Automatic watches

Automatic watches

Automatic watches are characterized by an automatic winding system. The functioning of such a watch is completely different from that of a cheap quartz watch. The choice of movement, i.e. whether it is a quartz or an automatic watch, has a great influence on the price, but also on the character of the watch. If you’re looking for a wristwatch that only tells the time, you can go for a quartz watch with a clear conscience. An automatic watch is for enthusiasts.

If you want to know how an automatic watch works, you will find the most important information on this topic and the answers to all the crucial questions on our portal. When it comes to automatic movements, there are a lot of important metrics to look out for. These include the power reserve, the frequency of the balance, the number of jewels in the movement, as well as the functions offered (complications). Newcomers can easily lose track of what’s going on.

In the automatic watch test, we have taken a close look at different watches with automatic winding. From seiko and orient to tissot, certina and hamilton – if you’re looking for an automatic watch, you’ll find the best test reports on a wide variety of brands here. The watch brand essentially determines the style and character of the watch. When buying a watch, you should always pay attention to the brand, especially with an automatic watch.

What is important when buying an automatic watch?

Automatic watches

The purchase of an automatic watch is for most fans and collectors of course a major investment. Because the movements in an automatic watch are real marvels of technology, these models usually cost triple-digit amounts. But also luxury watches for several thousand euros can be found in our test reports. Buying an automatic watch is a matter that requires a lot of consultation – accordingly, it is important to find out about the special features and characteristics of self-winding wristwatches before making a purchase. Our portal shows all the info about buying a watch.

In practice, it depends above all on the watch movement. automatic movements from japan, switzerland and germany are particularly high quality and reliable. cheap movements from china are better left alone. As a rule, cheap automatic watches have movements of the Japanese brands citizen or seiko. But also swiss movements, such as the ETA 7750 or ETA 2824 can be found in models from our automatic watch test. Only if the functions of the movement fit, you can buy a watch in good conscience. We show the most important movements for automatic watches in detail.

Our automatic watch recommendation

Invicta 8927OB Pro Diver Test

winding automatic
manufacturer invicta
diameter 40 mm
bracelet steel
glass mineral crystal
caliber NH35
style sporty
origin USA
power reserve 36 hours
waterproof 20 bar / 200 m

The most important facts about automatic watches

High-quality automatic watches captivate with their technology, you will find these interesting watches in a variety of designs, where the partly visible technology captivates everyone in its spell. Automatic watches are classics of the watch technology, one understands by it a mechanical wristwatch, whereby by means of a rotor the spring winds with each movement of the wrist with the wearer the clock independently.

you also have the choice between automatic watches equipped with classic technology. Here, the movement is wound by means of a pendulum oscillating weight, also known as hammer automatic, instead of the rotor. But these models are absolutely rare today, because usually auto-amplified watches today work only with rotors. Automatic watches offer you the advantage that the movements are completely battery-free, so environmental protection is writ large. Auto-amplified watches are designed in such a way that they always wind themselves up without noticing it. this principle is also found in pocket watches, where there are also beautiful and elegant models as automatic watches.

Automatic watches are mechanical marvels

When choosing models, you can be convinced by the unique craftsmanship of the technology. These small technical marvels fascinate every observer. With an automatic watch you bring conspicuousness to your wrist. When it comes to the material used, the choice offers you many options. Starting with the modern design, with a glass on the back, where you can observe the mechanical self-winding movement.

Stainless steel and modern chronograph designs. You can also choose from models that offer a view of the automatic inner workings of automatic watches from both sides. Here the dials are very high quality chiseled and designed from different precious metals. Gold, platinum, silver and stainless steel are the most common precious metals used for processing.

The classic designs and the elaborately crafted cases convince many of these very attractive automatic watches for the wrist. The classic automatic watch is usually worn with a very high-quality leather strap. these very valuable leather bracelets are equipped with securing folding clasps, so that your valuable piece does not get lost.

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