Cars for children – the right model for your loved ones

Cars for children - the right model for your loved ones

    One of the most popular categories from our car for kids comparison, is the children electric car category. Here you will find models that are electronic motor are driven forward and the great thing about these models is that they are remote control complete control.

  • This great children’s vehicle is a real eye-catcher.
  • Great workmanship, in the best little tikes quality brings the trolley huge fun.
  • the cozy coupe is available in 3 different variants: police, ladybug and red-yellow.
  • Toy
  • Little tikes

    Also a very popular category from our car for kids comparison, are the kettcars. These models have been around for years and continue to be the most popular most popularcars for kids in germany. When you buy a buy a kettcar you want, you should pay attention to a few points, because these models are available in differentmodels.

  • US police car GT in special edition with soft and quiet EVA tires, padded leather seat and 2x powerful 45watt motors
  • SOFT START: most electric vehicles produce a strong jerk when starting – not so with this model, because an additionally installed module provides a soft start and thus increases the driving experience enormously
  • DRIVE: 2 powerful and energy-saving 45watt motors are built in, which drive the rear axle. These are powered by the 12V strong battery and thus driving times up to 2 hours are possible
  • MULTIMEDIA: on the dashboard is the multimedia station. connection of a usb-stick possible. microphone included for announcements.
  • With remote control for parents — both doors can be opened — selector switch: forward/neutral/reverse — headlights and taillights with LED — signal lights on grille and windshield — engine sound, melodies, horn, realistic US police signals — integrated traction device — driving time: up to 2 hours — battery with 12V/4.5ah — for children between 3-6 years — W/H/D approx. 67x52x113cm

    Now we come to our slide car category from our car for kids comparison and here we have found especially a lot of time taken, because here you can find real eye-catcher among the bobby cars. We started with a slide car comparison, however, very special models quickly caught our eye and that is bobby cars from car brands.

  • Original mercedes benz ML 350 license 2 x 25 watt motor ( 50 watt ) 3 different speeds
  • Safety soft start brake emergency stop automatic 2.4 ghz remote control 2 point safety belt
  • 6 volt 7 AH battery bluetooth FM radio SD-slot USB AUX sound module 3 – 6 years
  • Switchable LED front headlights illuminated dashboard forward and reverse gear
  • Engine sound when starting multifunction steering wheel up to 5 km/h speed horn microphone

    In our car for kids comparison we have also chosen a kids quad electriccategory decided, because these become more and more popular. However, there are some differences, what you should watch out for. There are also models for children from 2 years, but also models that can go up to 25 km/h. that is why we have chosen a kinderquad comparison decided and have listed there the different models.

  • The product is made of high quality plastic, thanks to which it is perfectly safe and stable. Both assembly and disassembly are child’s play. The vehicle helps with the first steps and offers special driving comfort. It is very stable and completely safe.
  • push car with safety frame, footrest and push handle for the very youngest: the frame protects the child from falling out of the seat
  • Rocking car – the car is additionally equipped with runners and serves as a seesaw for your child.
  • push handle, protective bar and footrest can be removed and the child can drive on its own.
  • walker – the car can be transformed into a walker by removing the push handle and the protective bar and replacing the backrest. the walker helps the toddlers with their first attempts at walking.

    Another category from our car for kids comparison, are the popular pedal tractorsand here we show you again different models, of each different manufacturers. These models are not directly a "car for kids", however, it is also here a children’s vehicle and therefore we have also here many models under the lupe genommen.

Other categories from our car for kids comparison

What is important in a car for children?

From what age can a children’s car be used??

This question can be not all-inclusive answer, because there are different models, each for different age groups suitable are. A kettcar, for example, is not suitable for a toddler suitable, however, there are the popular slide cars, bobby cars respectively. Basically we recommend that you first buy a ride on car, because there learn the little ones at play. After that you can children electric car that can be controlled by a remote control, because this way you can decide where the car goes travel should go. Especially in the beginning it is difficult for the younger ones to steering and by a car which can be controlled remotely, you can your beloved under the arms grab. you could also buy a tricycle to buy, or in the connection a kettcar. However, they should here on the size of the kettcar. There are kettcars that are already designed for children from 3 years are suitable and these are usually a little smaller. However, there are also bigger kettcars, which but just younger have their problems, because these kettcars are usually very heavy. so it is better to start with a smaller one car for kids and increase with the years. Basically, a car for children is always what special and in our opinion such a thing should not be missing in the childhood.

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