With a black eye

With a black eye

Pope Francis has continued his trip to Cartagena. Once there, he blessed the foundation stones for a home for the homeless and girls. Riding in the popemobile, he gave himself a black eye.

Pope Francis suffered a black eye during his visit to Cartagena. During a wobbly ride in the Popemobile, he bumped his head against the left front post of the glass superstructure. Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said Francis injured his left cheekbone and eyebrow. He would be treated with ice. Television pictures of Francis walking through the streets of a poor neighborhood of the Caribbean metropolis showed a small wound and swelling. A little later, the Pope showed himself with a white plaster over his left eye.

Foundation stones blessed

Pope Francis blessed the cornerstones of a homeless shelter as well as a girls' home after his arrival in Cartagena on Sunday morning (local time). Several hundred guests were present at the brief ceremony in a historic district of the port city, including a number of children and homeless men and women. The planned home for girls is sponsored by "Talitha Kum," an international network of religious that fights human trafficking. It was founded in 2009 and is now active in more than 70 countries. The Colombian port city of Cartagena is considered a stronghold of sex tourism; church institutions such as "Talitha Kum" care for victims there.

Difficult farewell in Bogota

In Bogota this Sunday, thousands of people bid farewell to Pope Francis. Colombian media reported that some people even stayed overnight outside the Apostolic Nunciature to see the church leader once again. The press office of the presidential office had announced on Saturday evening (local time) that Francis wanted to say goodbye personally to the residents of the Colombian capital and would therefore travel to the airport in the Popemobile and not in a closed car as planned.

Midday prayer in San Pedro Claver

After the ceremony, the pope visited a woman who has been cooking for homeless people for 52 years. Lorenza Perez, now 77, does so voluntarily and asks no money from guests. Their work is supported by donations. After the visit, Francis will drive to the church of San Pedro Claver in the Popemobile. There he will pray the noon prayer of the Angelus with the faithful at 12 noon (local time).

Upon his arrival at the airport, the Pope was greeted by the Archbishop of Cartagena, Jorge Enrique Jimenez, as well as the region's governor and mayor. In front of an airplane hangar, some 300 young people had performed a choreography on the theme of human dignity. Accompanied by chants, the motorcade then broke into the city.

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