overmax
age recommendation: no age statement
highest speed: up to 45 km/h
requires3 x AA batteries
remote control: radio remote control
steering: steering wheel on remote control

the X-flash is a real speedster and reaches a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour. Especially the long battery life is great fun, because with one charge can be driven up to 40 minutes. With the all-wheel drive, the vehicle moves safely and stably on all surfaces. In addition, the bumper ensures that in crashes can not break anything so quickly. Rating: for the low price the X-flash is a real buy recommendation. Above all, it is almost indestructible when it curves through the terrain and gives its users so long time great pleasure.

Remote control car test: is there a test winner??

consumer magazinepasses a remote control car test?Test from the year:
foundation warentest no
ecotest no
consumer.At no
ktip.Ch NO

Whether of the magazines in the future still another remote controlled car test appears we can not say with certainty. We suspect the chances are relatively low.

Test winner of the stiftung warentest?

Unfortunately, the last test of the foundation warentest dates back to 2005. Since then, the models of each manufacturer and the technologies used have changed a lot. Therefore, this test has no more significance today and does not offer any useful buying advice.

However, one piece of information from the test at that time is still interesting today: the renowned manufacturers were also tested for their corporate responsibility, as most RC cars are manufactured in china. Four suppliers emerged as committed: lego, karstadt, quelle and neckermann.

Foundation product test

Frequently asked questions about remote control cars product comparison:

RC car with combustion engine (gasoline): advantages& disadvantages

Most remote control cars are powered by batteries or a rechargeable battery. In the professional class, on the other hand, there are also a great many models with internal combustion engines that are powered by gasoline. These offer different advantages and disadvantages:


  • Higher engine power even for large and heavy cars
  • Greater stability
  • More authentic driving experience


  • Louder than models with electric motor
  • Not very environmentally friendly
  • Must be maintained regularly
  • Not suitable for small children

variants: monster truck and race car

There are remote-controlled cars with gasoline and electric drive. If you want an internal combustion engine, we recommend that you seek advice from a specialist shop. In general, we can distinguish three types of remote control cars:

Monster truck/terrain: they are built like their big counterparts. Wide tires, strong suspension and lots of power. Their handling is also suitable for beginners because the cars are very robustly built and not much can be broken. High and long jumps are also possible with many models. A lot of fun is guaranteed.

racing cars: They are designed for high speeds. A remote control race car may only be used on a flat and level race track. Even the smallest obstacles could damage it. Use it only on suitable surfaces and never off-road. The track should also be sufficiently wide and. Be secured at the edges in case the remote control race car does break free.

For toddlers: even our smallest children have a lot of fun when they are allowed to drive a remote controlled car. This is about learning motor skills in connection with a car that seems to move by magic. From two to three years, you can use the little racers in the apartment. Not much can break, but the good entertainment still succeeds.

Kit for remote control car?

If you already have some experience with remote control cars, the next step would be to buy a ready-made kit. With this you will get to know the remote control car in detail. However, we do not recommend this for your children, since there is a lot of electronics involved, for which a little basic understanding should be present.

Also, some components are very fragile before they are installed. Kits for remote controlled cars should always be purchased in specialized stores.

Remote control car with petrol drive?

The remote-controlled cars presented here operate with an electric drive system. They are safe, but also limited in power and range. A remote control car with gasoline engine has actual horsepower, even if only on a small scale. However, the gasoline drive should always be serviced by a professional and also be purchased there.

This can also tell you whether the gasoline drive can possibly be retrofitted to your existing model. For space reasons, this is usually not possible and because of the higher speed, it is also recommended to buy a more robust chassis.

Finally a video of a remote controlled monster truck from jamara:

Variants from 3 years, from 4 years, for toddlers and for adults

Remote-controlled cars are available in many different designs, not all of which are suitable for all age groups.

From 3 years: for children from the age of three, simple toy cars with very low speeds and additional functions such as lights and sound are particularly suitable. Here is more the optics in the foreground than the performance of the car. Therefore, for example, a fire truck or a police car with siren is suitable.

