Automatic watches comparison 2022

The best wrist watches with automatic movement in comparison.

Automatic watches need neither a battery nor a manual winding system. They run particularly precise and the movement can not be overwound. If you do not wear the watch, it can can lie up to 60 hours without movement without stopping, know online tests.

You will find automatic watches in different designs and with different functions. Automatic watches made of titanium are particularly light, from gold or platinum especially high quality. Automatic watches made of stainless steel are suitable for everyday use. Choose now from our product table automatic watches with a sapphire crystal, which is particularly robust and scratch-resistant.

Automatic Watches recommendations

Invicta pro diver 8926OB

Fossil ME3099

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Buying advice: how to find the right product in our automatic watches comparison 2022

  • Automatic watches are available as different types of watches. A chronograph comes with an additional stopwatch and a diver’s watch measures the time of your dive. Dress watches and skeleton watches are worn in everyday life and on festive occasions alike.
  • automatic watches are equipped with swiss movements or japanese movements. If the watch has a high power reserve, you can leave it for almost two days without moving it, without it stopping.
  • a stainless steel case is robust and suitable for everyday use and is available in either a matte or glossy finish. Automatic watches made of gold, platinum or other precious metals are of particularly high quality; titanium is very resistant and also particularly light.

automatic watches test

Automatic watches are wristwatches with an automatic movement. They do not require a battery and do not need to be wound up. With a skeleton watch you can watch movement in operation look through the dial. Dress watches are simple and elegant. Functional automatic watches are for example diving watches, sports watches, military watches or pilot watches. You will find that case and the bracelet made of different materials and in different colors. On a bright dial, you can see the time on the watch particularly easy to read, a dark dial is especially good for luminous numerals and hands. In our comparison for automatic watches 2021 / 2022 on FIG.De find not only different types from different brands and manufacturers. Our automatic watch buying guide will lead you through our product table, showing you the most important buying criteria as well as results from tests for wristwatches with automatic movement.

1. What types are distinguished in automatic watches?

how does an automatic movement work?

An automatic watch movement is a mechanical watch movement, which means that the automatic watches are operated without a battery. Also winding automatic watches is not necessary. In fact, the spring that sets the movement in motion is tensioned by moving the watch on your wrist. A so-called rotor, a kind of pendulum or oscillating weight, is a weight that is placed in the movement and moves back and forth as the watch moves. This pulls the weight of the spring and the spring sets the movement in motion. an automatic movement works only in a wristwatch.

In principle all analog wrist watches be equipped with an automatic movement. The most common types of automatic watches and their features we present below.

1.1. A chronograph not only shows the time, it can also stop the time

A chronograph is characterized by the fact that it, in addition to displaying the time also a stopwatch and most of the time also more complications than totalizers has as functions.

Note: complication is the term used to describe additional functions on a wristwatch, such as the display of calendar functions or moon phases. totalizer is the term for a small, additional dial or scales in the main dial.

The stopwatch is usually by one or more pushers operated at the edge of the case. Chronographs are especially popular as automatic watches for men.

1.2. The dress watch is an elegant wristwatch

You can recognize a dress watch by the fact that it over three hands, for hours, minutes and seconds, has an elegant and minimalistic design without many additional features. It will also as a dress watch denotes.

Tip: a dress watch with only two hands, for hours and minutes, online tests for automatic watches refer to as evening watches or smoky watches.

1.3. a diver’s watch withstands the pressure of diving

For diving watches it is not enough the automatic watches waterproof are. Diver watches must at least 20 bar pressure be able to withstand and be water resistant to at least 190 m to be allowed to call themselves diver watches, know tests for automatic watches on the internet.

They measure the diving time by means of a rotating bezel, the case ring. In addition, the dial is often equipped with luminous numerals, which they also easy to see under water can. Diver watches are from the design often designed as a men’s watch, but can still be worn by ladies when diving.

Other automatic watches, also named after their purpose, are pilot watches, military watches and sport watches. However, digital watches are the preferred choice for sports watches because of their numerous functions fitness watches or smartwatches uses.

automatic watches design

Automatic watches are high quality accessories for men and women.

1.4. The skeleton watch has a transparent dial, so you can see the clockwork

The movement itself is stamped or milled, so that it is not only particularly filigree, but also decorative in operation. Often you will find with a skeleton watch not only a transparent dial, but also a case with glass back. The dial can be completely transparent or only partially be transparent in design. On a partially transparent dial, you can see the recognize watch time better, but you will only see a part of the movement. Skeleton watches are as automatic watches for ladies and gentlemen alike available and recommended for you if you find the fine mechanics of a watch movement fascinating.

