Customized floor mats for your car

Replacing your floor mats not only enhances the interior of your car, but also protects the original interior of your vehicle. Car floor mats protect your car from wear, moisture and dirt. This is especially important during long periods of bad weather. If you keep getting in with wet or dirty shoes, the interior of your car will be affected. Without mats, moisture and dirt can penetrate "unchecked" and it can even come to permanent discoloration in the interior. If a high amount of moisture gets into the car in a short time, it can even spread to the underside of the car, which increases the risk of rust formation. A new car floor mat is not only a decoration for your interior, but also fulfills a functional purpose. In addition, loose mats are of course practical, you can easily remove them from the car to clean them.

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Customized floor mats for your car

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Car floor mats – 100% accurate fit

You want a perfect fit, high quality and comfortable floor mats for your car? Order from onlinefloormats.De and your car gets what it deserves!

Our car mats are made of high quality materials, so called polyamides. Polyamide is a synthetic fiber that is very elastic, tear resistant, stain resistant and durable.

We make a custom set of car mats for every car. Based on the make, type and year of your car, we know exactly which mat will fit your car 100%. Whether you drive a BMW 3 series, audi A3, ford focus or mercedes A-class, we can guarantee you a 100% fit. You will therefore get car mats that do not slip, but stay neatly in place. With each set of car floor mats, the appropriate mounting system is installed or. Supplied. Besides floor mats we also have trunk mats on carpet and trunk tray on rubber.

High quality custom floor mats for your car.

Buy car floor mats

Buying car floor mats is now easier than ever before. Save yourself the trip to the dealers and benefit from a very competitive price for new floor mats that you can easily buy online. Car mats are not something you buy every day. Only when your car mats are really worn out and broken, you may think of the possibility to buy new car mats. Often you see offers at discount stores or supermarkets, but this quality can not be compared with the quality you get from online floor mats. We supply car mats made of felt, velour or luxurious velour. The finish of velour mats you can choose yourself. These floor mats are available in different colors of bands and stitching.

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Car mats from onlinefussmatten is always a good buy! They are of good quality and make your car complete. There are clear differences between the needle felt and velour car mats. Velour is made of resistant synthetic fibers. The machine-interwoven fiber loops are later cut open. How to make a tightly woven carpet from soft fibers. Needle felt car mats are made of synthetic fibers, which are mechanically processed into a strong cohesion. The individual fibers are intertwined with each other in a disorderly manner, creating a typical felt structure. Both types of car mats are of excellent quality – only the appearance is quite different.

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