Unclear handling of final document

Unclear handling of final document

Pope Francis © Fabio Campana

Unclear handling of final document

Bishops in the synod hall © Cristian Gennari (KNA)

For about ten days, the Synod on the Family has been deliberating in Rome on ies related to marriage and the family. So half of the three-week synod is already over. However, controversial ies have hardly come up so far.

This is to be achieved in the remaining time until the 25. October however change. Then, in the plenary session and then in the small groups organized by language, there is also discussion about the parts of the preparatory document that deal, for example, with communion for remarried people or with the treatment of homosexuals.

Panel already preparing final report

At the same time, a ten-member panel nominated by the pope is already working on the final report. For this purpose, the changes and suggestions from the small groups will be incorporated into the preparatory document "Instrumentum Laboris". On Thursday, the 22. The report will finally be presented on October 1, after which the synod fathers will have more time to discuss it and make changes and suggestions.

After a day off, the final document will finally be published on 24. The proposal will be read out in the synod assembly hall on October 1, followed by a vote. After that, Pope Francis gets the document and can decide what happens. Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi specified what will happen in a week and a half, at the end of the deliberations, with the final report of the Synod Fathers. He had received several inquiries about this, the Jesuit explained:

Pope decides on publication of final report

"What we don't know exactly today is what the pope's decision will be – whether he'll tell us 'publish this immediately' like he did last year, or whether he'll say 'thank you very much, I'll keep the report and make an Apostolic Exhortation out of it'. He could also say: 'I'll think about it for a few days and then we'll publish it."

The fact that the pope could simply let the report disappear into a drawer is apparently not an option for the Vatican spokesman.

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