Car battery charger comparison

Product recommendation

CTEK MXS 5.0 battery charger

Car, as well as motorcycle batteries can be charged without any problems. Protective functions prevent damage to the charger and ensure safety.

price-performance recommendation H-tronic AL 600 plus car battery charger

The car battery charger convinces with a variety of functions and applications, and a comprehensive display of the operating status.

We know the top car chargers

Car battery charger

Every driver is probably familiar with this situation: you want to start the car, but nothing works because the car battery is empty. A car battery charger can help here.

But every car battery charger is able to charge the car battery? Car battery charger tests unfortunately showed that this is not the case. For this reason, on this website we have listed several chargers for car batteries with their advantages and disadvantages.

Modern cars have numerous electrical consumers that drain the power from the car battery. Especially if the car is only driven for short distances, the power of the alternator is often not sufficient to recharge the car battery. Consequently, the power of the starter battery may no longer be sufficient to start the car.

If you want to prevent this, you should charge the battery early with a car battery charger. This charging current can keep the car battery fit for years and even empty car batteries breathe power again. Car battery charging with a charger? In fact, this works very well in conjunction with a standard car battery and a high quality car battery charger.

Car battery chargers are available in different price ranges from 40 to 200 euro. But not only the prices are different, it should also be distinguished between a car charger and a motorcycle battery charger.

Car battery charger test: everything about car chargers

Worth knowing


In various car battery charger tests, which were carried out by the ADAC, among others, the following six categories are included in the evaluation: electrical function, visual inspection, quality, evaluation of operation, evaluation of the range of functions and sales price.

The most elementary single criterion for a car battery charger, however, is the quality of the "charge and charge retention process. The latter focuses on gentle charging of the battery, on the recharging phase to be initiated and on the switch to conservation mode. Car batteries can only be kept optimally charged with chargers that can meet these criteria.

So a car battery charger should not only be cheap and easy to use, but also meet as many test criteria as possible.

ADAC test

As the ADAC found out, some car battery chargers fail the cold test. In this car battery charger test, after a mechanical load, open strands or breaks were found on wires and terminals in isolated cases. Such a car battery charger could no longer receive the predicate "recommendable. A car battery charger or a motorcycle battery charger should always be adaptable to the charging characteristics of the different battery types and charging power of the different battery sizes.

With good car chargers this can be done without any problems. But even highly praised chargers have problems in this regard. However, test winners of such car battery charger tests manage this without further ado. After connecting the car battery charger, you can charge even a very discharged car battery. Even if the residual voltage is only 3 volts, the battery is brought back to life.

Is it worth the purchase?

For whom it is worth buying a car battery charger? Answer: for everyone! Considering the price-performance ratio of such car battery chargers, it is actually advisable for every car owner to always carry a charger for car batteries in the car. Imagine you are standing in a parking lot on a quiet country road and you can’t start your car because of the low voltage of the starter battery.

If no other road user can help you, the only option is to call the roadside assistance service, but in most cases you will have to wait a long time for them to arrive. With a car battery charger you can solve this problem yourself and charge the car battery. Car batteries are especially stressed in the winter because the cold affects them, reducing the voltage. Before the winter months begin, drivers who have an older battery in their car should purchase a car battery charger.

Opinions of buyers

Battery charging

Most tests of car battery chargers include the usability of the car charger, the performance and the range of functions in the test results. But on this website, it is not only about official tests, but we introduce you to different car battery chargers with their advantages and disadvantages.

The opinions of buyers who have already used the car battery charger several times are particularly important here. For this reason, we pay special attention to the customer reviews of the respective product. Does the car battery charger really what the manufacturer promises? Is the car battery charger of high quality and robustness?? Is it durable? What about the price-performance ratio? Can the car battery charger also recharge heavily discharged batteries? You will find answers to these and other questions at the respective product.

The experience reports of the buyers must flow into product evaluations of independent sides, since only the buyers can say for example, how many months or years the car battery charger functions problem-free or how many so-called Monday devices are delivered to the final customer.

