“Words shape reality”

Symbolic image: theology students in the lecture hall © Stefano Dal Pozzolo (KNA)

Freiburg Auxiliary Bishop Christian Wurtz is open to dropping the term "Regens" to describe a seminary director. He calls himself a "leader" anyway, and most people no longer understand the word "Regens.

During a discussion at the Catholic University of Eichstatt-Ingolstadt (KU), a participant asked Wurtz whether the word Regens was not outdated because its Latin origin means "ruler. Wurtz replied with regard to this title: "I have no problems with it if it is changed, perhaps one would actually have to get to grips with it now." Because: "Words shape reality."

Anchored in church law?

The auxiliary bishop added that he did not know how strongly the term Regens "is anchored in church law, whether that is mandatory that the head of the seminary is called Regens. I do not believe. From therefore one can consider there actually, whether one does not agree there on a new term."

He takes the question as a suggestion to raise the ie with the German Bishops' Conference and the Regents' Conference. "I can take this up with my colleagues for discussion sometime."Outside church circles, he only calls himself "head" of the seminary anyway, "because the word Regens is not understood by many at all," Wurtz added.

Digital event of the University of Eichstatt-Ingolstadt

Wurtz spoke at the conference "Priestly Identity? Expectations in conflict". KU's international digital event runs until Saturday. According to organizers, this will include challenges posed by the Corona crisis as well as debates on abuse of power, sexualized violence, clericalism and the position of women in the church.

Among the announced speakers are Jerome Beau, Archbishop of Bourges, and Boris Gudziak, Metropolitan and Archbishop of Philadelphia of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. The conference is sponsored by the "Center Religion, Church and Society in Change" of the KU and the Bishops' Conference.

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