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With the right accessories, perfect car care is child’s play. You want to make your vehicle fit for winter? Or are you looking for utensils for professional cleaning?? Use special products that provide lasting protection and gentle treatment for your car’s paintwork. Trust in materials that have proven themselves over the years in mechanical car care. In the following, you can find out everything you need to know about car care.

How do I winterize my car?

The cold season is a challenge not only for us humans. your car also needs to be prepared to reliably perform its service.

windshield wiper system

So that your windshield wiper water if your car does not freeze at temperatures below zero, you must add a windshield antifreeze in time. The perfect time to do this is in autumn, before the first frost sets in.

How much agent you need depends on its concentration. High-quality products are so economical that they can withstand temperatures as low as minus 70 degrees without being diluted. For our broad grades, frost protection that is temperature resistant to minus 20 or minus 25 degrees is usually sufficient. On the canisters and bottles, you will find precise information on the ratio of frost protection to be provided. You should be sure to follow these instructions.

All-round ice and snow-free

If your vehicle is not parked in the garage or carport in winter, but outdoors, then you certainly know the problem of frozen windows. According to road traffic regulations, you must completely clear all windows of ice and snow, before you drive off. Use an ice scraper that is designed for this purpose. Here’s how to make sure you don’t scratch your windshield and side windows when you remove the layer of ice.

The snow from the roof and hood sweep with a snow broom. there are also combination products that combine both functions.

Special articles for cold winter days

For larger vehicles, you may need an ice scraper ice scraper, which has a longer style. It allows you to reach the top of the car window and the center of the windshield without having to stretch unnecessarily. To keep your hands warm in the meantime, there are ice scrapers with an integrated glove.

Clever are windshield covers, which prevent icing from the outset:

  • Put them on as soon as you arrive.
  • Fix them by clamping the ends into the car doors.
  • Some models have additional suction cups that make them easier to apply.

by the way, windshield covers also help to keep the heat out of your parked car in summer.

Cleaning products for car care inside and out

Shiny paint, a well-kept interior, shiny rims: treat your car to an extra dose of care.

  • With a car shampoo gently remove residues such as insects, pollen, resins or bird droppings from the paintwork. this prevents such foreign bodies from settling and attacking the surface of the paint over time.
  • Use a car shampoo for effective cleaning and car care sponge. the large-pored surface allows the car shampoo to foam up wonderfully and reliably absorbs the dirt. Car sponges that have a handle are particularly convenient. So your hands do not come into contact with the cleaning agent and remain clean and free of chemicals.

How do i get the paint to shine??

Once your vehicle has been cleaned, rub the car paint with a microfiber cloth shining bright. polishes additionally care for and seal the surface. Nano particles create a lotus effect: water rolls off and dirt can no longer adhere to the surface.

The microfiber cloths can also be used to clean the cockpit and windshields. Some manufacturers offer practical sets that include a cloth for glass, for paint and for the cockpit.

vacuum the upholstery with a compact handheld vacuum cleaner from. To prevent so much dirt from accumulating in the first place, it is advisable to take a trunk cover to be laid out.

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