Lock the car at the gas station?

Today I had to fill up and I had the driver’s window open, so I filled up and took my wallet and went to the cashier and paid. Only in the vehicle I had noticed that the key was inserted and the vehicle was open. My cell phone and cigarettes were on the passenger seat.

So it’s not so dangerous to leave the car open after all ?

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Lock the car at the gas station?

In my almost 50 years of driving experience, I have never locked my car at the gas station.I never leave anything lying around on the seat, or the key in the ignition. This can be reckless, or not.Decide should each for itself.

Lock the car at the gas station?

Yes, it is very dangerous.

Is an increasing type of crime. You get out at the rest area, you are asked for directions, you stand right by your car and get robbed. Close always do it, because you can make yourself punishable, because you are "robbing" the car invites.

P.S: came recently reportage about it.

And it has already happened to you?

No, but I have done some research ^^

Lol. Yes, usually nothing is stolen from you in d.

But the exceptions prove the rule, says an old saying.

At your gas station around the corner you are not likely to be stolen, at a large, busy highway gas station much more likely.

Lock the car at the gas station?

Just because it went well once, doesn’t mean it always will. In general it is very advisable to lock up.

Lock the car at the gas station?

Insurance must the car when it is left, no matter how long or short, be locked. I’ve also had cars towed with the window just open, so no wrong parking or etc.

Towed at the gas station?

Similar questions

Today something "bad" happened to me happens. I drove my car to the gas station and filled it up. Immediately after refueling, I drove my car away from the pumps a few meters, so that the next car could drive up already times. Then I went to the store. Before I got in line at the cash register, I went through the small store to pick up a few things I wanted to buy. Then I went to the cashier and paid these things. But then I forgot to mention that I had filled up the tank. I went out of the store, got in the car and drove off. It was only when I had been home for a while that I remembered I had filled up but not paid for it. I immediately called the gas station, but they were already closed. But I have left a note on the AB as a precaution. This has never happened to me, and no, I’m not an old grandpa who forgets things 🙂

Of course I will stop and pay at the gas station first thing in the morning on my way to work. I am a little afraid that the gas station may have already reported to the police. Do I have to expect it?

Hello everyone, I was today refueling and when I left the gas station, is a Zapfpistole on my rim lain. Now my question is who is liable ? The nozzle was definitely locked, since I was able to pay. I have now read on the internet that in such cases the gas station is not liable. Now my question is, will my liability insurance pay for it, since it’s not my vehicle?.

Not intentional fuel fraud

He forgot to pay after refueling, because he always refueled at the pump and was no longer accustomed to pay at the pump.

After hooking up the hose, he had already moved on, because he usually filled up at the machine and drove away, got a report. When he saw the wallet on the passenger seat, he noticed that it was still in the same position and immediately turned around and paid and apologized. The report was made by the gas station but already.

Now he has received from the police a form where he should take a stand and with crosses

  1. In case of a crime: I am with the completion in the criminal proceedings

2.In the case of a criminal offense: I agree with a discontinuation of the probationary proceedings against conditions and instructions in accordance with § 153

When he was at 1. Ticks that he agrees, it comes to the court hearing.

When he was at 2. Tick that he agrees against conditions and instructions, he must pay.

So what should he do??

What should he write? Should he write exactly what is written above, as it was? How high the conditions and instructions are is not written here. And what does settlement mean in criminal proceedings?? Then it comes to the court hearing if he ticked off agreed – or? And if he does not agree ticks what then?

Am today to commerzbank and put the card this came out again! No sooner said than done I thought the machine might be defective. bank statements went but! Must first say that the EC card is a small corner broken. Not at the magnetic field!! Continue to the post office bank! Stuck there the card and it was finally withdrawn completely! Of course I let I let them spear directly ! What could be the reason? According to the statements, the account is full (time 21:43) and that’s when it happened! The same day I filled up and paid by ec card! That worked! Can I now tomorrow to the bank and say they should take me out please? Thanks to all

Here’s what happened, I went to the gas station and went to the cashier and got a red bull and paid everything by cell phone.

Now I receive a letter from the lawyer that I had not paid for the gasoline.

I looked directly and I was actually deducted only the red bull.

Do I really have to pay the lawyer now. After all, the employee has made a mistake. Who is responsible to check the amount??!

  • Is that fraudulently obtained gasoline worth lessthan 50 euros, he must make a so-called penalty application place.
  • Is the price of the stolen fuel higher than 50 euro, one is enough report to make the public prosecutor’s office start an investigation.

My buddy has forgotten to pay and drove away, after ca. 15 minutes he noticed it as his wallet on the passenger seat still lay he actually wanted to take out to refuel, then he quickly turned around and then paid and apologized.

But the woman at the gas station said that the report has already been made. Now it was also 57euro, so over the magichen 50euro limit. Is it worse now?

Was on the weekend gasoline and wanted to pay with a 200 euro bill. The gas station did not accept it. With the reference to a note at the cash register: we accept cash only up to 100 euro bills. Is this really allowed by law? A 200 euro bill is yet an official means of payment.

