50 Sights: the best road trip through germany

With this road trip you will finally get to know germany

Three weeks are considered the ideal period for a trip to Germany, but of course you can only drive part of it

Three weeks is considered the ideal period for a trip to Germany, but you can of course only drive part of it

Everyone has already been to the eiffel tower. Recognizes rome, new york, san francisco. But what about the sights in the home country?? Have you ever been to the elbe sandstone mountains?? On the wartburg? At the loreley?

Hand on heart: who knows all 50 of the most beautiful sights in germany?? And can they really be driven off just like that? It works! The weather is right, the convertible is waiting. How does the perfect road trip through germany work??

Special algorithm for the road trip

On the basis of a travelbook.De compiled list of germany’s 50 most beautiful attractions, u.s. data scientist randy olson calculated the most effective car route between the individual sights exclusively for the digital travel magazine. to find this optimized route, randy olson uses an algorithm. Based on hundreds of requests, the shortest route is gradually identified, which includes all sightseeing attractions.

the result is the perfect road trip through the country, which even leads through all federal states and can be started at any point. In total the route is exactly 5498,6 kilometers long. "it would take you 3.08 days to drive the whole distance without stopping," says data expert randy olson of the university of pennsylvania’s institute of bio-informatics. Traffic jams or possible detours are not included in the calculation.

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Three weeks are ideal for a trip to germany

If you spend no more than an hour at each attraction, you could complete the round trip in about five days, but without sleeping, eating, drinking or going to the toilet. it is also possible to drive only parts of the roadtrip. three weeks are considered to be the ideal period for this trip to germany, also with a little excursion to kassel, to the documenta 14, which just opened (10. June to 17. September).

the list of germany’s 50 most beautiful attractions includes nature reserves such as the saxon switzerland national park with the elbe sandstone mountains or the wadden sea, historical buildings such as the brandenburg gate in berlin or wartburg castle in eisenach, and museums such as the goethe museum in weimar or the emigrant house in bremerhaven.

The interactive road trip as well as the list of the 50 attractions can be found at travelbook.De.

The Germans are crazy!

Often you hear german tourists complaining abroad: bad food, bad service, strange customs. But how do people from foreign countries actually think about us??

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