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anyone who wants to register and move a vehicle is required by law to take out motor vehicle liability insurance. Whether it’s the way to work, a trip on vacation or a weekend jaunt: it’s hard to imagine our daily lives without a car.

Cover for damage to the vehicle, collision of the vehicle with animals of all kinds, theft of the vehicle keys or damage caused by animal bites are just a few of the benefits that can be insured for little money.

Every year the insurers adjust the premiums for the car insurances. The change of the car insurance is only possible if you cancel your car insurance, whereby the appropriate period must be kept: the period for the cancellation of the car insurance ends in the regular case every year on the 30th day of the month. November to 31. December. But even with a new registration, you have the option of cancelling your vehicle insurance within the year.

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Car insurance

Advantages at a glance

  • discounts, low rates for second cars and new drivers, u.V.M.
  • Claims handling included
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  • compare 300 rates and save up to € 850
  • Best service and best premiums

Customer recommendations

For the following insurances you can find out the tariff conditions quickly and without obligation and, if you wish, you can also conclude the contract online immediately. car insurance rates

Adcuri car insurance
  • New value compensation
  • Attractive premium discounts
  • Extensive assistance

VHV car insurance

VHV car insurance
  • New value and purchase price compensation
  • Animal bites included. Consequential damage
  • Low premiums for new drivers

AXA KFZ mobil compact and comfortable

AXA car insurance
  • Improved second car policy
  • Powerful protection
  • Affordable and flexible

Car insurance

Askuma accident insurance
  • No health questions
  • No deduction of pre-existing conditions
  • Carefree protection around the clock

Car insurance

DFV health insurance
  • 1- or 2-bed room with chief physician
  • Free choice of hospital
  • No waiting periods

Bavarian bicycle theft up to €5000

Bavarian household insurance
  • smart, comfort, prestige rates
  • Comprehensive protection, fast help
  • All risk coverage possible

KFZ-Vcompare insurance free of charge

Over 300 rates. Save up to € 850 per year in premiums with the same benefits.
discounts, low rates for second cars and novice drivers, u.V.M.

Car insurance provider rates premiums

In total, over 100 car insurers offer their rates in germany. The most favorable premiums are probably the most important factor for everyone when choosing a new car insurance policy. That this is not always the best solution becomes apparent at the latest in the event of a claim.

Example of a marten bite:
it makes a difference whether the insurance conditions state that this is insured or whether they state that consequential damage is also insured in addition to the marten bite. If the marten bites into a cable and your engine is damaged, you will only get the cable replaced in the first variant, in the second variant you will also get the engine replaced. A considerable difference in price – and that for a few euros savings in the car insurance?

It is therefore all the more important to pay attention not only to favorable premiums but also to good benefits. The following coverages are possible:

motor vehicle liability: for damages you cause to others with your car

Motor vehicle liability insurance covers all cases in which the insured vehicle injures or kills people, damages or destroys property, or causes financial loss. It is compulsory for every owner of a car. The sum insured is usually € 100 million..

partial motor vehicle insurance:

Partially comprehensive insurance provides cover in the event of damage, destruction or loss of your own vehicle due to z.B. fire, theft, natural hazards and glass breakage, damage caused by animal bites, lock replacement after key theft, collision with animals of all kinds, u. V. M.. The partially comprehensive insurance is offered with different deductibles. Common here are € 150,00 or even without deductible.

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance:

In addition to the benefits of partial casco, fully comprehensive insurance offers additional protection in the event of accidental damage and wilful damage to the vehicle by third parties. Fully comprehensive insurance is offered with various deductibles. Common here are € 300,00 and € 500,00.

In addition to liability, partially comprehensive or fully comprehensive insurance, there are other ways to comprehensively insure your vehicle or even save premiums with optimal protection.

Protection letter

Rapid assistance and financial protection in the event of breakdowns, accidents, theft and illnesses. The SCHutzbrief benefits offer you help and financial security if things don’t go as planned: in germany, europe and around the mediterranean Sea. Whether in the event of a breakdown or accident, theft or total loss, illness or injury to passengers.

  • Breakdown and accident assistance (from the doorstep)
  • removal and recovery of your vehicle after breakdown or accident
  • Assistance after misfuelling
  • Vehicle substitution after vehicle breakdown
  • Overnight stay, onward or return journey by train or rental car
  • Spare parts shipment
  • customs clearance or scrapping of your vehicle (when traveling abroad)
  • Vehicle return transport/pick-up service
  • Vehicle pick-up in case of driver breakdown
  • Car key service
  • Medical repatriation
  • repatriation of children
  • Retrieval of pets
  • Pharmaceutical shipping
  • Mediation of medical care
  • Costs for sick call
  • Reimbursement of costs in the event of trip interruption
  • Travel recall service
  • replacement of travel documents and means of payment
  • assistance in the event of death, criminal prosecution abroad and other emergencies
  • Telephone costs

GAP coverage

In the event of a total loss or theft of a leased or credit-financed vehicle, you as the leasing/borrowing party must normally pay the residual claim from the financing agreement to the leasing/credit provider. This is often above the replacement value of the vehicle, which is covered by your comprehensive insurance (minus deductible) or. The liability insurance of the other party is replaced. As the lease/borrower, you will have to pay the difference yourself. Depending on the remaining term, the difference can amount to several thousand euros. The GAP cover assumes this risk and thus gives you security against additional costs.

