Car rental berlin

Included is a fully comprehensive insurance. Our vehicles and machines are only offered in 24 hour intervals from 09:30 to 09:30 of the following day. as soon as you don’t need the rental car or machine anymore, you can return it the same day, during our opening hours.

Please note that until your booking is complete and you have made payment, the car you have rented will be shown as available to other customers. This allows every customer to pay and take exactly the same car after their booking! As soon as the payment is completed, the booking will be binding and the car will no longer be bookable on the website.

Kilometers and hours

-normal consumers have 500 free kilometers per booking, each additional kilometer is charged with 0,10€ cent plus vat. Calculated.

-for one week there are 2.000 free kilometers included and each additional kilometer is charged with 0,10€ cent plus vat. Calculated.

-per month we offer 3.500 free kilometers, each additional kilometer will be charged with 0,10 cent plus. 19% vat. Calculated.

For long-term rentals and for business customers, 5.000 kilometers per month included.

For all types of construction equipment, the daily rental is calculated based on a normal shift time of 8 hours.

Each additional hour of operation will be charged 15,00 euro for mini-excavators and 30,00 euro for tracked excavators plus. 19% charged.

sunday work is basically forbidden in germany, so you have to drop off the car BEFORE 09:30 on monday and sign the return protocol accordingly.

The rental of a vehicle or construction machine, can be booked bindingly via the website and paid online.

we do not offer reservations or pick up and drop off service.

The deposit serves as a security for any additional rental charges that may be determined after a car rental booking is made.

This could be for example damage to the vehicle itself or an empty fuel tank. The deposit for cars is 300 € for trucks and tracked excavators 500 €.

The deposit is due in full before the rental of the vehicle and will be retained for the entire rental period.

When you pick up the car, it will be blocked on your valid credit or debit card, which is in the name of the driver.

If the rental vehicle is returned with a full tank and no damage, the deposit is refunded within 4 days after the vehicle is returned.

In exceptional cases, the rental price and / or the deposit can also be paid in cash and receipted.

The fully comprehensive insurance for cars includes a deductible in the amount of 1.000,00€.

Our vehicles are monitored by a GPS tracking system.

This equipment provides additional protection especially in life-threatening situations.
This form of coordination to the vehicle provides the best possible security in emergency, accident situations, cases of theft and allows the police to react much faster.

The system includes an environmentally friendly track-pilot GPS location system.

Please bring the following with you to the rental:

-credit card or debit card

foreign trips require the prior written consent of the landlord, in addition, you need for certain countries, a power of attorney from the landlord.

If you leave the border as an unauthorized driver, the car will be automatically switched off and you will have to have the rental car towed at your own expense to the premises of CMAT vermietung gmbh.

SUV rentals in Berlin

Off-road vehicles from CMAT car rental

Find the right vehicle in seconds with our digital offer. Whether you are looking for a maneuverable city car, a large station wagon to go on vacation with the family or maybe even a well-equipped motorhome, we have vehicles available in all classes. Also representative company cars are part of our assortment, so that you can make a good impression on your customers or you explore the countryside with our off-road vehicle.

The right vehicle for every vacation

We offer the right rental car for every type of vacation. Whether you are traveling alone or with your family, planning a city trip or looking for adventure camping in nature, our rental cars are the perfect companion.

Use our convenient search to find the right car for you. You can find the right model by using different filters. You can search for specific equipment such as automatic drive, some equipment such as air conditioning is standard in the offered models, but is listed separately again. Among other things, you can choose from different types of vehicles, such as:

Station wagon or minibus: a station wagon or minibus is the ideal companion if you are traveling with your family or a larger group or have a lot of luggage for a longer trip. Station wagons and minibuses offer plenty of stowage space and are also generously designed in the passenger area so that passengers do not feel cramped on longer journeys.

Convertible: what is more beautiful when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing through your hair while driving?! With a convertible from our rental car offer you can explore germany. Put the top down and experience an unforgettable vacation!

Small cars / compact cars: our small cars are ideal if you are travelling alone or as a couple. The agile runabouts are also ideal for city trips, and they also fit into small parking spaces.

Economic car hire in berlin

car rental 9 seater

luxury limousine rental in Berlin

On to the business meeting

For business appointments you often have to travel some kilometers, so it is understandable that you do not want to use your private car. Therefore, our customers often use our business cars to treat themselves to a little luxury. Driving one of our business cars to a business meeting and appearing more upscale, you will make a good impression right from the start!

Other vehicles from our fleet

9 space car rental in berlin

bus rental 6 people

Family car 7 seater van rental

commercial vehicle rental in berlin

small car rental in Berlin

car rental 9 seater

Plug-in Hybrid Car Hire in Berlin

Minibus rental in Berlin and surroundings

Numerous low-price offers

The search for the right rental car can quickly become a challenge. Countless offers lure with supposedly low prices, but these prices do not always deliver what they promise.

Rental cars often need to be available quickly, which is why our website has a simple structure. You only have to enter the necessary data and you will receive an overview of the most important details. Among other things, this includes the most important information about the type of car you are looking for. When you have found a suitable car for you, you can also easily reserve the desired model via the booking form.

car reservations are possible with a deposit.

Configure search individually

If you have found one or maybe even more vehicles that are suitable for you, do not hesitate to make a free rental inquiry. Price transparency and guarantee are important to us. Our customers know exactly what services cost how much. This also applies if, for example, you need a vehicle for a longer period of time and extend the rental period.

Free advice

Mobility and logistics solutions for all sectors

You have not found the model you are looking for online?

Then do not hesitate to make a non-binding inquiry. We are constantly expanding our offer and also respond to the individual needs of our customers. Quite often, these requests are also an incentive for us to purchase new means of transport, which we in turn make available to our customers.

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