Buyers also provide insight into the user-friendliness of car battery chargers . Because the best car battery charger is only as good as its usability. Of course, the quality of the car battery charger is very important. For this reason, many customers write about the workmanship and durability of the products. Because the most expensive battery charger is not always the best one.

Even cheaper battery chargers can be the real winners in terms of value for money and quality. However, extremely cheap car battery chargers not only often fail tests, but also fail with buyers. In some cases, it doesn’t hurt to spend a few euros more and get a car battery charger with a really excellent price-performance ratio.

The charging current flows faster, the battery charger is more robust and can usually offer additional details. our website with summaries of the most important product reviews will help you find a good quality product.

General information about the car battery charger

Charging current flows

The capacity of conventional batteries, which are the most widely used, is between 70 ah and 77 ah (ah = ampere-hour). However, such batteries are only recommended to a limited extent for large vehicles, but they are sufficient for small cars. These car batteries are available at prices ranging from 80 to 200 euros on average.

The better AGM batteries are unfortunately much more expensive and can easily cost 300 euros. It is especially important to check the car owner’s manual to find out which battery the car needs. The battery should therefore not be bought indiscriminately. Car owners who buy any cheap car battery are surprised after a short time that the battery is discharged. With regard to the car battery charger, it is important to make sure that the power is sufficient to charge the respective battery.

A normal car battery charger can normally charge the following different types of batteries: lead-acid, AGM or gel batteries. These are the common types of batteries used in cars, scooters, motorcycles and even in many boats.

Especially more expensive models of car chargers are equipped with a so-called automatic cutoff. The car battery charger detects as soon as the battery is fully charged and switches off automatically. Such battery chargers can be left connected to the battery for a long time without any risk of damaging the battery.

The most important features for a car battery charger

Especially in the months when it is slowly getting colder outside again, more and more people leave for their late summer vacations – often also by car. A car is expected to do a lot, because for long distances that must be driven, the closure is quite large. But also the electrical aspects should be kept in mind during a trip: the car battery does not last forever either. For this reason, every motorist is always advised to keep a so-called car battery charger in the car. Of course, you can also charge your own car battery from other road users, but this is not always possible. With such a car battery charger you do not have to rely on others after all. What exactly to look for when buying a car battery charger?

Battery car charger

The battery chargers are characterized by the fact that they can be used on the road without connection to other power sources to charge your own car battery. To do this, it is sufficient to select the correct type of current and charge the device at home. This current is then sufficient for quite a while and you can charge your own car battery at any time on the road, if it is urgently needed in an emergency.

Car battery charger with jump start function

Depending on why the car has stopped, many car battery chargers also offer a jump start function to help other road users. The integrated cables supplied in such chargers can be attached to many different models without problems and provide the certain charge current necessary to start one’s own or other cars.

If you buy a car battery charger, then you should pay attention to the type of your own engine as well as the construction of the battery and buy a device that can preferably switch between different current strengths, so that the right type of current is always at the start – so you can avoid nasty surprises.

Car battery charger for other devices

Even if such a car battery charger, as the name suggests, is primarily suitable for cars, many of the car battery chargers sold can also be used for other electrically controlled vehicles or products. So it is possible with many of the offered car chargers for example, boats, lawn mowers and motorcycles to drive and in case of failure, perhaps to bring to start again.

So it is also very useful to have such a car battery charger not only in the car, but also at home in the storeroom, in case you need it to charge various other car chargers.

Car battery charger material

Most car battery chargers have a very sensitive inner core of power cables and batteries, which of course must be protected from external influences. For this purpose, most car battery chargers are encased in a sturdy and solid core of plastic. Plastic is a very stable material, which not only keeps out the weather, but also ensures that the inside of the car charger is not damaged.

Plastic is also very shock resistant, which is especially helpful when transporting the car chargers in the car very helpful. So shocks from the road or uneven terrain can be absorbed by the material without problems. When it is time to use the car battery charger, it is then ready to charge your own car or even boat without damage.

