Britney spears is free: when she heard the verdict, she burst into tears

court revokes father’s guardianship | when britney heard the verdict, she burst into tears!

Jamie spears suspended with immediate effect

That’s how long britney spears fought for it – NOW she’s getting her life back! She is FREE. In the courtroom in los angeles was decided on Wednesday about the future of the pop star. BILD was live on the scene.

The mood in stanley mosk court was somber when at 13.30 o’clock local time judge brenda penny entered the courtroom. jamie spears, the father of pop icon britney, was among those who phoned in. The singer herself was not present and stayed away from the hearing – unlike at the two previous court hearings. Who spoke for her? Her self-hired attorney, mathew rosengart. He argued full of emotions for the freedom of his client.

And mathew rosengart was very clear in the courtroom, "the guardianship needs to be terminated today. Jamie spears is only after money. We want jamie spears to be deprived of all rights of guardianship today. My client, britney spears, deserves to wake up tomorrow without her father as guardian."


"she has been abused by this man since she was a child"

Emotionally, he continued, "mr. Spears bugged his daughter’s bedroom, according to a report in the new york times. He listened to intimate conversations – with her children, her boyfriend, her lawyers. He already has a criminal record for assault and is not allowed to go near britney spears’ ex-husband, the father of her children. my client has the right to be heard!

She was abused by this man since she was a child. He is a toxic and cruel man – britney spears herself made that clear in her court speech."

Britney's attorney Mathew Rosengart immediately after the verdict was announced - speaking primarily to Britney's fans who gathered outside the courthouse

britney’s lawyer mathew rosengart right after the sentencing – speaking mainly to britney’s fans who gathered outside the courthouse photo: getty images

► then around 3 pm the judge’s verdict. Brenda penny announced that with immediate effect jamie spears no longer has power over his daughter!

"the current situation is untenable," penny said after hearing arguments from both sides. It reflects a toxic environment that requires jamie spears’ immediate suspension, she says. She also ordered jamie to hand over all books and documents from his time as guardian so rosengart can review them.

Lawyer wants jamie held accountable for possible misappropriation of assets, among other charges.

lawyer boxes britney free as HE speaks to fans, there’s no stopping him!

Britney breaks down in tears

Pop icon britney spears was not present in court herself. But of course, she was spellbound and agitated following the day that is now changing her life.

When she heard the verdict, britney broke down in tears. Completely overwhelmed by her emotions and the burden that is now off her shoulders.

"britney burst into tears when she heard the judge’s decision," a source close to the musician told "page six.". "britney has long thought she would never see the day when her father’s domineering control over every single aspect of her life would end. But it finally happened."

The insider added: "she is shocked and speechless, but she is literally jumping with relief. She hasn’t felt joy like this in 13 years."

After 13 long years, Britney is no longer under her father's control

After 13 long years, britney is no longer under the control of her father photo: picture alliance/AP photo

"i’m so excited to see what she’s going to do with the rest of her life."

The court’s decision is a major victory for the singer, who fought for her freedom for years, pleading in dramatic hearings in june and july for her father to be released.

But: the pop queen is not yet completely independent. With dad gone, britney gets temporary guardian for now. The judge appointed accountant john zabel as temporary administrator of her assets. The new guardian will therefore primarily be responsible for managing britney’s finances. Interfere in her life the way her father did for years, he certainly won’t.

Supporters of the #FreeBritney movement cheer outside the courtroom

Supporters of the #freebritney movement cheer outside the courtroom photo: KEVIN WINTER/AFP

YES! Britney is FREE! When fans hear this decision, there's no stopping them

YES! Britney is FREE! When fans hear this decision, there is no stopping them photo: MARIO ANZUONI/REUTERS

What strong emotions: Fans lie in their arms relieved and crying

What strong emotions: fans lie in each other’s arms, relieved and crying photo: polaris/laif

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Whether britney will still be able to control her assets on her own soon? Quite possible! A next court date is scheduled for the 12th. November scheduled.

For fans and supporters of the #freebritney movement, the verdict was also a liberating blow. Hours before the hearing, they gathered outside the courthouse and when the court’s decision was announced, they erupted in cheers, many tears flowed.

"my heart is racing out of my chest," said lorin sisco of hawaii, who flew all the way to los angeles for the hearing. "i’m so excited to see what she’s going to do with the rest of her life."

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