Car driving license (classes b, bf 17, be, b96)

The car driver’s license covers motor vehicles up to 3.5 tons maximum permissible mass. Minimum age 18 years. You can also drive trailers with this license class. Here applies: total towing weight max. 3.5 t z.G.

Prescribed special rides:
5 interurban journeys, 4 freeway journeys, 3 night journeys

We help you competently and with a lot of fun to obtain the driving license B. We will go through all the necessary requirements and everything you need to know about the car driving license with you, point by point. We advise and support you in all questions around this topic.

Car driving license

Accompanied driving at 17 (bf17)

New is the accompanied driving at 17 (bf17). With the consent of the parent or guardian, six months before the age of 17, the driver can take. Announce your birthday at the driving school. It is important to register an accompanying person (up to five accompanying persons are permitted) with the responsible driver’s license office.

Requirements of the accompanying person:

  • At least 30 years old
  • At least 5 years in the possession of class B
  • Maximum 1 point in flensburg at the time of application

The theory test can be taken three months, the practical test one month before the 17th birthday. Driving licence to be taken on the 17th birthday. From the age of 18. On the 20th birthday, the card driver’s license can then be picked up.

Attention: the bf17 certificate is not valid abroad!

B 197

Under the following conditions, the new national key number B197 now also offers the possibility of driving switch cars, even though the driving test was completed on an automatic vehicle:

  • 10 driving lessons of 45 minutes each on a manual vehicle (the driving lessons may take place at the earliest after the practical basic training).
  • A 15-minute test drive with a driving instructor on a switch truck (half of the test drive must be in town and half must be out of town).
  • Issue of a corresponding certificate by the driving school.
  • Key number 197 no longer contains any restrictions, so that shift cars may then also be driven.
  • Already existing automatic restrictions of the class B can also be dissolved in this way.

Special feature of key number B197 for upgrading driving license classes:

  • Who has acquired the class B with key number 197, receives with the extension of the driving license on upgrading classes like z. B. Class BE, C or C1 for these classes an automatic restriction with the key number 78, provided that these tests are taken with an automatic vehicle.
  • the class B197 does not cause an automatic exemption from restriction to the following extension classes.
  • Here, caution is required when applying for the license and a clear agreement with the driving school is necessary! Otherwise it could be z. B. Happen that a driver’s license applicant unintentionally receives the class B-197 and the class BE-78!

Class BE

Combinations of class B motor vehicles and trailers that exceed the limits of combinations falling into class B or B 96. Training only practical. Zgm. Max. 7000 kg

Prescribed special rides:
3 interurban journeys, 1 freeway journey, 1 night journey

Class B 96

Combinations of motor vehicles of category B and trailers with a maximum permissible mass of more than 750 kg and a maximum permissible mass of the combination of more than 3.500 kg but not more than 4250 kg.

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