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interest in a fast new car? Try your luck at the current competition from ferrero and globe and win a brand new audi A1 from.


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Car sweepstakes

Sweepstakes where you can win a win a car can, are clearly among the most popular sweepstakes on the net. No wonder, after all, a new car costs a good few thousand euros. Money you can save by participating in a raffle and with a little bit of luck.

How do car raffles work?

The participation in raffles, where the prize is a car, works in principle just like in other online sweepstakes: you visit the raffle page and fill in an entry form entry form with your address data and your e-mail address from. You might also have to win a subscribe to newsletter, for your participation to be valid.

With the vast majority of offers you can – as with all sweepstakes on free of charge – win a car.En – participate for free. in rare cases we also present you raffles, where the participation requires a purchase. you must then, for example, buy certain promotional products in stores and enter a code online, upload the receipt or order products online. This type of sweepstakes can only be included in our list if they are organized by well-known providers.

Which cars can you win?

Which cars are raffled off in an online raffle is always decided by the respective raffle organizer. However, the following are particularly popular models that have a very high value. This includes cars from mercedes, BMW and tesla. You will also find raffles in our overview from time to time, where you can win a new car audi or one VW you can win. You can win the following prizes from time to time in free car competitions:

  • VW golf
  • VW tiguan
  • MINI one
  • MINI cooper
  • Mercedes A-class
  • Audi A3
  • Fiat 500

Are there any other prizes in car sweepstakes 2020?

If a car is raffled off, it is usually the main prize. But this does not mean that there are no other prizes to be won. The bigger and better known the organizer of the car sweepstakes is, the more great prizes you can usually dust off. For example, you also have the chance to win a E-bike, a scooter or a high quality bicycle. Sometimes there are many other prizes to be won, which have nothing to do with cars. These include, for example, vouchers, technical prizes or product packages. Participation is worthwhile in any case.

Where can you win a car?

Because an audi, VW or mercedes is quite an expensive prize, they are mainly raffled off by well-known brands by well-known brands. In the past, for example, you could win a new car at the lidl sweepstakes, at payback, at edeka or at the real sweepstakes.

But even smaller providers hold car raffles from time to time, especially if it’s a to celebrate the jubilee there. Therefore, look regularly at free of charge.Please stop by to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the current competitions.

What are my chances of winning such a competition??

A new BMW or a chic VW convertible – these are prizes that everyone would like to win. That’s why you should take part in car sweepstakes count on a relatively large number of participants. unfortunately, this also means that the chances of winning the main prize are rather slim.

How can you really win a car?

Unfortunately, there is no patent recipe for being the lucky winner of a car raffle. That’s why we can only give you one tip: take part in as many competitions as possible and with a little luck you may soon be called: "congratulations, you have won a car"!"

interest in other raffles?

With us you will find a variety of current car sweepstakes 2020 and week for week new sweepstakes are added. Click through and with a little bit of luck you can win a car winning. Or maybe you want to win a trip or some money? by the way: here you can find the list of all free contests and here all contests that end today.

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