We now summarize again the different types of automatic watches on PICTURE.De together for you:

  • With stop function
  • Operation of the stop function via pushbuttons
  • often with further complications
  • more popular as a men’s watch
  • Particularly elegant
  • Minimalist design
  • With three hands or as a smoking watch with two hands
  • For men and women
  • Can be loaded with 20 bar pressure
  • Water resistant to at least 190 m
  • dive time readable via rotating bezel
  • Often with luminous numerals
  • More popular as a men’s watch, but can also be worn by ladies
  • With fully or partially transparent dial
  • Movement stamped or sawn and visible
  • Also available with case with glass back
  • For ladies and men

2. What are the features of the best automatic watches?

2.1. Numerous automatic watches are equipped with an ETA movement

As a rule, automatic watches with a swiss movement or a japanese movement equipped. The origin of the movement per model we have for you in the category of the same name for you in our product table on PICTURE.De designated. Watch manufacturers receive the watch movements often from third party suppliers, that means you buy in the movement. Only a few manufacturers of automatic watches produce their caliber, as the movements are also called, even.

The swiss company ETA SA belongs to to the market leaders as a manufacturer of watch movements and components of watch movements. Some manufacturers take the watch movement from ETA as a basis, to further process the movement. Automatic watches with the swiss movement from ETA you get for example with the ETA-valjoux 7750 as chronograph movement from breitling, tag heuer, swatch or omega.

We would like to offer you the advantages and disadvantages of automatic watches with ETA movements here on PICTURE.De point out:


  • Cost-effective production
  • Extensive experience in production, therefore reliable quality
  • spare parts and repair easily possible

  • Not an exclusive brand movement, is used by several brands
  • dial design is mostly predefined
  • Functions are predefined

Automatic watches with japanese movement you get beside others from citizen, invicta, gigander, seiko or fossil.

automatic watch movement

Only a few automatic watch manufacturers also produce the movement themselves, but buy it from third-party suppliers.

2.2. automatic watches made of titanium are particularly light

materials that are especially for the case of automatic watches are used

  • Stainless steel
  • gold, platinum
  • titanium

The material of the case determines how suitable for everyday use and how elegant the automatic watch is.

Stainless steel is stainless, durable and particularly robustt. A stainless steel case is insensitive and therefore for everyday use best suited. In addition, stainless steel is relatively inexpensive, so with a stainless steel case you can also automatic watches up to 300 euro find.

precious metal like gold or platinum looks elegant and is of higher quality than a stainless steel case. Precious metals apply as traditional materials for watch cases and go with a classic design like a dress watch, for example.

With automatic watches made of titanium you get a case from a modern material, which is characterized by the fact that it is particularly hard and at the same time very light is. However, automatic watches made of titanium are expensive and cost often several thousand euro.

Other materials used for watch cases are brass, silver, aluminum and also wood, but not primarily for automatic watches.

2.3. The watch glass in automatic watches with sapphire crystal is particularly scratch resistant

For watch glasses are used for automatic watches usually mineral glass as well as sapphire glass used. They are much harder as a watch glass made of plastic. Mineral glass is tempered glass, which is more scratch-resistant and harder than conventional window glass. A hardlex glass is also a mineral glass, but it is even harder than usual mineral glass is.

Scratch resistant and especially resistant is sapphire glass from an artificial sapphire. You can recognize a sapphire crystal by the fact that the watch glass has a slight curvature.

We would like to offer you advantages and disadvantages of automatic watches with sapphire crystal here on PICTURE.De present:


  • Resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Shock resistant

  • Reflects easily and should be anti-reflective
  • more expensive than mineral glass

2.4. the bracelet closure is traditional with a pin buckle

You will find a pin buckle as a priority on leather, plastic or silicone watch straps. bracelets made of precious metals are opened and closed with a folding clasp. With a folding clasp, the bracelet is not opened completely, but unfolded, and the diameter is increased, so you can slip the bracelet over your wrist. A folding clasp provides more safety, as a buckle. In addition no creases in the material by frequent bending of the bracelet when opening and closing, as it occurs with leather or plastic with a pin buckle.

2.5. A petite watch has a case diameter between 20 and 30 mm

automatic watches-waterproof

automatic diving watches have a rotating bezel.

However, small cases have the disadvantage that the time less visible than on larger cases. Chronographs, which have to accommodate numerous complications in the dial, can use a case with a sapphire crystal with a size over 40 mm have.

Numerous technology can be in a thick case up to 15 mm high can be accommodated, a flat case with 10 mm but rather prevents you from getting caught with the watch on your clothes.

The bracelet width depends on the case and is relevant for you if you have your automatic watch with a new bracelet would like to equip. You will find the appropriate bracelet width in the corresponding category in our product table on PICTURE.De.

2.6. Automatic watches made of titanium are particularly light

In online tests for automatic watches, you will find statements that even large automatic watches in titanium only about 100 g weigh. The weight (in grams) of automatic watches depends on the size of the watch as well as on the materials used. Light automatic watches weigh around 50 g, heavier model up to 200 g. Light automatic watches are special comfortable to wear and do not strain the wrist.

3. In which designs are automatic watches available?

The optics of automatic watches will by different components determined.

