The discussion about the conspiracy theories of the 11.9. Reaches the academic world

US Universitat is a physics professor that became a prominent and rider of the 9/11 skeptics with the hypothesis over the additional blasting of the WTC tower

With the physicist Steven Jones, Professor at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, the skeptics of the official theory had the background and transaction of the connection of the 11.9. a proven scientist won. The Washington Post described him as "The Movement’s De facto Minister of Engineering". His by the "Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the last days", ie the Mormon-Based and operated university, which is religious and has the goal, "to assist individuals in their quest for Perfection and Eternal Life", does not like that and now seems to do it before the anniversary of the terminal conclusion.

The discussion about the conspiracy theories of 11.9. Reaches the academic world

The physicist Steve Jones, who became the scientific bonuses of the conspiracy theorist

The University Has Steve Jones (57), who teaches there since 1985, sent in paid holidays on Thursday and now examine his activities in the context of the termination of the following. "Byu has explained repeatedly," said the university management, "that they do not represent claims that are made by individual Faculty members. However, we are very concerned about the increasingly speculative and accusing exercises of DR. Jones."Previously, the physical faculty and the Collge of Engineering have already distanced:" The Structural Engineering Faculty in The (Byu) Fulton College of Engineering and Technology Do Not Support The Hypotheses of Professor Jones."The physicist who wants to be recently pending the Republicans is co-generous of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth and publishers of the Journal of 9/11 Studies, which is described:" The Journal of 9/11 Studies is a Peer -Reviewed, Open Access, Electronic-Only Journal Covering The Whole of Research Related to 9/11/2001."

Jones became known through his study Why Indeed Did The World Trade Center Buildings Collapse?, he also published on the Institute website. Recently she was in the book "9/11 and American Empire: Intellectual Speak Out" has appeared, which could now lead to the intervention of the universitat. Jones took out his study on Thursday from the website after the University had already built that she had not gone sufficiently through the full-time peer review process. Even now, it is called that the university is distressed because the study was not published in prestigious scientific publications. That’s why the scientific reputation of the University of the question. Now the university administration, the college for physical and mathematical sciences and physical facultants should judge the case. Jones in the 1980s in the Energy Ministry with the Cold Fusion as part of his work in the Energy Ministry and critically uplower the allegedly proof of a facilitated cold merger by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann at the University of Utah. The creditor Mormon had also written an essay, in which he was looking for by archaological finds to prove that Jesus had visited Latin America after his resurrection.

WE Do not Believe That 19 Hijackers and a Few Others in A Cave in Afghanistan Pulled This Off Acting Alone. WE Challenge This Official Conspiracy Theory and, by God, We’re Going to Get To the Bottom of this.

Steve Jones

Jones does not deny that the two passenger machines are gasty into the WTC tower, but he says, there is enough notes in the existing data, testimonies, videos and photos, but also own experiments for that they are not after physical point of view by the impact the planes and the fire can be toted together as they did this. This is particularly in the case of the third, only hours later, turmoiled tower, the WTC 7, the case. Jones is a scientist enough to develop in all about exemplary speculation, but he favored the hypothesis that crash charges in the building (Controlled Demolition) had caused the collapse in the buildings (Controlled Demolition). A complete, so fast and almost vertical collapse of steel skeleton buildings has never been observed as a result of nest and other causes of causes described by NIST and others, but atomparious purposes by explosions, says Jones. He is on thermite finds in dust and molten steel the WTC places. The substance is used in military explosives.

The discussion about the conspiracy theories of 11.9. Reaches the academic world

WTC7 is completely in itself, although not hit by any plane

Although the National Institute of Standards and Technology has published an exemplary and expensive report on the collapse of the building, but just for the WTC7 tower had room that the hypotheses over its collapse are not sufficiently greeted, during the other WTC buildings Destruction caused by the planes, the released kerosene and the abbreviation of the upper built part for an explanation was sufficient. Jones also dealt with these explanations of NIST and tried to refute them. The physicist demanded that all the data had to be published in order to encourage an independent scientific investigation, which also involves the hypothesis of a blasting, which was not made in the official reports.

If, in fact, if the own university is at least his study and subjected to a strict peer reviewing, the credible physicist who passionately advocates a further explanation achieved another success after NIST has already responded directly to his side. Apparently, the conspiracy theorists in the government are now first after the skepticism is widespread in the population. So the US Foreign Office has on 28. August on a website the top conspiracy theories of the 11.9. wanted to refute. In the first place here is the thesis of the explosive.

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