U.s. Official in coercive detention

In the U.S., a court has sent a devout administration official to jail for refusing to marry same-sex couples.

With the Beugehaft the 49-year-old Kim Davis is to be forced to respect valid right, justified judge David Bunning its decision on Thursday (local time). Davis had sworn an oath to uphold laws, he stressed. The U.S. Supreme Court had legalized gay marriage nationwide in June.As chief administrative officer ("Clerk") in the 23.000 population Rowan County in Kentucky, Davis is in charge of marriage ceremonies. Several times she turned away same-sex couples, invoking the "authority of God". The couples complained.

In mid-August, Judge Bunning instructed the officer to ie marriage certificates. Davis, however, continued to block. The lawsuit has drawn strong national attention.

Suspicion of double standards

Several Republican presidential hopefuls defended Davis. Barack Obama's press secretary Josh Earnest, on the other hand, said that "neither the president of the United States nor a Rowan County clerk" should disobey the law. Critics mocked Davis for her family life. As local media reported, she has been divorced three times.

County 'clerk' to be elected in Kentucky. As a Democratic candidate, Davis received 53 percent of the vote in 2014. Bunning was appointed in 2001 by Republican President George W. Bush appointed judge.

Davis belongs to the "Solid Rock Apostolic Church" in Morehead, according to media reports. Pentecostal-oriented Apostolic Churches preach the infallibility of the Bible. In the "Solid Rock" church in Morehead, the sick are healed and the devil is cast out, says the church website.

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