Stainless steel cases are common in the color silver find stainless steel, but it can also be oxidized and is then also found in other colors. stainless steel is in matte and in glossy available. keep gold and other precious metals their natural coloring and therefore appear high quality and noble.

The bracelet made of the same material and in the same color how the case looks particularly harmonious. However, if you choose a bracelet made of plastic or leather, you can a contrast to the case set. Above all in leather and plastic wristbands are available in different colors.

The dial is in white or black, but also colored dials like beige are possible. On a white dial dark hands and digits easy to see on a black dial luminescent hands and numerals work as with diving watches for example. The digits can be used as strokes, roman numerals or arabic numerals be specified.

which material you should choose for automatic watches is not only a question of optics, but also of haptics.

4. What other functions do online tests recommend for automatic watches??

4.1. The water resistance is essentially determined by the maximum pressure load

The meter that for waterproof automatic watches is given corresponds to the meterage of an artificial tube and not to real conditions under water, know tests for automatic watches on the internet. If you want to know, how waterproof automatic watches are, you should pay attention to the possible bar number.

Below you will find a table on BILD.De, which you the bar number as well as the usage possible with it of automatic watches:

  • Splashproof
  • Survives rain showers
  • Waterproof
  • Washing hands can be done without hesitation
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for showering and swimming
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for diving

Online tests advise to make sure that also waterproof watches do not expose to salt water for too long are, because this can cause seals to become porous. The crown should always be fest be dented, to prevent water from entering the watch via the crown.

4.2. Automatic watches with high power reserve can be left for several days

Because automatic watches working without a battery, the automatic watch must be moved regularly. if you do not wear your automatic watch every day, the power reserve will indicate, how many hours the automatic watch will run without movement not stopping. Automatic watches with high power reserve include power reserve with 45 up to 60 hours.

If you would like to avoid stopping the clock in any case, you can use for automatic watches with movers decide. A movement device takes over what would otherwise be done by the movements of your wrist – the automatic clock is moved and thus wound up.

4.3. automatic watches with alarm clocks are controlled via the bezel

At automatic watches with alarm clock you will find rotating bezels (housing rings), which you can use to set the wake-up time. Alternatively the setting the alarm time via a complication enables. the alarm sound is produced by vibrating case backs.

Automatic watches with calendar functions give the day and date with an.

automatic watches-stainless steel

Automatic watches are a reliable everyday companion for both men and women.

5. More answers and questions from customers looking for automatic watches tests or. comparison search

5.1. Is it possible to wind automatic watches manually?

yes, you can manually wind the automatic watch just like a mechanical watch by using the crown, which is located on the side of the case and is also used for setting the time.

5.2. Which is the best automatic watch?

Well-known institutes such as stiftung warentest or oko-test have unfortunately not tested automatic watches, so we can unfortunately not give you a test winner for automatic watches. You will find however in our automatic watch comparison 2021 / 2022 on BILD.De numerous models of different brands and manufacturers of automatic watches, from which we have identified a comparative winner.

5.3. How expensive are automatic watches?

Cheap automatic watches you can get for a good 100 euros. For automatic watches in high quality workmanship and very good quality and from high quality materials, you can also invest several thousand euros. automatic watches up to 500 euro you will find in the assortments of seiko, citizen, hamilton, tissot, spinnacker and swatch. automatic watches up to 1.000 euro you can find at davosa, hamilton, junghans, marcello, tissot and others.

5.4. Where to buy automatic watches?

automatic watches are available on the internet or at your local jeweler, where you also buy your other jewelry like earrings or necklaces. Likewise, you will find automatic watches in specialty stores for wristwatches.

5.5. Are there automatic watches from germany?

Watch manufacturers from Germany, which also have automatic watches in the assortment, are among others junghans, union glashutte or sinn. Especially famous are watches from switzerland or japan. But you can also get automatic watches from other countries of origin. From russia you can find automatic watches from vostok. american are watches from fossil or ingersoll, the brand festina comes from spain.

The editors have also selected premium manufacturers for the comparison of automatic watches?

In our automatic watches comparison you will find both premium manufacturers and cheaper brands. From the 7 represented manufacturers surely also one has the correct offer for you! More information"

Is there an automatic watch in the automatic watches comparison, which is not only qualitatively good, but also inexpensive?

The automatic watch from our comparison with the best price-performance ratio is the fossil ME3099 . Here you get solid quality at an unbeatable price of 126,56 euro . More information"

Which automatic watch from the comparison is the customer favorite?

The customer favorite in our automatic watch comparison is the fossil ME3099 . With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, previous customers expressed their satisfaction with the automatic watch. More information"

Which automatic watch from our comparison has stood out with a particularly positive rating?

While some automatic watches have stood out positively in our product comparison, such as. B. Our comparative winner invicta pro diver 8926OB or the price-performance winner fossil ME3099 , however, could the top grade "VERY GOOD will not be awarded once. More information"

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