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How quickly it happens? You are driving on a country road or freeway and suddenly you hear a loud crack on your windshield. The vehicle in front of you has thrown a stone from the road onto your windshield. The consequence: stone impact. If it freezes over night, the car is parked in the sun or you drive it a long distance, the stone chip on your windshield quickly turns into a crack. By then it is usually too late; the only thing that can help is a new windshield. This does not have to be, because stone chips can be repaired and sealed.

Car windows are safety components

Windshields contribute enormously to traffic and driving safety. They protect the driver from external influences such as mosquitoes, wind, rain or snow. In addition, they are the support surface for windshield wipers and thus allow the driver the best possible visibility in all weather conditions.
A defective windshield is therefore a serious safety risk. But it’s not just the windshield that plays a decisive role. In addition to the windshield and the rear window, all other windows on your vehicle also contribute to the stability of the bodywork. For good reason, the vehicle windshield is considered a safety-relevant component during the general inspection.

Free repair thanks to partial or fully comprehensive insurance

Small stone chips, such as those on the windshield, can usually be repaired without any problems, provided they are detected and treated in good time. Since most partial or fully comprehensive insurance policies cover stone chip repair, this is usually carried out free of charge for you. However, if you ignore such a stone impact, external influences such as temperature fluctuations or vibrations will quickly lead to a crack. Then only the complete replacement of the windshield helps. So don’t hesitate if you discover a stone chip or even a crack on a windshield or another car window. Bring us the car as soon as possible, so that we can repair your damage promptly. How to save yourself expensive consequential costs.

Repair or replace?

Not all auto glass is the same. If a windshield is usually made of laminated glass, a rear and side window is usually made of safety glass. In the event of an accident, these can easily be penetrated, causing them to disintegrate into many small individual parts. How to get out of the vehicle quickly.
In case of fire, this can also save your life. Because of this, auto glass repair is subject to legal regulations and technical requirements. If the rear and side windows always have to be replaced, the windshield can usually be repaired with a special resin if it has been damaged by stones. The prerequisite for this is that the stone chip is not larger than a 2-euro coin, is at least 10 cm from the edge of the windshield and is not in the direct field of vision of the driver.

Stone chipping – what to do?

You have discovered a stone chip on the windshield or on another window of your vehicle? Then it is best to act immediately. Make sure the spot is dry and clean. Seal the damaged area with a transparent disc plaster. How to prevent the penetration of moisture and dirt. This reduces the risk of increasing the damage. So secured, you can promptly arrange an appointment for the repair of your windshield with us.

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