Car radio – what to look for and what it is needed for

car radio test – buy car radio

car radio test

What goes into any audio system with speakers, subwoofer and power amp? Right, a car radio. Why do you ask yourself? Quite simply, without the radio, which plays the amplifier, not a single speaker runs, just as without a power amplifier logically you can not do anything with the subwoofer. But what is important, what is there to know and why is it so important?. All about car radio test and buy car radio.

car radio test – buy car radio

Our recommendation

Incl. 19% legal vat.

Full-speed front USB port
front AUX input
bluetooth requires KS-BTA100 adapter

I already have a car radio, do I have to buy a new one to use a subwoofer??

In principle not. It depends on the radio. The connections must be given. It is not uncommon that the radio installed by the previous owner is technically too old. But even original manufacturer radios are not always equipped with the necessary connections. There is only a new radio to integrate the bass box in the sound system to help.

Should the required connection yet be available, it is still worth a consideration. Because with the car radio it’s the same principle as with the power amplifier and the amplifier. The system is only as good as the weakest link and that should never be the amplifier btw. The power amplifier. That is the point. A radio is not just a radio, because it serves in the car also as an amplifier of the speakers. Accordingly, this time again the radio should not be the weakest link in the chain.

Here you will find six of the most popular car radios, which are among the bestsellers with very positive customer reviews on amazon:

Top brand radios JVC, pioneer and sony. All radios are on a technically high standard and are for your new system with a speaker set and subwoofer more accurate the correct.

Incl. 19% legal vat.

Full-speed front USB port
front AUX connection
handsfree (with micro)

Incl. 19% legal vat.

CD player
USB-AUX input
bluetooth, NFC

Incl. 19% legal vat.

USB and aux input
CD tuner with RDS

Incl. 19% legal vat.

Full-speed front USB port
front AUX input
bluetooth requires KS-BTA100 adapter

Incl. 19% legal vat.

USB in the back
hands-free car kit
aux-in connection
CD tuner

Let’s look at other criteria for buying a car radio

Radio for car – more than just playing music

radios are nowadays part of the basic equipment of a car, just like the safety belt or the handbrake. But radios can do more than just play the radio program. They are all-rounders in the field of traffic radio, navigation, multimedia system with the possibility of playing music from CD, USB, SD or directly from the cell phone via bluetooth transmitter test. Also there is partly the possibility to play real dvds. The radio of yesteryear has become a total technological marvel.

Buying a car radio – what you should look out for

About some basic things, you should think about before the purchase.

Suitable for the connection of a subwoofer!

Decisive for the purchase of a radio for the complete new system including subwoofer, are the interfaces for connection. What actually belongs to the latest radios also almost to the basic equipment, are the cinch interfaces, the for the connection of subwoofer btw. The power amplifier is needed. The remote cable, on the other hand, is usually plugged into the standard ISO connector of the radio. Which slot is the right one can be found in the vehicle documentation on radio and multimedia. More on the subject of wiring and connection you will find here .

The radio as an amplifier

As already mentioned, the radio serves as an amplifier for the normal loudspeakers in the doors. As with the subwoofer and the power amplifier, it is important to ensure that the amplifier is suitable for the speakers. In general, in the product descriptions, the power is specified in 4*xxxwatt. Which means, the number counts for one speaker, 4 speakers should be connected. More information about how a power amplifier works can be found here .


The installation plays just as with the purchase of the subwoofer also with the radio a crucial role. Do you have to run to the specialist? Or do it yourself? Especially for the beginner a difficult decision. For the hobby tuner who installs his subwoofer on his own, the installation of the radio should not be a problem.


Make sure that the radio fits in the slot of your vehicle. Radios usually all have the same size, but especially with original car radios of the manufacturer is often the compartment much too large. In general, you can find but vehicle-specific covers, which are available for easy money.


Probably the most important today, are the interfaces which brings the radio with it. Here is clearly the personal interest required. Need btw. Do I want an SD card slot? Or a USB port? Or better both. Whether USB, SD, CD, DVD, AUX or other interfaces. It’s all a question of personal preference. The same applies to the bluetooth connection, which is a nice extra for owners of modern smartphones.

radio nothing else

Even if you plan to use the radio only as a radio, you don’t have to buy anything else. Can check some things before the next cheapest radio is bought. An automatic station search and an automatic frequency change belong today simply to it. frequency change briefly explained: the frequency change simply ensures that you can hear your current radio station on the entire transmitter range, although the frequency changes in the process. The radio always selects the strongest frequency and guarantees the listener an almost noise-free listening to the favorite station.

In addition to the search and the frequency change, the basic equipment of each radio also includes the function to store favorite stations and to get a text display on the display. These little things as I said, belong today to the basic equipment of each radio and therefore do not necessarily reflect in the price.


User-friendliness plays an enormously important role for many people. It should be easy to see where I can adjust the volume, select the next station, save and call my favorite stations and but especially the overview of the songs, once you have inserted a media carrier such as a CD, USB or SD card.

Digital radio can wait

Car radio test states – who has thought about the switch to a digital radio, should think about it again more carefully. Many have heard from friends and acquaintances, the analog broadcasting should be switched off in 2012. That is not true. The origin of this statement is probably, among other things, an EU press release, which, however, only reflects the expectations of an EU commission. In fact, there were such plans in state political committees, but the technology preferred in Germany, DAB, has been so poorly received by customers that a switchover in the near future is out of the question.

Conclusion – car radio test / buy car radio

So you see, a car radio is in many respects very crucial for the car hi-fi system. It is an important component of the 4 classic speakers as well as the subwoofer. Furthermore radios today are more than just radios. A radio is a true multimedia center for the car. It brings interfaces for all kinds of media data and gives partly even the possibility to watch dvds for entertainment. even if you only use the radio to listen to the radio, there are some basic features that today’s modern radio brings with it.

As a final note, always make sure that the required connections for the subwoofer are available and that the power of the built-in amplifier is suitable for the speakers.

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