Car insurance: affordable protection& service for your car.

Excellent performance and top claims service – you can rely on it.

  • First-class protection for you and your car
  • TuV-NORD-tested damage service
  • New: premium tariff for the best coverage

Car insurance

"You only notice whether you are really well insured when you have a claim."

Score 1.7 for satisfaction with claims service processing.

Ongoing customer satisfaction survey 2021, conducted by respondi AG germany (as of 01/2021)

6 advantages of NuRNBERGER car insurance

  • gross negligence also insured
  • Reporting damage is uncomplicated: by telephone to your personal claims manager
  • fast settlement of hull damages: we pay within 3 working days, as soon as we receive all documents
  • Workshop plus: NuRNBERGER service partners repair according to manufacturer’s specifications using original spare parts
  • discount protection: 1 claim per year is "free" – d. H. You remain in your no-claims class (SF)
  • Electro plus: innovative add-on for electric and hybrid vehicles

Treat yourself to luxury car insurance: the new NuRNBERGER car insurance Premium

The new NuRNBERGER premium car insurance: treat yourself to luxury!

simply choose the additional module comfort plus. And your comfort tariff becomes NuRNBERGER car insurance premium:

  • Self-damage coverage – covers damage to your own car caused by yourself
  • Parking damage coverage – we pay if your parked car is damaged by unknown third parties
  • Purchase price replacement up to 36 months – in case of total loss or theft, we will reimburse the full purchase price

our car insurance in detail

100 mio. EUR, max. 15 mio. EUR per person

100 mio. EUR, max. 15 mio. EUR per person

100 mio. EUR, max. 15 mio. EUR per person

Up to 100.000 EUR per calendar year, 500 EUR deductible (SB)

Up to max. 200 EUR, 50 EUR deductible, 1 x per calendar year

Up to 12 months after first registration, including. Registration and transfer costs up to 1.000 EUR

Up to 24 months after first registration, incl. Registration and transfer costs up to 1.000 EUR

Up to 36 months after initial registration, including. registration and transfer costs up to 1.000 EUR

Up to 12 months after registration (vehicle younger than 5 years)

Up to 24 months after registration (vehicle younger than 5 years)

Up to 36 months after registration (vehicle younger than 5 years)

Up to 40 EUR/day, max. 200 EUR

(see premium car insurance for details)

*only with conclusion of comfort plus in the comfort tariff
**we pay depending on the severity of the fault. Not, however, in the event of theft due to inadequate security and driving under the influence of intoxicating substances.

TuV-NORD certificate for damage service

Score of 1.7 for satisfaction with excellent claims handling for auto, property, personal liability and accident insurance (as at 01.2021, result of the ongoing customer satisfaction survey conducted by respondi AG deutschland on behalf of NuRNBERGER allgemeine versicherungs-AG).

TuV NORD Service Quality Seal

6 additional packages for even better protection

Turns your comfort tariff into de luxe coverage

You can take out comfort plus in the comfort tariff.

  • consequential damage due to animal bite up to 10.EUR 000 co-insured
  • Extension of the purchase price compensation for new vehicles& purchase value compensation for used cars for 36 months in case of total loss after an accident and in case of theft incl. Registration and transfer costs up to 1.000 EUR
  • In the case of purchase price compensation: assumption of official registration costs if the replacement vehicle is re-insured with NuRNBERGER
  • No deduction for new spare parts and painting after damage to your car
  • Self-damage coverage up to 100.000 EUR per calendar year, 500 EUR deductible
  • Parking damage coverage up to max. 200 EUR, 50 EUR excess, 1 x per calendar year
  • Cost of a replacement car or compensation for loss of use in case of repair after a fully comprehensive claim up to 40 EUR per day (maximum compensation 200 EUR)

Once is not once: 1 claim per calendar year "free", without downgrading to a higher premium class

From no-claims class 1/2

Our benefit:
1 third party liability and/or fully comprehensive claim in a calendar year is "free"! This means: after a claim, you will not be placed in a higher premium class in the following year.