GAP coverage can be taken out as a premium-paying supplement to fully comprehensive coverage.

Discount protection

With the discount protection, you prevent the downgrading of your contract after a claim. One incriminating claim per insurance year is treated as if it had not happened at all. If no further damage occurs, the contract is even classified in the next better no-claims class in the following year.
Discount protection is available for motor vehicle liability and fully comprehensive insurance. The contract must be classified at least in the no-claims class 3 (SF 3). If you take out comprehensive insurance in addition to liability insurance, the discount protection can only be taken out for both types of insurance at the same time.

Workshop binding

If you decide to have your vehicle repaired exclusively at a DEKRA-approved partner workshop when you take out the policy, you will not only receive all the associated services, but also a discount on your own-damage premium. In the event of damage, they have their vehicle repaired at one of our partner workshops? Then you benefit from many services:

  • Free replacement vehicle
  • Fast towing of your vehicle
  • Free pick-up and delivery service
  • 5-year warranty on the repair
  • Acceptance of a manufacturer’s warranty that is still valid
  • Repair according to manufacturer’s specifications with original spare parts

Driver protection

In the event of an accident, vehicle occupants can make a claim for damages against the vehicle owner’s liability insurance, regardless of whether or not the driver was at fault for the accident. However, one person is left behind with his personal damage after an accident: the driver. If the driver himself has caused the damage or if there is no identifiable injuring party, he cannot expect any compensation.

With driver protection, you can close this insurance gap sensibly and inexpensively. The driver will then receive compensation for personal injuries caused by self-inflicted or. Partially at-fault accidents, accidents caused by an unknown injuring party or accidents due to force majeure. In doing so, benefits of others like e.g.B. Accident opponent, social insurance agency or health insurance companies before. The driver’s protection protects the driver as perfectly as the motor vehicle liability protects the passengers.

International protection

If you are involved in an accident abroad through no fault of your own, you must expect considerably lower compensation for personal injury and property damage than in Germany. The compensation for pain and suffering is usually significantly lower and the costs for rental cars, loss of use, expert opinions or a lawyer are often not reimbursed at all. Because the national law at the place of the accident is decisive for the compensation of damages. In addition, there are often language problems, unfamiliar legal relationships and lengthy disputes about claims for damages. With international cover, you can protect yourself against insurance gaps caused by accidents abroad through no fault of your own.

We were able to realize extensive special concepts and favorable rates with many car insurance companies. In addition to discounts, the tariffs often include premium-free inclusions as well as favorable classifications for novice drivers or even second car regulations.

We can offer you the following options

  • All-risk coverage in fully comprehensive insurance
  • Second car classification possible up to no-claims class ( SF ) 10, depending on the tariff
  • Unrestricted assumption of the special classification of the previous insurer (policy must be presented, from which the special classification is recognizable)
  • Special classification for private minifleets up to max. SF 35 possible
  • Special classification after separation from the partner without own SFR up to SF 4 possible
  • Special classification possible for persons who have only driven company cars up to now (employer’s certificate necessary, up to max. SF 3)
  • Low premiums even with a different owner
  • SFR transfer from any person to any person possible (a family relationship is not necessary), this SFR is later also confirmed to the possible subsequent insurer
  • Classification in SF 2 for customer children
  • Second car is classified like first car, if both vehicles are driven only by the policyholder

The special classifications vary from company to company. We will be happy to help you choose the right company in order to realize the highest possible premium advantages.

The no-claims bonus can be taken over by one family member from another. The discount can only be transferred from a company car to a private car if the boss is in on the deal.

The no-claims bonus is very important for liability and fully comprehensive insurance. Because he decides how much the driver has to pay for the insurance. If he can take over a favorable discount from another, he saves a lot.

This is especially useful if one of the family members gives up his car. For example, a newly married couple who previously used two cars and now wants to get rid of one can save money this way.
The woman drives longer accident-free than her partner. The latter absolutely needs the car for the daily commute to work, while they can also take the subway. Therefore you sell your car and transfer your no-claims bonus to your partner.

Insurers often allow the transfer if both persons live in the same household – regardless of whether they are related or not. Seven insurers are particularly customer-friendly. You allow the discount to be transferred to anyone you choose.

However, young customers have bad cards. For example, a father who has been driving accident-free for many years cannot transfer his discount to his son who has had his driver’s license for one year. Because a transfer is only allowed in the amount that the other person could have reached himself.

Not without the boss
most insurance companies allow employees to transfer the discount from their former company car to their private car. Nevertheless, you often cannot take the no-claims discount with you when you leave the company. Because the boss puts a spanner in the works.
He wants to keep the discount himself because he wants to continue to insure the company car cheaply. And the discount will not be transferred without his consent.

Our advice
use. If you want to take over someone’s discount, you must have driven their car regularly. You and the previous discount holder must declare this in writing.

Company car. If you switch from a private car to a company car, you can leave your existing no-claims bonus inactive. The claim-free years will be credited again if you drive a private car again. this time out, in rare cases even unlimited, may last three or seven years. Only then usually one no-claims level per year expires.

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