A friend of mine had filled up his car yesterday with super and told the saleswoman the correct gas pump. He paid with EC card and had not noticed that she had entered the wrong column. He took the fuel receipt, got back in his car and drove home. At home he looked at the receipt, because he always enters his expenses in his budget book and noticed that he has paid only 25 € gas money. With 30 liters that he has refueled, that is clearly too little at the tank prices. On the receipt was also the wrong gas pump on it. What should he do best now, go back to the gas station and explain it to her? Or does he have to do nothing, since it was the fault of the saleswoman that she has typed the wrong column. How are the legal basis. Is one obligated as a customer or. buyer to pay the missing money even though you did not even notice it yourself, because it was not intentional. It has never happened to you and you do not even think about it, because you assume that the verkauferein does everything right and therefore itself is not aware of any blame. Paying with EC-card has become a routine for many people and they don’t give much thought to how much they pay, at least for gas, in my opinion.

Hello, I am looking for those affected by the same thing happened to me. I have filled up my car at a gas station, with gasoline. The tank holds ca. 30 liters, the display said that my gasoline is still enough for 5 km, so almost empty. At the pump I filled up for 29.8 liters of gasoline. Then I drove off. After about. 2 km the engine started to stutter and then just stopped. Did not start and I have called the ADAC. He could not find anything and the car went to the garage. There it was found that in the tank ca. 12 liters of water are. The complete program followed. I have after the info of the garage informed the gas station. They said that in no case happened to them, because such a thing had never happened before. No one has ever contacted me. I was nowhere, I have not left my car alone and I can prove everything with the receipt and the time I called ADAC. Have taken me a lawyer and sued. The gas station denies, the court postpones the dates and insinuates that I have made a mistake when refueling. An expert from the court excludes 100% that can happen without having looked at the gas station or car. The court has now asked me two times to stop the process. Therefore, I am looking for other aggrieved. Since many do not take the receipt or do not fill up the tank, they can not prove it. But I can’t believe that this has never happened to anyone. Thanks for your help

I had to fill up a little again today. I fill up for 14.98 € and go to the cashier. The good lady then said € 15 and I looked at the display. And there was not 14.98 €, but 15 €. I am not necessarily stingy but I thought it was strange. The lady said then on my inquiry, that the gas pump in retrospect that also already times recalculated. That happens often, that would be normal.

Is this normal and why is it allowed? I thought the devices are calibrated and may only show the actual consumption / costs? What if I fill up for 15 €. Must I then pay 15.02 €?

I paid a bill of 3,90€ with a 50€ ticket and got 1,10€ back. I pointed out the young man at the cash register on his mistake, he insisted that I him only 5€ would have given. But during the payment process he was definitely distracted by another customer complaining about something.

The branch manager then ordered a cash count.(there were even a few euros missing)

So I did not get my money back.

In this case I can say with certainty that I am right! ( have previously withdrawn 100 euros at the bank..)

I must probably, since I can not prove it of course, hinnehemen, or?

The good custom of other supermarkets (here it was the norma) to leave the customer’s money open first, until the change is returned was not practiced here.

Hello, my problem:

Have forgotten my pin of the banknkarte and must today still shopping have not even bread at home or eas to drink. Since ivh live alone parents all far away am moved because of the job. No one can lend money.

Where can I when I shop still withdraw money at the same time I know that it goes at penny or rewe but must you then enter the pin? And if from what amount because I have to go shopping and refuel because I have to work again later and that 65km are a way and my gas station no cards go dss device kaput. Ps.: account is covered with 260€ ca still and therefore I would like to pay by direct debit blos me biht embarrass at the checkout if I do not know my pin and it is also still weekend. Thanks already.

Gas pump nozzle damaged – does the liability pay?

Something stupid happened to me earlier. I wanted to fill up, but the pump did not work. I left the gun in the tank nozzle stuck in the car and went into the gas station purely to tell the employee that the column is defective.

He said I should then drive to another column.

I did it, but I forgot that the gun was still in the car. This is then torn off the hose.

The gas station employee has then called the police. They gave us a file number and I gave the employee my personal data. The policeman said the gas station tenant will then probably come to me because of the costs, but could not tell me whether and by which insurance the damage is covered.

Can someone help me? Possibly private liability? Or car liability? Or do I have to pay that myself?

Thank you very much

The following happened to me: I drove to the gas station to fill up, did this also for 30€. Then I wanted to pay at the checkout with card but the credit card device kept showing "remove card" the woman said it was because of my card so I offered to drive home to get 30 € cash (the woman let me drive without further ado). So I went home and got the money, back at the gas station arrived the saleswoman said to me I should look at my bank account whether it has debited 30 € because they had found out in the meantime that it was on the device and not on my bank card. I told them that it would take 2-3 days for this to show up on my account. I wanted to give her the 30€ cash because I was convinced that nothing was debited yet because I could not press ‘confirm. She said: "no we do it this way, I give them (so me) the receipt with and ifofter than once was debited come here and you get the amount that was debited too much refunded (we had tried it with the credit card deviceofter but was as described again and again there "remove card"). Without much argument I went so and drove home.

3 days ago this is now and nothing was debited to my account. What do I do now best, because it was not my mistake? Can I be reported for theft? And if I go to the gas station again, I can ask for a refund for the gas I used, because I had to go to the gas station 2 times (when I got the cash and when I go there to pay the amount of 30€)?

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