From 4 years: at the age of four, the level of difficulty can be increased somewhat, because children then begin to have a good grasp of the technology of the control system. Nevertheless, you should not overdo it in terms of functions and speed yet. Here, too, a small model is sufficient, for example a car from the film cars by dickie toys (the manufacturer specifies an age range of 5 years and up, but most children are already able to control this car at the age of 4 years).

For adults: adults naturally have completely different requirements for a remote-controlled car than children do. But these can also be very different. For some, it is a collector’s item with a beautiful design, while others want a vehicle that reaches high speeds or with which one can perform spectacular stunts.

Remote control car test

Buy at muller, amazon, real, conrad& aldi

RC cars are available from discounters, specialist dealers and online retailers. We took a closer look at what each retailer has to offer:

Muller has a huge assortment of different vehicles for all age groups on offer. Among others, muller relies on the brands carrera, dickie toys and revell. A total of well over 100 different models are available here.

The variety at amazon is almost infinite. Here you can find cars from many different manufacturers. Many of the vehicles are equipped with interesting additional functions and can perform stunts or move through difficult terrain.

At real, there is a comprehensive selection of different cars for children from three years of age. The vehicles are available in all common scales from many renowned manufacturers.

At conrad are many models of the manufacturers revell, jamara, carrera, amewi and dickie toys available. racing cars are available for all age groups. The focus, however, is on models for children from at least six years of age.

Aldi regularly has remote-controlled cars in its promotional folders. Different cars are offered by dickie toys, among others.

Fast RC car that drives 50 km/h , 70 km/h or even 100km/h

There are RC cars that can reach a speed of up to 100 km / h. Many models are usually in a price segment from 250 to 300 euros, because this requires a good engine and a good chassis. However, these are not only classic racing cars, trucks or buggies can also sometimes reach these top speeds. But there are also entry-level models that reach top speeds of up to 70 km/h and are already available for less than 100 euro.

However, it only makes sense to use these cars from the age of about 12 to 14, when the children can estimate the speed well. Use is only suitable if a straight, spacious area with good ground can be used for it. The vehicles cannot develop their effect anywhere else.

Better fixed battery or batteries?

Both variants have their advantages. The batteries can be replaced quickly and are generally very reliable. With enough supply, this guarantees long playing fun and you don’t have to wait until the battery is recharged again. Especially with the models for small children, the use of batteries is safer, because nothing can be done wrong when charging. But be careful: the cars consume a lot of energy and the use of batteries can quickly run into the money.

Rechargeable batteries are mostly used in higher-end cars. The biggest advantage is that they can be recharged. It is important to make sure that the charger has an automatic cut-off so that the batteries are not "overcharged". the disadvantage of rechargeable batteries is that especially cheap models often need a very long time to charge, which interrupts the fun of playing for a long time.

Remote control car test winner

Accessories and functions: with camera, light, steering wheel, chains, trailers & winch

Many RC cars are equipped with interesting additional functions. We have looked at what options are available for this.

Camera: an rc car with a camera gives you the opportunity to get spectacular footage, such as filming a descent down a mountain or a race with other cars. additional tip: with the videos you can also run an interesting youtube-channel if you have enough interesting videos available.

light: especially for use in the dark it is an advantage if the car is equipped with a light. This is especially interesting in the winter months, when the car should be driven in the open air at a late hour.

Steering wheel: with a steering wheel on the remote control, RC cars can be steered much more precisely than with a lever. Professional models are therefore almost exclusively operated with a steering wheel. The controls require a lot of skill, especially in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you usually don’t want to do without them.

Chains: RC cars with tracks are especially interesting if you want to drive and drift with the cars in winter on ice and fast.

Trailer: in a remote controlled car with trailer, for example, even stuffed animals can take a seat and enjoy the fast ride. Tractors and load vehicles in particular are available from many manufacturers that include a trailer. the tractor can be loaded with different objects and the children can experience the real farm feeling.

winch: with an RC car with a winch, other cars can be freed (playfully) from complicated situations. winches are available for many off-road models, which can also be retrofitted.

RC cars for outdoors: off-road / off-road, land and water, drift car

Terrain / offroad: if you want to drive your RC car not only on asphalted roads, but also on rough terrain, it is advisable to buy an off-road vehicle. This makes it easy to overcome small obstacles such as stones and branches, and the vehicles also have enough power to cope with hills and mountains.

