Breadmaker test

Breadmakers are a good and above all inexpensive way to make bread yourself. Certainly, this is one of the reasons why more and more consumers decide to buy such a kitchen appliance.

The demand for an automatic breadmaker has grown steadily in recent years. This in turn has also led to an increase in the range of these household appliances, with many consumers no longer knowing which one to choose.

A huge selection of bread makers

Cleaning the baking pan

The choice of bread makers is now so wide that many consumers take the results of a bread maker test into account when deciding which one to buy. This is possible because, in the meantime, various independent bodies, such as the stiftung warentest, conduct a test at irregular intervals test for bread baking machines carries out. In the course of such a test, various criteria are usually evaluated. In addition to the baking success and safety, the handling as well as the power consumption and the durability of the device can be mentioned as examples of this.

Due to the fact that these various criteria are taken into account in the breadmaker test, the tests carried out are very meaningful. However, it is important to note that these tests do not usually take into account all the breadmaking machines available on the market, and in many cases they are even outdated. However, this is also difficult due to the diversity. For this reason, it is advisable for the interested buyer not only to pay attention to test results, but also to take into account experience reports from other buyers. The experience reports of other buyers are always up to date and judge the quality of a product from the customer’s point of view. In addition, in contrast to the results of the tests, these assessments tend to show whether the relationship between price and performance is correct. Especially with test results it happens again and again that the importance of the price is not in an appropriate proportion to the additional benefit. For example, it is conceivable that even a small difference in power consumption can lead to a much more expensive appliance being rated as better.

Our team conducts its own bread maker tests

We have decided to test and evaluate bread makers, because we want to offer up-to-date test reports. We have previously researched the market and made a preselection of which appliances we want to put to the acid test in our breadmaker test. This is due to the wide choice on the market. We have made our test selection based on customer opinions on various portals and test results from other sites. So we make sure that we only test popular and good bread makers.

We test the bread makers on the basis of the criteria processing, functionality, handling, baking result and price-performance ratio and give each a score from 0-10, where 10 stands for the best result. All test results can be found in the section test reports.

The following devices have convinced the most in our breadmaker test and there are also very positive experience reports on the net to find. Therefore we can give a clear purchase recommendation for these automats.

Panasonic SD-ZB2512 breadmaker

  • Power: 550 W
  • Content: 400-1.200 g bread weight
  • Programs: 30. Of which 18 bread baking programs. Special feature jam program.
  • Shape: loaf pan
  • Test result9.6 points in our test. To the test report.
  • Price: [price edition asin=B00W6ZVXGW]

Unold 8695 breadmaker

  • Power: 600 W
  • Content: 750-1.000 g bread weight
  • programs: 12 stored and 1 programmable
  • Shape: loaf pan
  • Test result: 9.4 points in our test. To the test report.
  • Price: [price edition asin=B000095Z2Z]

Criteria for the bread maker test

To give you an overview of what we pay special attention to in the test, we have described our criteria in more detail here.

Processing& quality of the breadmaker

A bread maker, if it is to be an enrichment in the household, is often used. It is therefore really important that the workmanship is solid and the quality is of high quality. Make sure that you choose a model that well insulated is. Especially in small kitchens or in families with children, it could otherwise lead to unwanted heat damage. The breadmaker should be in exterior not hot but remain warm to cool. The hinges of the lid must be made so sturdy that the hinged lid of the machine does not wobble right after purchase. If you have the choice between a white bread maker and a black exterior, choose the black model. Due to the heat generated during baking, white plastic parts may darken over time. With stainless steel fronts or black plastic elements on the breadmaker, these optical changes are not visible.

Programs& additional functions

A good bread maker should have functions that are exactly adapted to your needs. before buying an automatic bread maker, you should therefore find out exactly what technical options the different models offer, and what is particularly important to you.

Each breadmaker is equipped with a certain program selection (pre-programmed) and setting options. There are big differences. If you only want to bake ready-made baking mixtures, the pre-programmed programs are completely sufficient. For allergy sufferers or bread lovers, the focus should be on individual setting options. As soon as you want to bake not only yeast bread with your breadmaker, but also doughs with baking powder or sourdough, you need either no proofing or longer proofing times. A practical additional function can make baking even easier, if you choose a programmable bread maker, you can save the appropriate settings for your favorite breads and call them up at the touch of a button when needed. If you want it to be professional, then your breadmaker should have a programmable timer, an individually adjustable rising time and an adjustable temperature.