The most famous manufacturers of car battery chargers


AEG is a very well known manufacturer of many different electrical appliances that are used in home improvement as well as in industry. The car battery chargers from AEG are very variable and the manufacturer offers many different car battery charger models in the classic red and black design. With these different batteries can be charged without problems and also the transport is very simple. The robust and stable processing also ensures a very long life for the car charger.


bosch, the well-known manufacturer of electrical products and tools for industry and home use, also offers various chargers for car batteries. This includes the bosch 018999903M microprocessor car charger, which keeps the batteries constantly ready for use. The operation of the car battery charger is very simple and thanks to its small size you can carry the car battery charger even in the main cabin of the vehicle and does not necessarily have to pack it in the trunk. The robust and weatherproof processing rounds off the car charger perfectly.


Cartrend offers many different products for the car, including the well-known battery chargers, which can be used to charge your own battery without any problems. All of these car chargers are very easy to use and can be used even by beginners. The charging process itself is automatically controlled by the built-in microprocessor in all car chargers.

The offered car battery chargers from cartrend are also suitable for many different batteries of different capacities. The car battery chargers are very durable and easy to transport thanks to its small size and weight.


Einhell is mainly known for its batteries and has been producing various devices for home, car and DIY use for many years. The car battery chargers sold by the well-known manufacturer are very easy to use and offer, as usual from einhell, a very high performance.

The battery chargers can be used with many different car batteries and thus offer a high degree of compatibility. Most of the car chargers are especially suitable for charging maintenance-free batteries. The sturdy and durable construction of Einhell batteries also ensures that the inside of the car charger is always protected and you can charge many batteries with it.


Gude is a German manufacturer of various automotive products that are very practical, especially for occasional users. The gude 85054 car battery charger is suitable for batteries with a capacity of 20 to 60 ampere hours and can therefore cover a wide range of different car batteries without major problems.

The charging process itself is very fast and easy to learn even for beginners. The robust design of the battery ensures that it cannot be damaged and can also withstand shocks. The car battery charger also serves as an excellent starting aid for your own car.


H-tronic offers different car battery chargers for your own car. These car battery chargers can charge batteries of different voltages without any major problems, and are equipped with a good price-performance ratio and durability.

Varo powerplus

The well-known and popular manufacturer of batteries and electronics also offers car batteries that not only provide high performance, but are very easy to use. For example, the varo powerplus POW 5633 car battery charger is very robust and can be used as a jump starter, emergency light and compressor.

advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of a car battery charger:

  • Suitable for most batteries in cars, scooters and motorcycles
  • Charging process usually takes only a few hours
  • Especially for older car batteries in winter quite useful
  • Takes up little space and can therefore always be carried in the car
  • Not every battery charger model automatically shuts off after charging
  • Power connection must be available

Faqs – frequently asked questions about the battery charger

Can the car chargers be used for any type of batteries?

You have to make sure that the car battery charger is designed to match the power of your battery and charge it correctly. With a regular car battery charger you can charge the following batteries: lead-acid, AGM or gel accumulators. They are used in cars, scooters, motorcycles and boats. If you have an expensive battery charger model that has an automatic shut-off, the car battery charger will shut off when the battery is fully charged.

What is the difference between battery chargers for cars and motorcycles??

As a rule, most car chargers are designed in such a way that they can be used to charge both a car and a motorcycle. Depending on the characteristics of the car battery charger, the process of charging may take longer. A battery charger for the car is also usually easier to use and less expensive.

Which type of car battery charger is particularly suitable for the winter months??

Any type of battery charger can theoretically be used all year round. However, some chargers are not very good quality and do not pass the cold test. Make sure that the charging characteristic of the battery types and the charging power can be adjusted to the battery sizes. It is often recommended to buy a car battery charger especially for the winter months, because the battery of a vehicle is especially stressed in the cold months. Since a battery maintainer is handy and does not take up much space, it is worth carrying it with you at all times.

Can the battery chargers be permanently connected to a battery?

Only car battery chargers connected to a battery with an automatic cut-off can be permanently connected to each other. The car battery charger detects when the battery is fully charged and switches off. There should be no danger of damaging the battery.

Can the battery chargers also be used for large vehicles (e.g. motorcycles)?.B. Camper) can be used?

There are also large vehicles that use lead-acid, AGM or gel batteries and can therefore also be charged with a car battery charger. Compare the models well and make sure you know which battery your vehicle is powered by.

