Android auto is getting more customized – new wallpaper feature and assistant shortcuts are here

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Google is creeping out new features for android auto users that allow for more customization on the platform.

Google is revamping its own android auto these days. A few of the new features announced and discovered months ago are now launching on users’ devices. This includes, for example, the wallpaper function. I came across users on reddit who, for a few days now, have been able to select the wallpapers offered by google in android auto’s settings.

There are only images offered by google and no own, shared a user. He also shared a few photos with us demonstrating the new feature:

shortcuts for google assistant functions and contacts

Perhaps not new to every user right now, or possibly not even available yet, are the google assistant shortcuts. Namely, it’s now possible for you to store assistant action shortcuts directly in the android auto-start menu. Individual contacts can also be stored in the launcher.

Just open the settings in android auto’s smartphone app, in the "customize launcher" section you should now see "add link to launcher" pop up as well.

Assistant shortcuts Android Auto

The new features mentioned may have been available to you for a while or may not even be available yet. The distribution is probably more based on chance.

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What I would really like to know is how to use the right side of the screen – as shown above in the pictures of the BMW. I also have a big display in my car and on the right is black and the name of my phone appears there.

Just activate the splitscreen function and then choose in its menu which content to show.

Actually android auto has widescreen support, which probably doesn’t work for everyone. depends on the car manufacturer, says google. > https://support.Google.Com/androidauto/thread/11499476?Hl=en

It’s about time that google car gets a major overhaul. i feel sorry for anyone who has only this system in their car and no decent factory navi. Also in comparison to carplay google loses big time.
The whole performance is bugged and jerky, the bad map display and driving instructions in maps are really really bad, the integration into the car more bad than good, because no vehicle data can be used. And only now finally other navi maps are to be allowed, where carplay has long offered such killer apps as magic.
I do not understand why many google so abfeiern, you feel there like in 2005. It is and remains a cheap alternative for manufacturers and customers, who simply want to save money, without coming close to the systems of BMW, audi or mercedes. the only really positive thing about the google system are the search functions thanks to the google online database.

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