Car coder with bluetooth – what devices are there??

car coding device with bluetooth

Cars are not only becoming more modern, but also more versatile and personalized. It doesn’t take much knowledge or effort to make your car as individual as possible. By simply coding with a suitable device can be made blatant changes. This is often easier than most people think.

So, which encoders with bluetooth are there?? Basically, there are several coding devices that can be used to make modifications. But primarily the carly software can be highlighted. This coding system is based on an app on the smartphone and an OBD adapter. These two components can be easily connected via BLE (bluetooth low energy). Carly offers a wide range of coding options for the different car brands. Furthermore, no programming knowledge is required, which makes the use possible for everyone. In addition to carly, there is also the option of using other encoding devices, which are usually not as efficient and cost-effective as the carly software. Furthermore, coding can also be carried out in the workshop, which is usually more expensive and time-consuming.

OBD connector + app

The car is still the most important means of transport for people and will remain so for a long time to come. Due to digitalization, which also affects the automotive industry, cars are now more modern and versatile than ever before. Special gadgets and functions can be added to almost any car.

By coding, these versatile functions can be individualized and changed by the user. You should not miss this modern trend, because you can save a lot of money, time and effort. Due to the fact that coding, especially with the carly app, is a very simple and fast process, we definitely recommend you to try coding and take advantage of the incredible opportunities it offers. The fear of damaging the car is unfounded with the right methods and the right devices.

Coding devices allow you to set up your own small workshop at home. In the future, minor car problems can be tracked down not only in the workshop, but also on a cell phone. In this sense we wish you a lot of fun reading our article and then trying out our tips and tricks.

The carly software

the carly software is probably the easiest and best way to code a car via bluetooth. Coding, which allows you to modify your car in any way you like, can be done very easily via the system on your cell phone.

Furthermore, carly offers numerous other functions which are helpful to save costs, time and effort.

But, what is needed to work with carly?

The hardware

The carly software requires two main components. Without this, no qualitative coding can be performed and you are limited in the possibilities of the software.

First you need the carly adapter. This OBD adapter can be inserted into the OBD port on the car and is the interface between car and smartphone. It will connect to the phone, either via bluetooth or wifi. The OBD adapter from carly accesses vehicle data, can analyze the fault memory and also troubleshoot problems. The carly adapter is available in a universal version. This means that it is compatible with both apple and android. Due to the 32-bit ARM microprocessor, extremely high data transfer rate is possible.

The second component is the carly app/software on the smartphone. It is necessary to perform the desired functions. It is available for both android and apple. The app is very simple and it should be no problem to use it.

The software for the cell phone must be purchased in the full version for the respective car brand, so that really all functions can be accessed. Furthermore there is a full version, which is compatible with all car brands.

Coding with carly

Carly is probably the easiest method to quickly code and unlock functions on the car that are blocked by the manufacturer.

But how does the coding work with carly??

In the first step, the carly adapter must be connected to the smartphone. You have to insert the carly adapter into the OBD slot in the car. Every new car from the year 2004 has such an OBD port. After that you have to turn on the ignition and you can connect the adapter with the smartphone. This works with both IOS and android via bluetooth low energy (BLE).

Once your phone is connected to the car, you can start coding. To do this, simply select the "encode" function in the app and press the desired function. Now the process is carried out and you have to wait a short time.

Now that the wait is over, you can try out this new function. To do this, we recommend that you simply restart the car and then check that everything has worked properly.

If you are not satisfied, or the process did not work properly, you can simply do a reset. This ensures that the previous state is restored. This feature of the carly software offers more security.

car coding with carly app

Basically, when coding, changes can be made to the vehicle electronics or the ECUs. Among other things, the lights can be modified as desired. Carly makes sure that everything is legal and that you don’t get any problems with the law. Other coding possibilities are the deactivation of the automatic start-stop, the conversion to a digital speed under the speedometer or changes to the window regulators& the car key. The exact coding options for the respective car brands can be found on the carly website.

In addition to changing functions, carly also offers the option of unlocking functions that have been blocked by the manufacturer. Since the vehicle manufacturers block functions and demand high sums for the unlocking, it is worthwhile to work with carly.

Further carly functions

Carly actually specializes in reading fault codes in the car. So besides coding, carly offers many more functions. These functions are very helpful in saving various tasks in the workshop.

Carly diagnostics:

The car diagnostics is an OBD diagnostic device integrated in carly. With this, vehicle data can be read out, analyzed and error codes can be corrected. This works very simply via the carly adapter and the app on the smartphone. You can check the error codes of your car’s memory on your cell phone and then delete them.

the diagnostic tool will also help you to better understand warning lights on your vehicle and assess their severity. In addition, hidden problems can be detected and rectified at an early stage by reading out the fault memory. Since modern cars have more than 80 ECUs, it is necessary to perform diagnostics as often as possible.

Car maintenance:

OBD connector + app

carly auto maintenance allows you to carry out maintenance work from home that would normally have to be done in the workshop. So you can easily and quickly perform maintenance from anywhere via your cell phone. For example, a brake or oil change reset can be performed with carly. Furthermore, a new battery can be registered in your car via carly. In addition, carly maintenance can be used to check the values of the diesel particulate filter, read out the characteristic numbers of the transmission or carry out a regeneration of the nox catalytic converter. the exact possibilities depend on the car make and model and can be found on the carly website.

