Warning for shooting fraternity

The federal anti-discrimination agency has called for the ban on homosexual shooting couples to be lifted. The decision by the Catholic Federation of German Historical Rifle Associations was illegal, ADS head Christine Luders said in Berlin on Thursday. The association cannot invoke the church clause that has been invoked in the field.

The discrimination body had subjected the ban to an appropriate legal examination and found violations of the General Equal Treatment Act. In particular, the association could not invoke the church clause brought into the field by the shooters due to the legal situation. The resolution is therefore invalid.

Auxiliary bishop Koch: homosexuals belong to u
The Catholic Shooting Federation had decided in March with a large majority that homosexual shooting kings and queens may not choose their life partners as co-regents in the future either. On our site interview, the Federal President of the shooting fraternities, Auxiliary Bishop Heiner Koch, had explained the decision and emphasized: "Homosexual people continue to belong to us, without any ifs and buts".

The decision states that there is nothing to prevent homosexuals from becoming members of the Catholic shooting fraternities. Homosexual kings or queens are also possible, he said.

The debate was triggered by Dirk Winter, the rifleman from Munster. He had taken his longtime life partner to the royal throne last summer. The diocesan rifle associations from Paderborn and Munster then made a motion to ban representative appearances by same-sex royal couples.

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