Amphibious vehicle for land and water: remote-controlled amphibious vehicles offer a high fun factor because they are waterproof and therefore suitable for driving on land as well as for swimming in lakes and puddles.

Drift car: if you like it spectacular, you are well advised with a drift car, with which impressive cornering maneuvers can be achieved. The range here extends from inexpensive entry-level models to professional cars that can perfectly simulate the driving characteristics of real cars.

info about brands: carrera, revell, playmobil, lego& fisher price

RC cars are available from many different manufacturers. We have summarized the most popular brands for you here:

Carrera is best known for its racing tracks. But even in the production of RC cars, the attention to detail and the high level of competence in terms of technology is recognizable. carrera offers rc cars for all ages in many different designs for street and off-road use.

Revell is known primarily to model builders who enjoy the company’s plastic kits. But the range of RC cars at revell is also impressive. From the garbage truck for the smallest to the drift car, everything can be found here.

Playmobil has its headquarters in zirndorf near nuremberg and is primarily known for its figures, which the company has been producing since 1974. In addition to the figures, playmobil also manufactures numerous cars, including the famous delorean from the movie "back to the future". Many models can be retrofitted with an RC module set and then also controlled remotely.

Lego has been building fun bricks since 1932, but since then the company has constantly evolved and also steadily expanded its range of products. As part of the lego technic series, there are also numerous vehicles that can be driven by remote control.

Fisher price mainly offers toys for very young children. This includes remote control cars that are suitable for children aged three to five years and can be easily controlled.

Many children love the movie cars. The dickie toys company manufactures licensed vehicles from the film, which are equipped with many different effects, such as a parking assistant. Whether lightning mcqueen, jackson storm or cruz ramirez is the preferred choice is entirely up to the child’s personal preferences.

Lego offers various vehicles such as wheel loaders, tow trucks and off-road vehicles under the "lego technic" brand name. The vehicles are controlled via the intuitive lego technic control with an app via the smartphone.

firefighter sam is an animated series whose main protagonist is sam. The vehicles that sam and his colleagues use to go on spectacular adventures in the series are also available as remote-controlled models.

RC car in scale 1:5 , 1:10 and 1:24

Remote control car test report

RC cars are available in different scales. The scale indicates the relation between the size of the model and the original vehicle. At a scale of 1:5, for example, the real car is five times as big as the model.

scale 1:5: if you really want very large vehicles, you should get a model in 1:5 scale. An average car has a length of about 4.5 meters. The comparable model is then about 90 centimeters long. For trucks, the models reach a length of over one meter. so you should have enough space if you want to buy a car in this scale.

1:10 scale: a good alternative to the really big cars are the models in scale 1:10. These are only half the size, but at this size you can still see a lot of details in the vehicles. Cars in this scale have become increasingly popular in recent years and now have a large fan base. There are many different variations from race cars to drift cars available. Tamiya also offers many kits for vehicles of this size.

1:24 scale: this scale is pretty much the most common one among the renowned manufacturers. cars have a length of about 30 to 40 centimeters. This makes it easy to transport these models from one place to another. the selection in this scale is much larger than in most other scales. If you are thinking of buying a collection of cars, this scale is a good choice, firstly because there are many models available (also in kit form) and secondly because the space required for storage is manageable.

Short questions and short answers

What does a remote control car cost?

Good quality remote control cars for small children are available for as little as 20 to 30 euros. RC cars with good driving characteristics or interesting additional features are available from about 60 to 100 euro. The professional class then starts from about 250 euros. There is no upper limit.

how long does a remote control car run?

The duration of the ride depends on the power of the battery or accumulator. The usual driving times are about 10 to 25 minutes. You should pay particular attention to the charging time of the battery. Long charging times are a real brake on fun when no spare charge is available.

Remote control cars also useful for girls?

Remote controlled cars are of course also useful for girls. There are just as many girls as boys who enjoy technology and also love speed.

With VR glasses control possible?

In the meantime, it is also possible to control an RC car with VR goggles. An equivalent model is available from revell, for example, which makes driving feel like sitting behind the wheel yourself. The camera is mounted on the roof of the car and transmits via a free app the image directly to the smartphone on which the VR goggles are mounted.

You might also be interested in the following product comparisons:

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