  • No financial disadvantages after damage
  • Your accumulated claim-free years are preserved
  • The downgrading falls with a 2. Damage less from
  • You save money by maintaining the same no-claims class

Already for 15 EUR per year. In emergencies we take care of you, your car and your family

Breakdown, accident or theft – we help you – Europe-wide

  • Breakdown and accident assistance up to 200 EUR
  • Towing of your vehicle up to 300 EUR
  • Cost coverage for recovery of your vehicle
  • Return journey by rental car, train
  • Additional benefits for trips abroad

You have taken out comprehensive insurance with us for a car, a motorcycle, a camping vehicle (up to 4 t) or a delivery van up to 3.5 t.

All-round service for repairs and vehicle breakdowns

Lower premiums and higher quality – our service partners repair according to manufacturer’s specifications using original spare parts

You have taken out NuRNBERGER car insurance compact or comfort. the workshop plus package covers damage, destruction or total loss due to an accident as well as malicious acts (vandalism) and is valid for the whole of germany.

  • Repair according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Pick-up and delivery service/vehicle cleaning
  • 3 years warranty on repairs
  • Discount on comprehensive insurance
  • preservation of the manufacturer’s warranty

Spontaneous and short-term registration of additional drivers. Very simple – also mobile via app

  • Expand the user base of your NuRNBERGER car insurance at short notice
  • Up to 5 additional persons are entitled
  • Invited drivers can activate the insurance cover themselves if required
  • coverage for up to 30 days
  • From just EUR 4.99 per day
  • Pay cashless with credit card or paypal

A parking space finder and immediate assistance in the event of breakdowns or accidents round off the range of services offered by our driver-plus app. You can find more information in the service section under the menu item "customer service".

Improved benefits for your electric or hybrid vehicle. Hybrid vehicle

Especially for electric and hybrid vehicles – because we reward environmentally conscious driving!

  • Damage and destruction of the battery by incorrect operation (z. B. Due to overloading)
  • Charging cable and adapter up to 600 EUR
  • Consequential animal bite damage up to 20.000 EUR
  • Overvoltage damage due to short circuit up to 20.000 EUR
  • disposal costs of the battery up to 1.EUR 000 in the event of total loss or destruction
  • Protection cover: roadside assistance and towing even if the battery is discharged through no fault of your own (only in conjunction with protection cover)

NuRNBERGER autoversicherung rates to download

  • Car insurance compact (PDF)
  • Car insurance comfort (PDF)
  • Car insurance rate comparison (PDF)
  • Car insurance rate comparison (PDF)

Recommended protection for your car

car insurance new car

new cars, daily and dealer registration up to 12 months

Recommended protection:
NuRNBERGER autoversicherung premium (comfort tariff with fully comprehensive insurance including comfort plus)

Car insurance used car

Used car, 1 – 2 years old

Recommended protection:
comfort tariff with fully comprehensive and comfort plus

Used cars older than 5 years

Recommended protection:
compact tariff with partial cover

Top performance for the most common partial cover claims: NuRNBERGER auto insurance is always there for you when something happens

Without deductible for repairs

All accidents with animals

Additional coverage for avalanches, roof avalanches, earthquakes and landslides

animal bite on all vehicle parts + consequential damage up to 10.000 EUR (with comfort plus)

Up to 12 months after first registration at new price

Your most frequently asked questions about car insurance – competently answered

Why do I need car liability insurance??

motor vehicle liability insurance is required by law. If you want to register your vehicle with the registration office, you need a provisional confirmation of insurance (evb) from your insurer. Liability insurance protects you against financial claims for damages in the event of accidents for which you are responsible.

What benefits does the partial coverage insurance offer??

The partial casco is for your own vehicle there. It protects against the financial consequences of fire and explosion, theft, robbery, unauthorized use, embezzlement and natural hazards including avalanches and roof avalanches. We also pay if the damage was caused by gross negligence or a short circuit in the wiring. In addition, our partial casco pays in case of collision with hairy game (lt. Federal Hunting Act), horses, cattle, sheep and goats, as well as for any animal bites. The comfort tariff covers collisions with animals of all kinds as well as additional elementary damage caused by earthquakes and landslides. Damage to the glass is repaired without deductible (does not apply to window replacement).