Can the car chargers also be used to power other products (such as an electric refrigerator)??

As long as the voltage characteristics and capacities fit the device to be charged, you should be able to charge other products like an electric refrigerator with it as well.

What safety precautions should be taken when using a car battery charger??

You should make sure that your battery can be charged with a battery charger. Ideally, your battery should be equipped with an automatic shut-off system. This will not damage the battery or the charger itself. Check your car battery charger before you use it. Cracks or breaks in the cable or terminals can negatively affect the performance of the battery maintainer or even cause damage. It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions. In case of problems or warranty claims, please also contact these.

Known brands

  • Obi
  • Aldi
  • Lidl
  • Bauhaus
  • ATU
  • Amazon
  • AEG
  • Bosch
  • Baywa
  • CTEK
  • Conrad
  • Coop
  • Dino power pack
  • Dunlop
  • Hornbach
  • Hellweg
  • Hagebau
  • Hofer
  • Ikea
  • JMP
  • Jaguar
  • Kaufland
  • Mercedes
  • Metro
  • Norma
  • Net
  • Otto
  • Porsche
  • Pearl
  • QVC
  • Real
  • Real
  • Saturn
  • Toom
  • Ultimate speed
  • Varta
  • Yamaha
  • Yomao

Popular models

  • Bosch C3
  • CTEK MXS 5.0
  • CTEK MXS 10
  • CTEK CT5 time to go
  • CTEK MXS 7.0
  • Yomao E 8A
  • THO HB-1204 BS
  • JMP 4000
  • JMP 30000 pro
  • JMP 8000
  • Ultimate speed ULG 3.8 A1
  • Ultimate speed ULG 5.0 A1

Types and use

  • With starting aid
  • With battery
  • Booster
  • Fixed
  • IP65
  • Wireless
  • With compressor
  • With preservation function
  • Without power supply
  • Without disconnecting
  • Without socket
  • Solar
  • USB
  • XS
  • For camping
  • For on the road
  • For start stop
  • For cigarette lighter
  • For diesel
  • For gel batteries
  • For quad
  • For scooters
  • For yacht

Tips for battery preservation device product care

A car battery charger is generally designed in such a way that it does not pose a problem if it gets dirty. It is even designed to get dirty. Many manufacturers advertise how robust their battery chargers are and how easy it is to clean them. Of course, you should still be very careful with the car battery charger and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. These can be quite different from manufacturer to manufacturer but also between the battery charger models very different. Read the instructions carefully and follow the cleaning and maintenance points as well as those for correct operation.

In order to get the most out of your car battery charger, you should always check the functionality of the battery maintainer and also clean it regularly, or as needed. For external cleaning, it is usually sufficient to wipe the housing with a microfiber cloth at regular intervals. How to clean it from dust that has accumulated. Make sure that the car battery charger is disconnected from the power supply. Do not use water or other liquids. This is the only way to prevent moisture from entering the interior of the battery charger and permanently damaging it. If you plan to use the battery charger, you should also wipe the clamps clean and remove any dirt, oil or water before connecting it. It is also advisable to remove oil and dirt from the clamps that are attached to the battery at irregular intervals. How to ensure that the battery preservation device can work properly and that no other damage occurs.

It is important to reiterate that you should make sure that the car battery charger is disconnected from the power supply when carrying out these steps. The battery must not be in operation and the clamps must be removed from the car charger. Otherwise, there is a risk of electric shock, which can be painful. If, despite all your precautions, you should suffer a blow, have yourself checked out by a doctor to be on the safe side. Also, have the car battery charger checked for faults by a professional and do not use it until you have ruled out any faults with the car battery charger.

Compare different models before choosing a car battery charger. It must fit your battery. read the instruction manual thoroughly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have any problems using the charger, please contact the manufacturer before attempting to use it yourself. If the battery backup device is not used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, warranty claims may be voided. You could also damage yourself, the car battery charger and the car battery. Lastly, it should also be mentioned that children must not be allowed to play with a car battery charger. Children of the right age should only be allowed to help with the use of this product under supervision and qualified guidance.

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