With an overwhelming majority

With an overwhelming majority

Maria Flachsbarth, CDU member of the Bundestag and Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, has been re-elected as president of the Catholic German Women's Federation (KDFB).

As the KDFB announced in Cologne on Monday, Flachsbarth was re-elected with an "overwhelming majority". The veterinarian recently announced her candidacy for the office of president of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK).

Flachsbarth called on political decision-makers to work for better protection for single, single-parent and traumatized refugee women traveling alone and for comprehensive psychosocial counseling for women and girls who have experienced sexual violence: "We believe it is urgently necessary for women to have access to German courses, since language and education are keys to participation in social life and to successful integration," said Flachsbarth.

In addition to the president, the previous vice presidents Christine Boehl, Birgit Mock and Rose Schmidt were re-elected to the KDFB national board. Newly included are Marianne Baumler and Sabine Slawik. Dorothee Sandherr-Klemp will take over the office of Spiritual Advisor.

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