What benefits does the fully comprehensive insurance offer??

fully comprehensive insurance covers damage to your own vehicle caused by the driver or. owner himself caused or is responsible for. In addition, the fully comprehensive insurance will cover you if unknown persons wilfully damage your vehicle (vandalism).

What does evb mean and when do I need it??

The electronic insurance confirmation (evb) is required for the registration of a vehicle. It confirms the existence of a motor vehicle liability insurance (according to § 29 abs. 1 stvzo). Up to the 1. January 2003 the evb was also called a double card because the registration office forwarded a copy to the insurer. Since this procedure has been abolished, it is called coverage card. Since 2008, all you need to register your vehicle is the evb number, a 7-digit letter or number that identifies the vehicle. Number combination. This gives you provisional liability insurance cover from the day of registration.

When can I cancel my old motor insurance policy and switch to NuRNBERGER??

In principle, the deadlines and formalities must be observed when giving notice of cancellation. It depends on the cancellation date agreed in the preliminary contract: as a rule, motor vehicle insurance policies run until 31 December of each year. December of a year. The insurance must then be cancelled in due time at the end of the insurance year. With a cancellation period of 1 month, the effective date is 30. November by which the notice of termination must be received by the insurer. But also insurance contracts concluded during the year (do not start on 01 January).01.) can be agreed. In addition to the regular termination, there is a special right of termination, for example, if the premium of the current insurance increases.

How much will the car insurance cost me??

Your individual premium is calculated according to several factors. For example, the number of kilometers driven per year is decisive. Age and driver group, type class or regional class (district in which the vehicle is registered) are also important factors. You can save z. B. By waiving the free choice of repair shop. The insurer then determines which repair shop the vehicle should be taken to after it has been damaged.

What do i have to consider when registering a motor vehicle??

For the registration at the registration office you need the vehicle documents (registration certificate part I + II), a valid driver’s license, your identity card or passport, a proof of the last main inspection, possibly a certificate of registration. License plate number (if the vehicle is still registered) and an electronic confirmation of insurance (evb). evb confirms provisional insurance cover until your application is accepted by the insurer or the insurer accepts your application. The contract has been concluded.

Why do I have to state how many kilometers I drive per year??

This is important for the individual premium calculation. If you drive many kilometers per year, the risk of an accident is higher and you will have to pay a correspondingly higher premium. There are so-called mileage classes in which the provisional classification is made. If you actually drive more or less kilometers (will be queried subsequently), you will have to pay extra or you will be refunded premiums.

What additional benefits can I take out?

NuRNBERGER offers the following additional modules to your contract: electro plus, driver plus, driver protection, GAP insurance, comfort plus, discount protection, letter of protection, immediate service accident, accident assistance and workshop plus (see additional packages/modules).

What do no-claims bonus and no-claims class mean and how are they determined??

For each year in which you do not cause any damage, you receive a higher (and therefore more favorable) no-claims class (SF class). This means that your individual insurance premium is reduced year by year by the respective no-claims bonus. We can take into account the no-claims bonus acquired from the previous insurer if we receive precise information about the previous insurance (insurer, policy number and premium rate). The certificate of your previous insurer about the claims history is decisive for the classification in the SF class. If the previous insurer does not confirm your details or confirms them differently, we must correct the contribution class and recalculate the contract.

Do I have to pay attention to special regulations when driving abroad??

When driving abroad, you should always inform yourself about the individual regulations of the respective country (fines, warning vests, alcohol test, speed limit, etc.).) to avoid unpleasant surprises. Furthermore, in some countries (albania, andorra, bosnia-herzegovina, bulgaria, iran, iraq, israel, morocco, macedonia, moldova, romania, tunisia, turkey, ukraine) you need a green insurance card (also IVK: international insurance card) as proof of your insurance. It contains important data about the vehicle, the owner and the insurance company. you can get the green insurance card free of charge from your insurer. It is valid for several years.

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