The used car check:

Since tampering and other complications often occur when buying a used car, it is essential to be ideally prepared for such problems. the carly used car check can be helpful in this context. The carly software reads vehicle data and can thus detect a manipulated speedometer reading. Furthermore, mechanical problems can be detected and the carly software can be used by the seller to appear transparent. Carly offers the advantage that the software is compatible with almost any car and the analyses are quick and easy to perform.

Costs& advantages

working with carly requires the possession of the two components. The price for the carly software for the cell phone, which must be purchased in the full version, depends on the car brand. For example, the license for VW costs 2.42€ per month (with annual debit). A universal license, which is compatible with all car brands, costs 6,17€/month.

The carly adapter is available in the universal version. It is compatible with IOS, android, as well as with most car makes and models. This OBD plug costs 59,99€ in the official webshop.

the advantages of the carly software are versatile and carly can be used in many areas. On average, Carly users save around 500€ per year in repair or service costs. On the one hand carly has a reset function. This means that a backup can be made before each operation, which ensures that the previous state of the car can be restored. This allows changes to be reset quickly and easily if they do not meet your expectations.

Furthermore, unlike other software, carly does not require any programming knowledge. All functions can be easily performed via the app on the smartphone and no computer is needed. Thanks to the modern hardware, the system works by itself.

In addition, carly is completely legal. You don’t need to worry about coming into contact with the law if you use carly. All coding options from carly are legal and tested. Unlocking functions is not illegal, as is so often claimed. If you are still unsure, you can simply read the carly FAQ on the website.

What to consider when coding?

If you don’t work with official software like carly, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Otherwise you may come into contact with the law or have to expect damage to the vehicle. Since coding should be helpful, we recommend you to follow the most important tips.

First of all you should make sure that all operations are allowed and legal. This means that you must not make any changes that affect the safety of others, but also your own safety. For example, the coding of the lights must be compatible with the road traffic regulations. This presupposes of course to work with legal software. Such software is usually safer and does not pose a problem for the legal situation.

what do i have to consider when coding a car

Beside the legal situation also the coding must be considered. We recommend that you do not make too many changes at once, otherwise you may have problems with your car. Since the control units and vehicle electronics of most cars are not optimally prepared for coding, you should start slowly. Also you should not do any coding that can harm yourself. So it may not be helpful to disable the seatbelt reminder completely. Often mere common sense can help here. An extremely bright front light can logically dazzle other road users and the damage will probably not be covered by insurance in the event of an accident.

Coding and the warranty

Another essential point regarding coding is the warranty. It is often assumed that coding will void the warranty of the vehicle or that the insurance will not pay in case of damage.
But, is the warranty really lost when coding??

In principle, a loss of warranty cannot be assumed during coding.

In order to ensure this, however, a few conditions must be met. First of all you have to make sure that you are working with legal coding software. this is the only way to argue that the changes are legal. All modifications must be compatible with the road traffic regulations and must not restrict the safety of others.

In general, all functions may be coded, except the purchase agreement or. Warranty contract explicitly forbids this. Then it is a breach of contract. In case of an accident, it must be proved that the coded function is to blame.

If you are unsure, we recommend that you contact your insurance company or consult an expert. A trip to the trusted mechanic is also often helpful.

Coding and used cars

The purchase of a used car is often financially worthwhile. So new cars lose up to 40% of their value in the first 3 years. In addition, the choice is often wider and the investment is not so long term. Nevertheless, there are some things to keep in mind in order not to fall into a trap.

First of all, we advise you to ask whether any changes have been made to the vehicle’s electronics or control units. If illegal coding has been done, this can lead to problems with the insurance, but also with the safety of the car. All changes that are relevant must be entered in the vehicle registration document. In the best case, you should have the car inspected by an expert.

Tips and tricks

In order to waste as little money as possible and not get in touch with the law, there are some simple tips and tricks you should follow. Since errors can of course occur when coding and reading error codes, it is often necessary to call in experts.

Due to the fact that the car is the most important device of everyday life and is constantly becoming more modern, no one should be harmed unnecessarily. Because not all people can be professionals in the field of coding and reading, there is nothing wrong with asking for help. This saves money in the long run and ensures safety.

Better too often than too seldom: as faults in the vehicle’s electronics and control units can occur at any time, it is necessary to carry out regular analyses. With modern devices, such as the carly software or other OBD diagnostic devices, it is possible to quickly perform accurate and precise diagnoses. It doesn’t cost much and guarantees more safety.

If you are unsure, go straight to the mechanic: since errors can of course occur during coding and equipment can be damaged, it is absolutely necessary to go to the workshop immediately if you have any suspicions. Only in this way you can avoid major damage and get into the car with complete safety. The same applies to reading and deleting fault codes. If you are not sure if there is a problem or if you find a serious problem, we recommend you to go to the garage immediately – because then the diagnostic device has served its purpose perfectly.

Quality over stinginess: since diagnostics and coding should be really high quality and accurate, it is necessary to purchase a good device. The carly software costs just over 100 euros and makes safe coding and analysis. If you have a professional diagnostic device, you can make more accurate diagnoses and find faults better.

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