Trial begins: epstein confidant maxwell faces long prison term

Lover. Girlfriend. Complicit. Quasi-pimp. Accountant for a pedophile ring. Via Ghislaine Maxwell many labels are in circulation.

Since the sex offender and multimillionaire went to Jeffrey Epstein Hanged in his prison cell in 2019, according to official readings, thus evading justice, his longtime confidante is seen as the key to a sickening story of money and abuse of power.

The 59-year-old will be on display from Monday (29.11.2021) in court in New York. She allegedly systematically recruited underage girls, some no older than 14, for the investment banker between 1994 and 2004. At Condemnation threaten the society lady, who denies everything, up to 80 years Prison.

Epstein lent women to friends

After sexually exploiting them, Epstein loaned the women out like commodities to powerful third parties, prosecutors say. One of the recipients is to Prince Andrew have been from the English royal house.

Her Mesh according to prosecutor Damian Williams: Maxwell, who victims like Teresa Helm say is a "master manipulator of human emotions," accosted girls on the street, in beauty salons or in shopping malls.

At some point came Sex into the game. According to the indictment, if an Epstein "massage" ended in the sex act at secluded domiciles in the U.S., Europe and the Caribbean, she was often a bystander. Or she went along with.

The defense, on the other hand, is trying to paint Maxwell as victims and scapegoat. That she should be given the Process was a spasmodic substitutionary act, said her defense attorney, Bobbi Sternheim. The truth is about Epstein.

Maxwell wants doubts credibility of witnesses

With the help of memory specialist Elizabeth Loftus, the defense is seeking to establish the credibility of the Witness shake, who may testify under pseudonym or only with first name. At a recent hearing, the daughter of the late newspaper czar Robert Maxwell confidently declared, "I have committed no crimes."

The appearance with freshly cut hairstyle, elegant turtleneck sweater and whimsical zwieversprechen with her Lawyers stood in glaring contrast to Maxwells Lamento before. Celebrities

According to the report, it will be held in the notorious for rats, violence and dilapidation Metropolitan Detention Center regularly "humiliated" in Brooklyn. At night, guards shone flashlights every 20 minutes into her five-square-foot room Single cell.

Replica of the judiciary: Pure precautionary measure in order to Suicide as to prevent Epstein. The food behind bars is full of Maggots and therefore inedible, complained Maxwell, who is accustomed to gourmet cuisine, describing herself as "frail and weak.".

Will Ghislaine Maxwell spill the beans about big names?

Meanwhile, jurors, whose meticulous selection will conclude this week, are being "poisoned about me" with tendentious reporting, she told a British Postille. Two of her attorneys have now filed complaints with the United Nations. There will be "inhumane Detention" cited.

In addition, Maxwell cannot expect a fair trial because the media and the public are biased.

Looming over it all, according to a report in Rolling Stone magazine, is an anxiously posed question: will Ghislaine Maxwell (pronounced "Gielahn") spill the beans about the big names who circled in Epstein's orbit to be Mitigation of punishment to provide?

Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are just a few among many. After her arrest in the summer of 2020 at a posh hideout near Boston, former President Trump cryptically said, "I wish her well, whatever it is."

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