The presence, the implementation and the handling of these functions are of course included in our bread maker test.


Panasonic breadmaker

The handling of a breadmaker should be as simple as possible. This applies in particular to the setting options and to the locking of the bread baking form. Hakelige and tightly fitting mechanics can make handling difficult. The labeling in the area of the settings (buttons) is much easier to understand in german than in english. However, this is of course dependent on your knowledge of the language. With some models, all the instructions are in English, which can lead to confusion. Especially if you choose a multifunctional appliance that can bake not only bread but also cakes, make jam, and prepare pasta dough, the controls must be clearly labeled and understandable.

A interior lighting is advantageous because then you can always keep an overview without having to open the lid of the bread maker. The model you choose should at least have a viewing window in the lid (most manufacturers have one). A additional compartment for yeast and other dough ingredients (raisins, nuts, etc.).) added to the dough at a later stage of kneading is advantageous. You can then fill the breadmaker with all the necessary dough ingredients, select the appropriate program and devote yourself to other activities. Otherwise, you would always have to wait for the signal to add the dough ingredients by hand, which should survive the kneading of the dough without being crushed. A timer allows you to have fresh bread for breakfast without having to get up in the night. The filled bread baking machine then starts automatically at the selected time with the selected baking program.

The technology in a breadmaker (whether cheap or expensive) is usually very reliable, durable and of high quality. In order not to overload an appliance, you should always use the allowable dough quantity (weight) hold. Otherwise, not only the technology could suffer, but also the entire breadmaking machine. If too much dough is put into a breadmaker, it can "outgrow" the bread pan as it "walks". Bread dough that runs down the side of the bread baking pan not only soils the heating loops, but can also cause lasting damage to them if the heating loops are covered with soft bread dough during the baking program. It doesn’t smell like fresh, delicious bread, but instead smells unpleasantly burnt.

A cheap bread maker does not have to be worse than a more expensive model. It may just be that the look is not as stylish, there are not as many programs to choose from and the noise level during the kneading process is a bit louder. In most cases, however, all the basic baking programs are also available in an inexpensive breadmaker. Among the basic programs include:


As with any other kitchen appliance, a breadmaker should be as easy to clean as possible. Stainless steel bread maker with a non-stick coating are therefore recommended. Folding dough hooks not only does this prevent a hole in the bottom of the bread, it also prevents stubborn crusting on the dough hook because it sits in the bread dough during the baking process. Choose a model with sufficient large baking pan, so that the bread dough does not overflow during the rising time and stick to the heating loops during baking, even if it is generously filled. A removable lid can make cleaning the breadmaker easier.


For the price, you should not only calculate the purchase price of the breadmaker, but also the power consumption. Sometimes it pays off quickly if you invest a little more at the time of purchase, but save money in the long run when using the machine. Therefore, pay explicit attention to the power consumption and not only to the nominal power of a breadmaker.

Bread size/bread weight

Bread size and weight should exactly match your requirements. For single households bread weights of 750 to 1000 grams sufficient, for families is a bread weight of 1800 gram recommended. In addition, orient yourself on the weight of your favorite breads.

Dough hook

Practical and recommendable are folding dough hooks, but these are only available on a few models. Large bread makers usually have 2 dough hooks, small models only need one dough hook. Pay attention to a comfortable handling and a non-stick coating, so that the dough hook can be easily detached again when it is baked into the bread.

Scope of delivery

The accessories should be complete and consist of a measuring spoon (for yeast), a measuring cup and a dough scraper. It is advantageous if additional dough hooks are available. Also a detailed description with selected recipes is important, so that you can start directly into the project "baking bread yourself.

Size of the breadmaker

although a bread maker is not one of the smallest kitchen machines, it quickly finds its place in most households. Nevertheless, you should make sure that you have enough space available in your kitchen. therefore measure before you buy.


The appearance is not decisive for the purchase, but it should be appealing. Matches the design of your kitchen the device is also visually not perceived as disturbing. Keep in mind that stainless steel fronts and black plastic parts easier to maintain than white plastic fronts, which can discolor (yellow) over time.

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